Himes Calls The Use Of Federal Agents In Cities ‘Problematic In So Many Different Ways’ | MSNBC


    1. @Ruth Harris prove that rioters are shot?

      If they aren’t them why are y’all still crying about it? Are you lying?

      Or do you really want videos of leftist rioters and looters being shot?

  1. Trump is trying to distract from something with this invasion. Something bad. We’ll find out in about a month what he’s doing right now, and it’ll be a bombshell

    1. @LadyLithias OMG! I think someone should be starting a list of who is missing. It put contact requests in a board online. If they are truly gone, PEOPLE MUST BE TOLD! God help us all. Stay safe and stay well. God Bless.🙏🤗

    2. @LadyLithias this needs to be brought to the attention of all Americans. Surely Trump supporters are capable of understanding the concept that if it can be done by you, it can be done to you!

  2. This is disgusting! Who does this ? Trump and his administration are outa here! Biden 2020! 🇱🇷❤️✌️

    1. Nancy M Ross
      Tell protestors to quit attacking the courthouse. Literally that’s why the feds are there. They can let the rest of the city burn, not the courthouse. Protestors always go there

    2. You just keep your pretty little head in the sand, then pretend your suppressed when you get it up the A$$

  3. These guy’s are not agents ,they are mercenaries! If you watch how they attack people with absolute cruelty then you gotta wonder ,if they are prison guards or boarder police then how are they treating people we can’t see?
    25th AMENDMENT NOW!!!

    1. @Tessmage Tessera Please tell me what is in it that’s worth watching, because I’m not interested in watching everything that is recommended without knowing something about the content or subject. And no “weakling”definitely doesn’t describe me. Is that another cheap shot by someone who can’t engage in real dialogue?

    2. @Scott Merila The title tells it all. It’s a deposition, given by one of Trump’s victims. Totally genuine.

    3. @HarleyHilderson Including Trump, his Children and Republicans in Congress that remain silent, while Trump sells out the USA

  4. 1,000’s died yesterday from a disastrous pandemic response. Refrigerated trucks litter the hospital car parks of this nation. 100,000’s of children are infected and their parents are infected by mass unemployment. It has been the worse response in the world according to several global NGO’s in the field. America ranks 27th in Education and 27th in Healthcare globally. His answer? Crack skulls

    1. 1000’s are dying under your bombs in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, I don’t see you caring about them.

  5. Dear Good Americans,
    trumps base is a minority representing ONLY 35% of the electorate.
    You represent the other 65%.
    YOU MUST VOTE in November!

    1. @Great Heathen Army I value your opinion. I just value virtually everything else in the universe more, vacuum included.

    2. @Vulcan Logic Take to the streets and give him a justification to invoke the Insurrection Act and declare martial law. Once again no logic to be found in your beliefs.

    3. @Thyalwaysseek reality is because of trump civil war is coming and China and Russia will divide what is left because you are too scared to stand for the constitution.

    1. @TrakSpock1 Seriously, you people are so FOS that when this is finally over no one will ever listen to you evil idiots again.

    2. @TrakSpock1 In order to discuss things with the adults, you cannot make unsubstantiated claims. See if you got stones. Test your confidence. Spend one week listening to 2 additional independent news outlets; like Reuters, Associated Press, NPR, etc. Bet you won’t, cuz ya like hearing your own hatred.

  6. Those were peaceful protesters who were treated horribly. This is wrong on so many levels.
    Gassing a mayor? Biden 2020!

    1. @Scott Merila there are plenty of people sending out these videos. the media keeps showing the same violent ones over & over. my gr’son just posted a peaceful protest by a young woman, & she spoke of the reality of the situation on fb. i don’t know how to share it to here, but she spoke at length about the misrepresentation of the situation by the trump party of ‘anarchists’ running the streets. it’s simply not true, she lives right in that area in portland & says all she sees is peaceful protesters being attacked by these wannabe’s in battle dress uniforms. propaganda is the name of the game with dictators like trump. inform yourself.

    2. crocusflower
      You guys believe so many conspiracy theories. Like just admit there are extreme far left people

    3. @crocusflower The “young woman” is gaslighting you, I saw the footage of the fires they were starting outside the courthouse. “Peaceful protesters” have a responsibility to get these people under control when it is happening under the guise of their “movement”. Show me one BLM leader who is denouncing the rioting, looting, destruction and vandalism taking place in their name?

    1. Remember also that Trump’s base are ecstatic about seeing the government abuse their power violently against the left.

    1. Thank you, the 5 time Draft Dodger was a COWARD then and one now! He wants someone else to do his dirty work!

    2. It’s a strictly-enforced trump-family tradition to avoid military service. Scrupulously observed by grandfather onward.

  7. The Secret Police is an unprecedented act, and Trump needs to be schooled! He is not following our Constitutional 1st Amendment rights


    2. @Charlie Wright Your comments prove how much you hate America and how little you know of our Constitution.

    1. @Gary Gagnon

      Oh okay, so you have no proof.

      Cool. Enjoy being deported, shot, detained, imprisoned, and caged.

      Makes no difference to me. 😁

    2. @Great Heathen Army Your side is going to get beaten like a drum in November, you will lose because the majority of the country hates traitors and cowards like you. .

    1. I agree. Tune in to Fox propaganda for 10 minutes and you’ll understand why Trump and his cult are doing this; it’s wall to wall demonization of the left over there.

    2. @Mainely Gotta wonder what Hannity’s going to do when donnie’s chucked- go back to paper-hanging?

    1. @Ken Albertsen I doubt he can get it up anyway, probably stained orange. Why does he have a dead badger on his head?

    2. “law and order” has become dog whistle for the right to mean using the government to violently attack the left. Any protests on our part no matter how peaceful are immediately labeled as “violent” , “treason” or “terrorism” .

    3. @Great Heathen Army Whines about “the violent left” with no actual proof then proceeds to threaten the left with murder.

    TRUMP OUT🤪👍🤬👍

  9. Mike Pence: if you ever want to make yourself useful to the Americans you better use the 25th!

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