Hidden cameras found inside bathroom outlets at B.C. Airbnb | Airbnb hidden camera

A group of women was left shaken after finding a hidden camera in the bathroom of a short-term rental in B.C.

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  1. For the record you can buy a fairly inexpensive device to scan a room for cameras. 100 percent accurate. These devices are becoming more popular with parents that have young children. They often use them to scan public washrooms etc. Sad that the world has come to this but technology works both ways, you can find these cameras.

  2. This is creeping me out because over the past couple days, my mom was talking about wanting to rent an Airbnb and then this pops up on my homepage! Hmm??? 🤨

  3. This is so ubiquitous most of these renters should have their homes confiscated, for committing these intrusive crimes, next move would be for Airbnb to sue these contractors into oblivion, it would not require many lawsuits and the peeping Toms would hear the message loud and clear.

  4. i congratulate them for finding it. they must be paranoid AF in order to check INSIDE the socket for cameras, but bravo for finding some.

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