Historic: Watch The End Of America's Longest War 1

Historic: Watch The End Of America’s Longest War

The U.S. has fully withdrawn from Afghanistan, formally ending a nearly 20-year war. Over that time, 2,461 American troops died in service to their country. MSNBC's Ari Melber is joined by former DNC chair Dr. Howard Dean, The Nation's Katrina vanden Heuvel and Iraq War veteran Jon Soltz to discuss. 
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    1. Also say a prayer for the dozen of US Soldiers who died last year in Afghanistan. And the year before that

    2. @Winston Smith
      Did you and your new account chastise Trump with his drone drops that caused collateral damage gramps?
      Trump’s drone attacks outnumbered any sitting president.

    3. US contract working dogs have been abandoned at the Kabul airport after the last American flight left on Monday.
      Joshua Hosler, President of Veteran Sheepdogs of America, is frantically trying to rescue the dogs that have been used and left behind in the Taliban controlled country after the Department of Defense ordered that they be left behind..

    4. It was a war and soldiers die….that is just fact. How many more would have died if we would have stayed for what end?

  1. We’re finally out. Poor defense contractors are going to go broke. No more back pocket cash packing for the politicians on the hill. Best of all, no more son’s and daughters dying for people that don’t even like us.

    1. Contractors never go without their pocket money for long. China is the next boogey man, and the media has already prepared the American people for the concept of the next conflict. There will be a cooling off period for sure, but I seriously doubt we go a decade without finding another skirmish.

    2. Forgive my ignorance but -How many Afghanistans were in the planes that attacked the US on 9/11 and where in Afghanistan was Bin Laden found. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia got a free out of jail card.

    3. @Jay Mas Well who is leading? Let’s hear your brainwashed conspiracy theories. They don’t make you look crazy at all. Trump has only today to take back his presidency that was “stolen” from him. Now the my pillow cyber ninjas have moved the goal post yet again. Now Trumps supposedly going to take back power in 2022. You guys are such pathetic, sore losers. So let’s hear your conspiracy theory on who is actually leading this country.

  2. Cleaning up Republican failures is never easy or clean but it seems to be the on going duty of the Democratic Party. Let’s keep moving forward.

    1. @Gary Owens … the Republicans started it and maintained it for 12 yrs. Biden ended it in 7 months. Obama couldn’t accomplish all that he could have but for the hatred and obstructing the conservative bigots had vowed to use. Moscow Mitch, “We will do everything in our power to see to it this president is a one term president.” God love em! Always putting this country first…meh.

    2. @John Traylor Bush needed Congress & got overwhelming support from both sides. Also continued funding it. Obama got his health care through, he could have gotten that one through. He was commander of the troops. He could have withdrawn.

    3. @Gary Owens … Obama tried and failed to win that war. As did Bush and trump but it was trumps parting foibles that set the stage for Biden to follow through and end it. Imo

    4. @John Traylor I’m fine with getting out. Biden wasn’t bound by Trump agreements. Trump said he was going to get us out & didn’t. Unfortunately there’s lots of blame & probably no lessons learned.

  3. It’s tragic to realize that Afghanistan has been at war for over 40 years since the Saur Revolution in 1978. Even with the U.S. troops gone, civil war will continue in Afghanistan between the Taliban, ISIS-K, the National Resistance Front, and whatever new factions that will emerge. Hopefully, the people of Afghanistan will one day finally find peace in the distant future.

    1. @Jay Mas Anyone that stayed after trump did his deal with the taliban was greedy for those big contractor dollars and knew exactly what was coming . Mercenaries … who cares what happens to them , as deadbeat donnie said … losers and suckers , they knew what they signed up for .

    2. @Dan Wright it was the promise of the evil orange who said we would leave Afghanistan. We did, now you say the democrats will be fileted because why again?

    3. @Christopher Hughes Christopher. According to deep state / globalists / progressives/ rinos … you are spot on. According to trumps promises kept .. he’s the best patriot America has known. Stay tuned . Enjoy the show. Might want to plan a workable evacuation for your self esteem. Whatever. Polls?!

  4. Let the Taliban and ISIS-K fight each other while the National Resistance Front (aka Northern Alliance 2.0) continue to hold out in Panjshir Valley.

  5. It took guts to end the forever war. Condolences to the families of all the fallen, and best wishes to those who were injured and still trying to cope.

    1. @KDub84 Your entire post is flawed. The current administration has lost support of its own party and only the mindless drones support what has happened.

    2. @Chris B So the ENTIRE Democrat party doesn’t support Biden’s administration? I believe that your comment is a lie. Are there republicans that support his decision as well, or does the ENTIRE Republican Party not support his decision? This war should have ended years ago. People should be rejoicing that our troops don’t have to head to Afghanistan anymore. Seeing how long this lasts is another story. So I believe that it is your post that is extremely flawed. You fools tend to make mountains out of mole hills. Believe what you want, the fact is that Biden has put an end to a needless and senseless war. You might have hurt feelings over seeing the many success’s that this administration has accomplished. Seeing that the previous administration seemed to get nothing done for the people. They created crisis after crisis and now Biden has the task of cleaning up many messes left by Trump. Trump treated his presidency, like one of his many failed business ventures. I just think that you fools got tired of winning. You won the presidency, the senate, the house, building a wall, locking up Hillary, ending a 20 year war, getting help with finding dirt on Biden, peace in the Middle East, tax breaks for the middle class, successfully conducting an audit, finding evidence of a rigged election, stopping the crisis at the border, defeating COVID-19,(Trump even held an event at the White House claiming victory over the virus) taking back power through a coup, these are all wins that your leader was referring to, right? I mean this list can keep going on and on. He accomplished nothing in his three years in office. I say three, because he spent almost an entire year of golfing. I believe that he’s the one losing his support. Did you see the crowd booing him at his rally in Alabama? Who are these mindless drones you are referring to? Seems like you’re just projecting. Yawn, this conversation bores me. Looks like I’m the one getting tired of winning.

    3. Trump claimed he got all the heavy equipment months ago . It was left for the cowards who ran away to the airport.

    4. @Speed Racer We still had 2500 troops there. The reason the afgan army folded was that Biden pulled all the air support from them. That was his first mistake. With the firepower we have he could have implemented a staged withdrawal. One with fall back lines , section by section, with our airforce running cover. This was so bungled that it has to be investigated. In my opinion this is criminal negligence. And those responsible held accountable all the way up to Biden. At the least he should be forced to take a cognitive test.

  6. The bucks gotta stop with someone. Weather you like it or not, our troops don’t need to be there any longer.

    1. Everyone would agree with you. But the way in which we left is disastrous and borderline treasonous. Biden needs to be impeached for what he’s done

    2. P X. As if the question is wether we should have pulled troops out or not! Well. This is so botched … we might have to storm back in. Wake up.

    3. @shav12 a monster killed our marines and you blame the president? Yes he’s the leader. He is doing the right thing getting us out. A monster exploding a bomb killing our marines. I remember when 220 marines were killed. I don’t remember this partisan un-American crap back then. This insanity. The demonization of political figures.

    4. @John Sozio the monster killed our marines because they were in an insanely dangerous environment created by our government’s disastrous decisions. This withdrawal should have been handled so much better

  7. Stay the course, the sane people of the U.S. are on your side. It was never going to be easy to leave.

    1. Exactly nd it wouldn’t have mattered who was President. We should have withdrawn when we found Bin Laden but we tried to help a people who won’t or can’t help themselves.

    2. This is what we know. After reassuring Americans and their allies that an Afghanistan takeover by the Taliban was NOT inevitable a month ago, *BIDEN* was *CLEARY WRONG*

      We know that he had been warned many times and ignored advice (or, he chose to take the wrong advice if you want me to put it that way).

      NYT article titled _”Intelligence Warned of Afghan Military Collapse, Despite Biden’s Assurances.”_

      Also Sean Hannity confirmed from dozens of sources that this was the case. The YT video is available to watch.

      *President Trump’s Exit Plan*
      1) evacuate civilians
      2) dispose of military equipment
      3) pull troops

      This is a typical military exit strategy. Biden ignores the plan and did not dispose of military equipment and did not evacuate the civilians he had reassured a month prior that the Afghanistan military would fight.

      By not disposing of the military equipment like President Trump planned to, Biden armed the Taliban with dozens of billions of dollars of equipment. Including, but not limited to:

      – Black Hawk Helicopters
      – A-29 Super Tocano Bombers (aircraft)
      – Armoured Humvee and Drones
      – Night visions goggles

      Since then, we have found out through Breitbart news titled _”Biden Officials gave Taliban List of Stranded Americans, Afghan Allies.”_

      When asked if he trusts the Taliban, he completely dodged the question. Even if he does not trust them why would you give them a list?

      Our government is now “working with the Taliban” to create a perimeter. If he doesn’t trust them why does he want to work with them?

      The Chinese Government openly supports the Taliban.

      Joe is a puppet for

    3. Um it would have been much easier if they would have made sure all americans were actually there to leave. Supporting this move shows that your brain is truly a muppets brain.

    1. @Suresh.M Chanmugam You confuse communism with socialism. In ireland I get free health care.I dont have to pay for hospitalization or prescription drugs or would be left on the street if I could not pay my rent. Its the same all over the European Union and we aint communists.

    2. @Christopher Hughes I was raised in a Banana republic. I know what communism and Socialism is First hand. Every Country has some aspect of Socialism including the USA. WHen Communism disguises itself as Socialist I know, It starts with fraud, division, and Oppression. Capitalism is business l model based on innovation and competition. It has nothing to do with social anything!

    3. @Roman Temniuk Biden doesn’t have dementia. Trump doesn’t have dementia. I hated when people said Trump had dementia. Dementia is a real thing. I hated when people thought Obama was Jesus. Obama said I am not the messiah. I hated when people thought Trump was Jesus. Trump didn’t say anything. I hated when Trump and other republicans denied knowing about Q. He just knew that Q liked him. He can’t have it both ways. Look what Q has done to families and the country.

  8. We must help Afghanistan recognize there own responsibilities in making their country safe. Many years and several countries have stepped in to assist.
    Americans have benefited from financial gain
    We must recognize how war became a lucrative business

  9. Thank God Biden is sticking to his guns and not listening to mainstream media it’s time we leave we wasted to many American life’s and money let the taliban and isis fight each other and get out of the middle

  10. Seems like the last couple of “wars” America has involved itself in have been a massive failure for everyone involved, but especially for the countries we tried to meddle in. I really hope that we learn a lesson from this, but I fear that we never will

    1. Not really.

      We can defeat any Army, but we aren’t a Nation who will occupy and colonize. So we lose in that traditional sense. We can go into Afghanistan and defeat the Taliban again tomorrow, but why would we.

  11. We have enough problems to deal with in our own country. Time for us to value our troops enough not to put them in harm’s way for a dubious outcome and conflicted policies.

    1. @BlaQ Bay17 *wrong,* the American people overwhelmingly wanted out of this war… for years & years!! Go shill for the MIC elsewhere warmonger

    1. Thank you President Trump for trying to stop endless war

      Biden botched the exit and failed Americans and our allies

    2. You still haven’t heard it. Nobody has apologized for this debacle and the only military person punished so far is a 17-year Lt. Col who demanded SOMEBODY up the chain of command take responsibility.

    3. @BlaQ Bay17 …you need to open your eyes to the truth…yep…trump signed the letter of surrender, just like the general said….trump said that he made the arrangements so that they could not be stopped or changed…draft dodger…bone spurs…5 deferments from service….

    4. “Only I can fix it’ but the the buck stops there”
      He cut a deal with the Talliban WITHOUT have a single member of the Government of Afghanistan being involved in it. He had slashed the US Military in half to 2,500 by January 14th 2021 WITHOUT moving any Civilians out first.

  12. We couldn’t stay forever! My sincere condolences to the fallen soldiers families and thank you for your ultimate sacrifice. 20 years! It was time. I pray that the ones that remain can safely get home ASAP.

    1. It is not the fact that we all wanted out of their it is the fact that biden did not have to just leave americans behind. Woke muppets

  13. I’m surprised by how relieved I am by the end of this war. I have no personal ties to anyone in the war and no financial interests, but it certainly feels like a huge burden has been lifted off our nation. I am grateful to those who serve this nation in the armed forces.

    1. @BlaQ Bay17 Why did Drumpf only negotiate with the Taliban and leave the Afghan government out of negotiations?

  14. The US should finally learn the lesson of not to meddle with other country’s internal matters. Stop the foreign policies that are dictated by the US military complex.

    1. U.S. has still not provided any proof of the guilt of any perpetrators in the 9/11 building demolitions or Pentagon explosion, let alone an explanation of what occurred to WTC Bldg. 7. Afghanistan was a wild goose chase war looking for a fall guy.

    2. @Christopher Hughes
      Then you should know better bro
      You Irish are one of the best westerners you even pro Palestine
      So why you defending Americans wars ?

    3. @STOP THE UYGHUR GENOCIDE NOW I am not defending American wars. What I am doing is analysing what happened. I am also not antisemitic but I believe what has happened to the Palestinians is a crime against humanity. I am proud that we have flown the Palestinian Flag over our city hall where I am from in Ireland I also live within 100 meters of a Mosque and the Imam is a friend .

  15. About time. This has been a long time coming. RIP to all those who lost their lives from those cowardly isis-k; as they were peacefully evacuating scared and helpless Afghanis.

    Thank you President Biden for getting us out of this endless war.

  16. The Defense Dept budget tripled, *tripled,* since the Bush admins 1st term. It went from 250 billion to over 730 billion that was just approved by this Congress. 65 billion let’s us have free college for anyone who wants it, let that sink in. Everything that our politicians say we can’t afford to do to help ordinary average Americans, could be paid for _in full_ with a tiny portion of the Defense Depts budget or a tiny amount of the money wasted in Afghanistan

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