1. @Kiko otoyat  Its cute you believe I have faith in the media seeing as in the end it’s all self serving propaganda for corporations seeking profits or to help dictate and sway public opinions of those foolish enough not to look past the visage. It is mearly entertainment nothing more. Yes there are truthful reports out there, but the narrative is always ultimately decided by whomever shows it. The only truth you can know is the lies which you have fooled yourself into believing. Even now you parrot the talking points others before you have fallen for and made. You lack critical thinking for yourself and grow reliant on others to do it for you. I’m neither pro democrat or pro republican as both are opposite sides of the same coin cursed coin. Global borders will only disappear as people continues as they have been already for quite some time. The deterioration of borders comes from physical, social, psycologial intermingling of people across the globe as populations rise. Even this very moment you have reached beyond several borders to speak with me. The worlds population will continue growing, global connections will continue growing, and those that fail to adapt will ultimately fall and be left behind to crumble or be absorbed in a new order. This is the future of mankind
      There will be no stopping it🔺️

    2. @Slowbro yes becauae i have Jesus in my life…i have receive Jesus as my Lord qnd personal savior…

  1. Aw, yes. Another blind fool who denies or ignores the inequality capitalism has ALWAYS created.

  2. Looks like Trump daddy taught his Barbie doll how to talk. and so fast, with so many bigley words. First question; what’s Trump thinking? Answer; Defund Officer Trump & put barbie back in her box.

  3. Job : white house press secretary
    job description:

    lacking intelligence or good judgment; stupid; dull-witted. lacking the power of speech (offensive when applied to humans):
    Meaning: dumb

  4. She is hot, I am afraid later Donald T may said: ‘ I don’t know her and I never met her”

  5. What a superior human being. We need to clone her and stop normal people from breeding altogether and make a better earth.

    1. It’s almost impossible with entire industry and businesses closed and the country pretty much closed. Maybe those stimulus cheques and corporate bailouts are working, but for how long?

  6. Trumpana….300000 jobs specifically for black Americans was highlighted to her by CEA. I would love to now the job description.🤔

    1. She was hired for her looks. She is a megaphone for an insane idiot. Maybe she is smart, who said she wasn’t?

  7. This is Jov Hunting. I think the Lord’s peace oughts kingdomn for everybody. Yesterday not exist always is today.

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