Holder On Gerrymandering: ‘Democrats Don’t Have To Cheat’

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder discusses the new census data and what a more diverse, younger and less rural America means for gerrymandering. 

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Holder On Gerrymandering: 'Democrats Don't Have To Cheat'


  1. Beautiful decorating in the back ground of this story! Gerrymandering is so dangerous! When I was in southern Texas …I learned that political term! It was good to understand that connection! I see that playing out! Gerrymandering is when political pressures …force results …politically! (In south Texas ..there was this continued pressure of white supremacy …over Hispanic voting rights! ) It was very stressful!

    1. @Harold Moore He is a horrable man, horrable leader. Horrable speaker and a horrable father, how could you worship him, believe me I understand why you could not worship such a person.

  2. states with independent redistricting tend to move towards more democratic control

    this year, michigan is having an independent team draw their new districts, i believe we may see that state legislature become democratic for the first time in a decade

  3. When conservatives realized they couldn’t win democratic elections anymore, they didn’t abandon conservatism
    they abandoned democracy

    1. @My Perspective that is exactly the kind of language that cost the Republicans Georgia
      Stop making the Democrats look good to Republican voters

    2. @James Ricker democrats created the new plantation called the slums of big cities and the WELFARE STATE. acting like POC can’t get ID’s. So much bigotry it’s disgusting to REAL AMERICANS.

    3. @sofakings2pid you’re NOT OPPRESSED that’s the THRONE OF LIES along with SYSTEMIC BS you believe. It’s a joke

    4. *Biden’s energy idiocy: Kneecap US oil but beg OPEC to pump more*
      Aug 12, 2021 The NEW YORK POST

      *President Joe Biden’s latest policy push has us doing not just a double take but a triple take: The man who’s put roadblock after roadblock in the way of North American energy companies in pursuit of his vow to decarbonize the US economy is . . . begging OPEC to boost fossil-fuel production.*

      Why? The prez complains the high price of gas is hurting the post-pandemic economic recovery. Seriously.

      “OPEC+ must do more to support the recovery,” National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan declared Wednesday, and his boss backed him up. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies cut 10 million barrels a day ⁠— 10 percent of global demand ⁠— at the pandemic’s start as demand dried up. It’s since raised output by about 4.2 million barrels a day and promises to add another 400,000 barrels a day until it’s back to pre-COVID levels.

      “Simply not enough,” says Sullivan, as Biden “has made clear that he wants Americans to have access to affordable and reliable energy, including at the pump.”

      That’s news to us. On his very first day in office, Biden killed the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have brought 830,000 barrels of Canadian oil a day down south — and thousands of good-paying jobs with it. In March, he put a moratorium on oil leasing on federal land, which a judge later found to be illegal. Later, he canceled Trump-era oil leases in Alaska.

      Biden has made combating climate change a top priority — and declared war on the American energy industry to do it.

      But somehow foreign carbon fuels get exempted. He waived sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline that aims to get gas to Germany. And now he’s pushing Saudi Arabia and other less-than-democratic countries to pump — even as his team confesses it isn’t making the same ask of domestic producers — because gas is at $3.18 a gallon, up more than $1 over last year. Do the added emissions from tankers shipping oil here not count?

    1. @Mr. James that’s called out of touch with society. In gutting the voting rights act without any evidence of improvement justice Roberts acted on his own whims.

    2. ​@David Guelette Everything you said was literally your opinion.

      It being out of touch with America is also your opinion. The Court simply differed from you.

      You’re more than welcome to disagree with the Court (I do on multiple other decisions), however, them not agreeing with you, doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing their job.

      Furthermore, Justice Roberts wasn’t the only justice who concurred with that opinion.

      If we’re going on the premise of what “society” thinks, then answer this.

      Most of American society disapproved of interracial marriage in 1967. Does that mean the Supreme Court should’ve upheld laws that criminalized it in Loving v. Virginia?

      A majority of Americans did not support Roe v. Wade in 1973. So because of this, it shouldn’t have been decided, right?

    3. @Mr. James of course it’s my opinion, this U tubes comment section Roe v Wade is toast, or severely damaged shortly and it’s due to the lurch to the right trump was able to manufacture. To claim the Republican majority isn’t idealogical is fantasy.

    4. @Mr. James Gerrymandering, like Citizens United are attacks on fair and free voting. That’s my opinion also, but doesn’t make it any less true.

    5. @David Guelette Notice how you never answered the questions though. You just glossed over Roe v. Wade, and completely ignored my one on Loving v. Virginia. How telling.

      And I never claimed that the majority wasn’t ideological. I was simply reminding you that the Court’s job is not meant to cater to public opinion.

  4. Austin Texas (city limits) has parts of 6 different US House Member Districts. Only 1 is a Democrat even though Trump only got around 18% of the vote in the city limits. That’s “representative democracy” in Texas, where politicians pick their voters with a computer algorithm.

  5. I’m an independent who would be fine with outlawing the entire Republican Party. They’ve shown themselves to be nothing less than a pack of liars, criminals and traitors and are STILL complicit with Trump in his ONGOING coup attempt against American democracy. They should never, NEVER, be at the controls of our country again. Vote against every one whose name appears on future ballots.

  6. *Take responsibility for your own lives. GQP officials who follow Trump are’nt leaders they are followers. True leaders care about others and get the job done right!*

  7. I suspect that were the GOP to cease gerrymandering and other forms of voter-suppression/subversion that they’d have a very difficult time winning elections.

  8. If you don’t have to cheat then why even bring it up in the first place? This looks really dumb. Like you are trying to convince people you don’t have to cheat or something.

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