Hillary Clinton: Putin Is The Great Disrupter | MSNBC

Fmr. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joins Morning Joe to discuss President Biden's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, why she says Putin is the great disrupter and where she sees areas where the U.S. and Russia can work together.

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Hillary Clinton: Putin Is The Great Disrupter | MSNBC


    1. where did you get that piece of news from? are you sure you got all the facts if such transaction took place? STOP WATCHING FOX NEWS ITS DESTROYING YOUR BRAIN CELLS

    2. Biden is a LIAR… Biden told the world today a Capitol police officer was killed on Jan. 6th 2021 … The truth is a black Capitol police officer shot and killed an unarmed Woman … His lap dog MEDIA will not fact check the old man but continue to kiss his hind side..!!!!!!!!!

  1. Lest we forget 👇

    *In 2018, eight Republican senators opted to spend the Fourth of July in Moscow, visiting a top U.S. adversary on the day of American independence and despite Russia’s denials of interfering in the 2016 presidential election.*

    It remains unclear precisely what the Republican was doing in Russia or why those lawmakers felt so inclined to set up their meetings.

    1. @ralphferley Benghazi? LOLOLOLOL hilarious! You are such a pathetic stereotype. Complain about Hillary’s emails for your next act.

  2. The unbelievable disfunction in the USofA politic is mind boggling to us out side observers.
    The absolute hatred of Hillary, the complete whitewash of what happened over the last four years, by the republicans.
    Please maintain your support for the democratic process and the rules of law.
    I am not a religious fan, but I pray,in my own way, that you can keep your country safe.

    1. the hatred of hillary shows the power of propaganda, though of course it took several decades for the unhinged right to build up that fiction-based hate.

    2. @Righties Vote Against Themselves Yup. All the way back to the birth of the Drudge Report and its use by people like Kellyanne (Fitzpatrick) Conway who realised you that making a career out of fear mongering and drumming up hate was easier than actually being “for” anything.

  3. Russia has an economy smaller than Texas. Those of you swooning over Putin like Trump did in Helsinki: You are no patriot. When you spout off about how “strong” Putin is, think of those he’s poisoned. Yeah, poison is so brave.

    1. @Jack Gillies Sorry, I’m a little too sleepy to answer you now. I’ll do my best to answer you tomorrow morning. By the way, I am from Serbia, no one in Yugoslavia believed that Yugoslavia would fall apart, so that is exactly what happened, the United States is going through the same phases that Yugoslavia went through, from public debt to strengthening local authorities. In America, every house has a weapon, and racial intolerance is incredibly high.

      The United States is still holding only the dollar together, which is why the government is borrowing to calm tensions by raising living standards, but this is only postponing the problem.

    2. It is ridiculous that Biden’s supporters call anyone who has a different opinion than theirs Russian trolls and tell other Americans who do not support Biden to leave the United States. 😂🤣

    3. ​@FinnFan33 Dumbarton here – I’ve spent many a beautiful day in Aberdeenshire – I’ve even been to Crathes Castle (a few years ago now).
      Magic Star just has a different view point – he/she makes a coherent but rather pedantic argument – one that doesn’t go against your main point about patriotism though.
      Stay safe out there!

    4. @Jack Gillies Have to admit I’ve looked into Scottish citizenship should we go the way of Germany. The other side of my family fled Finland due to Russia. Ms. Magic IS a troll (yes, they’re getting smarter). A wee up&downy to you in Dumbarton!

    5. I’m not sure how far back you’ve gone to consider “history” of Russia your major but… read further back and you will see Putin is doing a far better job representing Russia than ANY of the U.S.A. “presidents” (since before Nixon) have done for the American people. As for the nefarious accusations of Putin, I would suggest you look into the factual actions of the U.S.A. for the past 75 years or so… terrible and chilling to think for the sake of the U.S. dollar (imagimoney) a nation would behave so criminally. Now go to the mall, spend what you don’t have and eat some take out and let the informed have the room.

  4. The German establishment thought Hitler was a joke and he led them to destruction at the second attempt.
    The American establishment thought Trump was a joke and his second power grab must be ruthlessly crushed.Democracy had a narrow escape , and must now go on the offensive.

    1. @Jimolee’s YT Oh yes. They’re awfully impressed with flowery verbosity. They think they’re too intelligent to be propagandised, but that arrogance actually renders them most vulnerable.

    2. Biden is a LIAR… Biden told the world today a Capitol police officer was killed on Jan. 6th 2021 … The truth is a black Capitol police officer shot and killed an unarmed Woman … His lap dog MEDIA will not fact check the old man but continue to kiss his hind side..!!!

  5. That is the most true problem: keep the nation to move forward. Trump has 1 idea and that is keep progress from going forward. So 4 yrs of destruction will take 4 more years to clean the road blocks and trash he left. Geez just get out of the way you golden toilet idol con mobster.

  6. “People in this country doing Putin’s work” that’s correct, some of them are here in the comment section.

    1. That’s True….Overall in the comments I see much more of a disdain for Biden and an infatuation with Putin…Trust me, Putin knows how to play the game.
      He played Trump like a Trumpet.

  7. It’s better that Biden and Putin do meet privately without the self-conscious puffery that would likely make discussions less productive.

  8. you can tell how Hillary triggers trolls by the amount of misspelled, vitriolic lies are in some of the comments below.

  9. I think Hillary was the hottest First Lady ….. although some of her hairstyle experiments didn’t go so well.
    Michelle had a whole different kind of hot going.

  10. “The United States is back.” What”? I never thought I would hear those words, but here we are at the brink of democracy being destroyed by one of the political parties.

  11. I dont mind Listening to Hillary. I think she has some strong points on what’s going on and How its going.

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