1. My 79 year old vaxed and boostered and on oxygen at home got covid, in hospital for week, not intubated and came home in a week. Vaccines work ! Vaccines save lives !

  2. Noem another example of gutless politics. Feed your greedy ambitions…
    The hard work was beyond your abilities….so you took the easy way out ..the Trump way

    1. Your problem is that you don’t know how to take responsibility for your own health and you want fascism imposed on the masses.

  3. Imagine if people had rejected the Polio vaccines out of political spite and we still had people in iron lungs.

    1. @Hands On Yes, and greatly reduces the risk of dying. Only 1 in 1,000,000 people die from COVID if they have been vaccinated. Those are good results.

    2. @Michael Jones No Michael, the Polio vaccine is not ONE vaccine, it is THREE vaccines in order to become 99-100% immune from polio. THREE, not one.

  4. Let’s go Darwin! Sort out the ignorant who don’t accept the enlightenment. It would be interesting to see what the increase in the collective I.Q. of humanity has been since the culling of the stupid by the pandemic.

    1. @chiefgitsu haha.
      At least I’m not urinate in my panties terrified of needles, unlike y’all.

      Oh, no, a booster! Who cares? It takes 15 minutes in and out.

    2. @AL M So, Trump supports are made up of the PhD class and black people – i.e., the two most “vaccine-hesitant” groups?

      PS: Don’t worry – we’ll be the ones pooping on your grave in due time.

    3. @dave riddlelin He’s not wishing death on those stupid, he’s just saying that he won’t feel sorry for them if they die of Covid. I won’t either. The unvaccinated chose their own destination.

  5. “The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.”
    – Herbert Spencer, English Philosopher (1820-1903)

    1. @Joboygbp Edwards trump has fooled you,
      trump did not wanted vaccines until the very end, he had no option.

    2. @Joboygbp Edwards Well in all honesty my message to Ukraine is, we are going to sit this one out. Good luck. I think the USA has been in way too many wars and it has got to stop. I have hopes all ends peacefully over there, but I have zero support for any sort of helping anyone there, no guns, no money, no troops. The USA needs to fix itself first.

    3. @Oggsmash99 Agreed. You sound like a reasonable person. I agree. Let’s hope Biden and his handlers feel the same way. This situation could go south fast. Trump did not have any new wars under his leadership. We will see what happens. ✌🏻🇺🇸

    4. @Master Blaster Trump announced Operation WARP Speed on May 15th 2020. Almost 6 months before the election. Looks like he fooled you.

  6. I think I had it all I had was a 101 ° temperature for one day and that was it besides a rash . I’m fully vaccinated.

  7. I wouldn’t feel much shock or empathy for someone who read a “No swimming, shark infested waters.” sign who then dove in and became lunch.
    Same deal here but even less so because these nihilists endanger and kill others.

    1. The sign may read, “No swimming shark infested waters” but in reality they’re just sea bass and angel fish.

    2. @Irina Z You have a one-in-a-million chance of dying from COVID IF you are vaccinated. I’d say, “the jab” *works*.

    3. @Joshua d It is a fact that most unvaccinated persons are Republicans, and 99.9% of those dying from COVID are unvaccinated. Don’t try to pretend that both sides are cult members. We all saw January 6th. We KNOW who the CULT members are. Your spew of blather makes YOU look like the fool. Please, wake up!

    1. I think we need to go ahead and extrapolate this through out society in all areas. but I have a feeling you will suddenly be very choosy about which choices should bear consequences and which ones should not.

    2. @Let’s Go Brandon none of these thing you describe are a spreadable virus.
      Support your local funeral home by not getting vaccinated.

    3. @Ez-8 I don’t care about a spreadable virus bc I never did! And neither did you until they programmed you. Go get your 5th booster and watch your heart swelling up

    4. @Ez-8 Spreadable virus 😂🤣 gtfo with that! Stay home if you’re scared We are taking back our liberty!

    1. @M60gunner1971
      I’ll bet your an Orange Kool-Aid drinker who Believes ALL of
      Trump’s more than 35,700 LIES
      to the American people.
      Seek help, you really need to!

  8. Sad how that man lost his brother to covid even though his experience was a mild case of covid. Families all across the US are having to live with that same guilt of losing loved ones because of their differences in politics. Even though this disease doesn’t care or appear on any ballot. It just kills whoever is in its way. It sucks how we can’t even agree that living is good and dying is bad as a nation.

    1. Equally advanced countries are over 80% vaccinated. Their people are just if not MORE Free than the U.S. They have universal Healthcare and know the importance of good health. In America we prefer to be sick, go to work sick and infect others.

    2. @Rhonda McKnight More free? Extremely doubtful. Very few countries even have the 1st amendment, much less the rest. I think your definition of free is likely not the actual one.

    3. @Oggsmash99 That’s what they tell you on Fake Fox media, but if you quit watching Fake Fox right wing media that would really set you free. Be smart and choose better fights, there’s lots of ways to be free, not getting a vaccination because right wing media has made a political issue of it is not a good choice.

  9. Its quite apparent that the willing unvaccinated want to support their local funeral home. I say more power to them!
    Less walking covfefe-19 petri dishes to worry about.
    Atleast 12 people have a high chance of not dying from covfefe-19.

  10. Been three years and we still gamble with our lives to those who choose I say I’m healthy I wear a mask and vaccinated I plan on living a strong healthy life to you I say bye bye.

  11. God bless the many ppl working in healthcare 😭 regardless of these patients choices, I’m proud of the hospitality these hospitals continue to bestow!

  12. Personally, I know and sometimes visit with unvaccinated friends, I will continue to wear a mask then as well as when in retail stores and restaurants around unvaccinated and vaccinated staff and strangers.

    Since I wasn’t wearing a mask in these situations because of a mandate — because none has ever actually existed for them — it’s unaffected by any mandate and only dictated by my personal desire to limit the risk I present to my friends, those delivering my chosen services and goods and strangers.

  13. When it comes to mask mandates and vaccines, in a case like this marshal law would have to be imposed. If kids are required to have immunization shots in order to be admitted in schools, why can’t people follow the same freakin’ example? If people won’t take heed to prevent the spread, then the ramifications need to be very costly.

    1. Ask Canada how well that worked out. This is an air borne virus, masks and lockdowns and giving out booster shots and calling it a vaccine is selling the illusion of safety. The shots can help those with compromised health or pre existing conditions, but when it provides no protection from spreading or contracting and has side effects, then forcing people against their will without the option is a dangerous precedent to set both for individual health and individual rights.

  14. Man this sucks for her. I’m 450 pounds 35 years old, 6’3, diabetic, and have high blood pressure. Oh and I also smoke I got vaccinated and luckily I didn’t before I did. I got covid last month, Jan 2022. It felt like a cold for like 7 days. I took DayQuil and nightquil severe cold and flu. It made me have almost no cough symptoms and slept like a rock not coughing once throughout the night. I honestly think the vaccines saved my life. I’m going to get the booster soon. If you know any big people with health conditions let them know covid isn’t a death sentence if you get vaccinated. It was actually one of the lightest flus I’ve had in the past 10 years.

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