Highland Park mass shooting survivor speaks at Nashville school shooting press conference #Shorts

Ashbey Beasley, who survived a mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois in the summer of 2022, spoke at a press conference after a school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee.

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    1. Seriously? I have been around firearms all my life. I have assult style weapons and I’ve never nor do I want to cause harm to anyone.

    2. You don’t even know what you’re talking about. Considering 98% of gun homicides are with illegal possessions, gun control won’t work. Have you heard of the black market.

    1. @GamerGrl90  Thank you for clearly stating you know nothing about guns and have zero actual response or plan.

    1. ​@Joe Fernandez 50 cals are the least of your worries, inefficient in close quarters and pretty much useless

  1. gunlaws isn’t the problems it’s the people who own them . Guns don’t kill people , people kill people this is absurd what she’s saying you need to get educated.

    1. There are millions of gun owners in the United States and around 2.5 million are saved each year from gun use. Are those people who protect themselves from danger really the problems.

    1. Imagine letting people drive trucks around without a licencing and vetting system. Does that sound sans to you? Is it same for firearms? Canada has about as many weapons as the US and not a fraction of the shootings.

    2. @Billy Hatzi ya, sounds like we need to do more. You could probably eliminate 95% of the people who shouldn’t own a firearm simply by asking a parent, a teacher and a few neighbors. Oh little Johnny drew terrible pictures, listened to death metal, dressed in all black and had no friends… Application denied. If they disagree than they can take it to court. ok so that wouldn’t pass as a solution, but just like if you want to be a cop, they go to your old neighbors and ask about you. Why not have 5 references and change the age to 25. That would eliminate a lot of these shooters. Require all gun purchases to come with a locked container that opens by your finger print too.

      just some ideas

    3. I am totally OK with vetting people. We are not stupid, we can make it difficult, hopefully impossible, for these people to get guns and still not restrict normal people from getting them. I want good people to be packing because a responsible gun owner will risk his life to save others.

    4. @SecretOwl
      Yeah, that’s literally gun control though.
      Guns do not belong in Walmarts.
      Also, keep in mind that the whole, guns are safe argument could be made about anything. The word dangerous has no meaning if it is not used to describe mass-killing implements.
      Do you know why modern automatics were designed? To mow down infantry and stop the aggressive tactics of the Prussian doctrine. It is absurd for these war implements to be legal to carry around in everyday life. One step away from packing napalm and grenades and having a T34 parked in your driveway.
      This also goes hand-in-hand, and in part drives, the militarisation of your police which is costing more and more lives and encroaching on liberty and even the sovereignty of civilian government.
      Keep in mind the fourth and not just the second amendment.

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  3. No peer country has as many guns as the USA and we have many more gun deaths than those other countries. Why ?

  4. I’m sure this lady isn’t a complete plant or anything. LoL!! But nonetheless we need the Smith-Mundt act to be reinstated.

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