Release Of Census Data Kicks Off Redistricting Fight With 'More Diverse' America 1

Release Of Census Data Kicks Off Redistricting Fight With ‘More Diverse’ America

Chuck Todd is at the Big Board to break down the latest data from the census and what it means for the upcoming redistricting fight. 

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Release Of Census Data Kicks Off Redistricting Fight With 'more diverse' America


    1. Look for the extreme leftist and the extreme right wingers. Those are your irrational…the rest is a mixed bag.

  1. the REAL story here is the behind the scenes fight alluded to with whoever picked that color green that he didnt like on the map

    1. @Schlomo Baconberg For a reply to someone that claims one thing, and is wrong… How do YOU propose questioning it? Todd is NOT the biggest race baiter, Tucker is… That is proven with facts and statements over the past few years very well. This is not about division, but simple facts… So do you propose we just get rid of facts? Or is your comment to just make us what YOU want us to do and lean right, without any thoughts on reality 😉
      LOL, we need unity, but we need unity in reality, with facts, logic and reason to guide us… Not rationalization, innuendo, and lies.

    2. @Stealthy Mongoose Provide an example where Tucker supports the supposition that people are BORN razist.

  2. You know if you give people polygraphs and ask them if they love themselves 75% lie conclusive deception, why is that?

  3. USA TODAY | 22 hours ago”JUST THE FAQS”, 08/12/21: Several 1,000 Of Color Americans MAY have been UNDER-counted in the Census due to Spring, 2020 COVID19 Pandemic quarantining– making it more difficult to deliver questionnaires to hard-to-reach populations.

  4. so i’ve been saying 13/52 and have been wrong all this time, fml
    edit. it’s now probably 12/75

  5. This is what they do to try and break countries. I’m not too old to remember Germany’s situation. So sad. A lot of their culture was lost for this rtarded sense of “eekwaLiTy” and “dyVercIty”.

  6. Once you’ve been warned of an impending disaster, and you do nothing, then whatever happens after that is on you.

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