Hillary Clinton: ‘Elijah Stood Against Corrupt Leadership’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

Hillary Clinton honors Rep. Elijah Cummings at his funeral in Baltimore on Friday. “Our Elijah was a fierce champion for truth, justice and kindness in every part of his life. His integrity and character, his can-do spirit made him a guiding light in Congress.” Clinton said. Aired on 10/25/19.
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Hillary Clinton: 'Elijah Stood Against Corrupt Leadership' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. @Anthony Sinclair I mean that the most corrupt and dishonest politicians only get such funerals.
      Ghouls like Clinton and Obama crawl from their crypts to pay homage to one of their own.
      This goes for both the left and the right, of course.

      When Trump dies, Israel will bury him with the highest honor .

    1. So that’s why Barack and Bill are such terrible people. Bill had a satanist behind him and Obama had a tranny 😂

  1. So well read and intelligent. Thank you Hillary Clinton, and let us all take a moment to mourn. To mourn not only the loss of the wonderful public servant Elijah Cummings, but also to mourn the “WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN, if only this well rounded, smart, strong and vibrant women had not had the 2016 presidency robbed from her, nah- robbed from us all, by a New York City conman.

    1. @Rockstarr Seven – Oh, you mean like all the innocent children that trump forcibly removed from their parents who were trying to legitimately seek asylum? Or did you mean all the innocent men, women and children that trump allowed to be slaughtered because he chose to stop. supporting our Kurdish allies and instead send our troops to “protect” the Saudis who give trump millions $$$ and pandering to the Turks whom trump ALSO has extensive private business deals with? Now tell us in specific detail about the children YOU FALSELY ACCUSED Hillary Clinton of killing, *AND DO NOT USE ANY OF YOUR ANTI-ABORTION RELIGIOUSLY FENATICAL NONSENSE AS YOUR JUSTIFICATION.*

    2. @Just For Fun
      That’s Obama law, genius and your assumption is sewage, there’s no truth in you, you’re a slave to evil.

    3. @Rockstarr Seven – Obama’s law? Which law is that? And what assumption did I make? When it comes to any form of slavery, you apparently belong to trump’s cult of brain dead supporters. How’s that going for you while he continues along his path to making his rule a dictatorship?

    1. Lanell 4Keeps
      He would have had to show up in his surfing jams just to keep from his clothes bursting into flames. Mrs. Cummings has to approve all those subtle innuendo’s you think. It was still great in my opinion.

    2. The devil is in both the Democrat and Republican party. It has been corrupted and taken over. Both wings of the same corrupt bird.

  2. Dear Mrs Clinton your beautiful words are a great confer to all Americans , we should still believe in our democracy, RIP great man Me Elija Cummins 🙏🏼❤️😇

  3. she is so wonderful! its so refreshing to hear leaders speak without stopping every 5 seconds, to tell everyone how wonderful and perfect he thinks he is!!!!

  4. I was told in my youth that if you do a job write your name on it big and bold no matter how small the job is… do it like your very life depends on it.
    Elijah wrote his name on his career in big bold beautiful letters and made them indelible.
    His message to us all ” come on now… We’re better than that .”

    1. I mean be proud of a job but your name? How is your name any different from any one else who tries hard –

    2. He Ouse us money how much dope did he bring across the boarder and little kids to making that big money hanging out with Jeffery and Bill Gates

    1. @socal rocks …your a RUSSIAN ASSET BOT!
      #COVEFE #KAG
      The crooked is taking a dirt nap…!
      Wheres the money?
      Maybe Baltimore will turnaround and not be a #Cummings #SHITHOLE

    2. @socal rocks You don’t know how to research nor possess deductive reasoning. The truth will be revealed very soon, don’t worry. No, this isn’t coming from a Republican, but from a Kennedy Era Democrat. If you believe this is the Democrat Party of the late 1950s or 1960s, you’re mistaken; it was infiltrated and hijacked decades ago.

    1. Apple Slipper Doesn’t matter she’s not running. Let it go already, she didn’t win ok we got it. But at the same time I question some of Bernie’s proposals and mind set.

    2. @David M Those text were edited out of the bible however they were found together with the other stories. They just don’t completely fit the narrative.
      Those people on the island of tyre were inter married with the Jews and then converted to Jewishness.
      That is called hinoism by the way. Each small tribe had their own God and how you did in battle determined how strong your God was. So anyway the descendants of the evil Jezebel became a new Jewish tribe. You are relying on someone you never met many years in the past to explain who was evil and who was not. Their God was half fish half man but that’s all you know because it was busted up.

    3. @One divbypiObviously you are getting wrong info and babbling about another subject entirely. I compare her to Jezebel because she is anti God no matter what she says on stage. All you have to do is know the company she keeps and her satanic practices to see it, but obviously you haven’t looked that far, and that’s why most people are so easily decieved by the globalist elite satanists like her. The facts are out there if you look.

  5. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did a beautiful job, reflecting upon Elijah Cummings life, strengths, and inspiration toward others. She allowed us to see the wise man Senator Cummings was. Question to others: What would you like your own legacy to be? Full of lies and deceit, or honesty, and dignity as Senator Cummings was. God bless his co-workers, dignitaries, constituents, friends, and family. He
    Sound like a man that refuse to sacrifice his principles and set boundaries of truth justice and the American way. Americans should be so fortunate to have more people like him serving your Country.

    1. @Wonder Wonderful Don’t stop taking your medication, that evil warmonger, butcher of Syria and Libya will be remembered for her crimes with Obama.

  6. Very nice and, wonderful Eulogy from Hilary Clinton to Elijah Cummings an Honorable man with integrity and credibility.
    A Congress man for his Constituents the young people that he mentored must be in Orr of the knowledge he left them including his children and to his Wife family Regards and our Condolences May Almighty God Bless you and your family and let you enter the Gates of Heaven !!!***♡♡♡

    1. Very Honorable man. Show some respect! Some of you who only know hate need to take a page from The Honorable Elijah Cummings life.And maybe, just maybe you can turn your miserable life into a happy and productive life.

    1. @Alexe Bland Did you stop taking your medication? That witch and Obama, started bloodshed in Syria, Yemen and Libya. Thanks to them, we have new slave markets in Libya!

    2. Bang Bang Are you voicing your same concerns when that twit pulled out troops that were helping the Kurds🤔, or did you conveniently forget that one.

  7. Congressman Elijah Cummings RIP
    God bless the Cummings family. Thank you for giving yourself to us. Truth is Truth is Truth.

    1. Can’t we ban WamBlue…or should that trash stand as a memorial to Protect the Constitution we have above us?
      Thank God.

    2. @Mark Foster I don’t believe we should ban people like that, we should say a prayer for them, that they will find peace. When someone annoys me, I say “Jesus have mercy on me, bless wamblue.” Hope, Pray and don’t worry. Best wishes.

  8. This beautiful man made his life a challenge to future generations. Be strong, faithful, committed and true. His funeral was a testimony to the high regard in which he was held. He spent a lifetime caring faithfully for our great nation. It’s up to us to continue that stewardship together. My regards to all Americans who considered Elijah Cummings one of their own.

  9. Sending love and condolences to the family, America, and all those who loved the congressman. Prayers from New Zealand. 🙏

    1. I HAVE people in NZ!….. Reminds me of 9/11……and the next day….on our fax machine…..condolences from around the globe came in! Standing by America! Wishing us hope & strength & love.
      And the first I received was from Russia.

    2. @Mark Foster Great place to have friends. Kia kaha – was the word the word we used for people affected by the earthquakes/terrorist attack in my home town of Christchurch. It was used to give encouragement to get thorough (Kia) and (Kaha) for strength. Kia kaha e hoa (friends) of America.

  10. So good to hear from some of our leaders. Hillary, and Obama. I miss having responsible leadership. Leaders who radiate hope, and love. Leaders who ask us to stop and think how we can make positive change in the world, where we can lift eachother to new heights. This is Elijah Cummings legacy to us. We must think and behave on a broader spectrum. And believe in the healing power of redemption. People grow and people change, often times for good. God’s Speed Representative Cummings. Your honest leadership will be missed, and never forgotten.

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