Hinshaw: Wave of Omicron could be worst Alberta has seen | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Hinshaw: Wave of Omicron could be worst Alberta has seen | COVID-19 in Canada


Alberta's top doctor warned that a wave sparked by the Omicron variant could be the worst that the province has seen.

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    1. @Samuel O Who cares if its more infectious? The threat posed by COVID, as the government’s OWN DATA clearly shows, has been greatly exaggerated.

    1. There is a Chrome extension in their store that will show the dislike votes again. Now I’ve got to find something for my phone 🙂

  1. They need to stop spending Money on climate change… rather use the money on building and getting more icu machines 🤦🏾

    1. The governments are spraying chemicals from aircraft 24/7/365 to cause rainfall and cloud cover. It also has a side effect of increased temps and humidity. How is this not changing the climate?

    2. @juliette Irene No, those are called condensation trails and are a well-known aspect of physics. So much so, in fact, that meteorologists can forecast the altitude at which aircraft engines will start producing contrails.

    3. @Primmakin Sofis search these: cloud seeding canada. Operation Popeye. Project Skywater. Dubai cloud seeding flooding.
      Start there. This isn’t 2013. It is all out in the open.

    4. @Primmakin Sofis the tech behind cloud seeding is very basic. Water and gas dynamics are very very well understood. The only hard part is the logistics of it and that has already been figured out for decades.

  2. this guy is a clown in a clowns clothing, feeling bad for everyone in Alberta, with this guy at the helm you are all in for a long winter.

    1. Enough with lock downs and mandates these are just band-aid solutions. More talk about health which is actually very effective at preventing transmission and severe disease.

    1. @Vaccines Save Lives And more than 600,000 deaths could have been prevented by proper out patient and hospital care. That’s murder, shill. You’re shilling for murderers!! You’re disgusting!!

    2. I’m going to have to challenge you on this one my friend ,apparently there was 1 death from omicron already in UK but Boris Johnson wont release the details of the patients age , circumstances etc (no joke) …. and this is most likely because our mystery patient was an 89 year old geezer with severe case of leukemia… I can almost guarantee if our mystery patient was a 25 year old male in his prime with no underlying health condition this would go viral and probably make the front page of time magazine … again (no joke)…

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