Hillary Clinton trolling Trump’s record-keeping

Despite repeated attacks on Hillary Clinton emails in 2016, Former President Trump's White House record-keeping is in the spotlight after accusations of destroying documents. CNN's Brian Todd has more. #CNN #News


  1. But But But But But (crying with tears) “What about Hillary’s emails?” Its delicious watching Trump supporters fall apart.

  2. Remember, during the debates, when Trump claimed that if HC were elected she would be under a lot of investigations? LOL. Too funny. But…..but…her emails…..

    1. @Sandman671 🤣🤡 You’re hypocrisy is on full display in that comment. Trump didn’t do anything to this country compared to the destruction Biden has done! You’re OK with people rioting over Trump but not Biden. You are a CLOWN! And absolutely the problem in this country.

    2. @Sandman671 I want you to tell me what damage Trump himself did, ACTUALLY DID, to this country. Don’t spout BS that left wing media debunked lies either. I thought he was going to get us into a new war! Biden did. I thought inflation was going to hit under Trump. Biden did. How about them kids in cages. Biden did. How about covid deaths. Biden now has more than Trump did! How did Trump do damage again?

    3. Whelp… Mango Mussolini is under several legal and civil litigations at the moment ranging from election fraud/tampering, corruption, sedition, tax evasion, sexual assault, and more!

    1. @Cid Sapient they took the boxes from maralogo lol 😂 . That’s illegal right there lol. Republicans just be saying anything

    2. @denell dawson u also still think trump colluded with russia xD
      so what do u want me to say?
      anything i say ull just lie about xD
      thats what msnbc viewers do lol

    3. @denell dawson or did u think that a lot of ppl watch msnbc or something? and a lot of ppl think this is news?

    4. Everything Mango Mussolini does is illegal in some way, shape or form. It’s all he knows, to be corrupt and rotten to the core.

    1. @Zach Addington
      Zach, if you really want to know how much of a hypocrite he is, go to The Village Voice and search his name. There are more than enough entries about his lies, cheats, and steals to keep one reading for days.

    2. @skydog729 all my life i never seen ppl that fall for cnn and msnbc propaganda, every time… for 5 years lol
      even when they have lost 90% of their viewers xD

  3. So does his base acknowledge that he does EVERYTHING he accused the other side of… Meanwhile, they’re standing around chanting about it

    1. @Alexandros Lysais Trump’s win? You’re just starting to question it now? HRC creams him in the popular vote, but Purim’s disinformation campaign targeted the swing states harder than the others, causing her key losses of EC votes, and he worked to increase the distrust Bernie Supporters had about HRC’s primary win, something Bernie later admitted on camera he was aware of, and now you begin to question it?

    2. @Tom Durkin If you’re going to indict and prosecute a former POTUS on the grounds of election fraud/election interference, attempting a coup or insurrection, and engaging In sedition and treason, you aren’t going to see a quick investigation. Some routine murder cases, even those with a clear-cut motive and lots of evidence, can take years. This is a far bigger case, unprecedented, anyone thinking these investigations will be quick isn’t thinking. In order to make sure they present a solid case, the prosecution in each case has to be sure to dot every i and cross every t. That said, I did see one segment, either here or on MSNBC, where the panel discussing it put forth a good argument that Georgia’s timeline for their case seems to be bizarrely slow, and they wondered why ( they have the strongest case, thanks to Trump’s phone call with Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Secretary of State, being recorded.) We want Trump prosecuted ASAP, so we can move on as a nation, and it’s important to get that done before 2024, but the prosecutors aren’t going to rush things and hand a victory to Trump’s defense by a rushed, sloppy investigation.

    3. @Tom Durkin That’s not true. His PDB’s, yes. There are documents that are copied but not all. His handwritten documents do not have digital copies. His notes from meetings do not get scanned either if he doesn’t scan them or hand em over to be scanned. Why the heck do you think his chiefs of staff told him not to destroy documents? Or why staffers had to tape the docs back together? They would’ve just printed a copy instead of painstakingly taping them together.

    4. @LD Lol… Too bad many of those said Americans are either DEAD, or “Americans” don’t even exist, numbering in the millions… No wonder that old wrinkled bag of botox – pelosi, was so hell-bent on f-ing up the post office and how they conduct their business.

    1. Paula, do you remember those boxes and those busts and art they were hauling out the side entrance of the White House and putting into the trunks of cars? I remember reporters commenting about whether he was stealing those !!!lol. I guess he was, frigging thief!

    2. That’s correct. The presidential records (of any form) are public property. That’s why I am asking why did Nancy Pelosi tear down President Trump’s State of the Union speech in 2019 ( a public property), and wasn’t punished for that?

  4. This is what happens when someone who is utterly unqualified takes a job. He was told from day 1 to stop ripping up records. He did it anyway.

    1. @Tina Simkins let this be a BIG lesson to ALL that for a job of this magnitude, ONLY THE QUALIFIED & EXPERIENCED should have the job. Right now the world is watching & laughing that America prefered trump over Mrs Clinton.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em yet he still has party leaders standing behind a lawless man while screaming “this is a country of law & order, no one is above the law”….. REALLY??

  5. Anyone who has ever screamed, “hEr emAIlS!!” should be extremely concerned about Trump’s document destruction, right? Right?? RIGHT?!!

    1. Don’t hold your breath with those hypocrites. I knew THEN they NEVER cared about emails. It was just used to help Trump win. The right has ZERO principles or morals they actually care about.

  6. Go get him Hillary. Everything he says about anyone else has Done it first. Lock him up. Love watching this Clown fall a part.

  7. He could possibly be breaking the law?! This guy has broken the law so many times, the law doesn’t mean anything to him. The sad part, nothing will ever happen to him , because there is a flock of nitwits who will do anything to protect him. Shame!

  8. He is guilty of everything he accuses others of. It’s worked for him for a long time, not any more. Wake up America

  9. Trump: “Russia, find me 33,000 emails, the biggest scandal since Watergate”
    Also Trump: “Georgia, find me 11,780 votes, that was a perfect call.”

    1. its so sad that i see all of this , i hope they all will be accountable for there actions. the guilty are getting dismissed as i comment.

  10. I have friends and family on both sides. I won’t fight with anyone over this but one thing I don’t understand is that EVERYONE that gets involved with Trump ends up in trouble and on the outs at some point. It just goes on and on and on. Look how he publicly turns on everyone. Telling a crowd “let’s hope my VP does the right thing”?!?How do you not see he’s nothing but trouble.

  11. *Gentle reminder from Canada: If Trump gets into Whitehouse again, he’s not going to leave.*
    He will give himself at least one extra term. He will be your Dictator, and dictators don’t usually step down right away…

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