1. You can’t hold graduations. But you can protest.
    You can’t shop at a store. But you can loot one. You can’t go to church. But you can burn one down. Virus was fake.

    1. You grow up as a U.S. citizen, but you can’t get into college, or find a job. All these recent high school grads., for the next ten graduating classes are royally screwed. They might as well move to mexico, or south america since they’re sending all their garbage here.

    2. @Betta Rose I am actually ok with these high schoolers and collage students moving to Mexico….😂

  2. The guy in a white t-shirt has no idea what he is talking about. :v He thinks and speeks like a middle schooler. World is not only about you, kid. He will grow up sooner or later but this footage was quite dull to watch.

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