Taliban 'Right On Kabul's Doorstep' In Afghanistan 1

Taliban ‘Right On Kabul’s Doorstep’ In Afghanistan


NBC News Pentagon correspondent Courtney Kube brings us the latest as the Taliban continues to make swift gains in Afghanistan. 

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Taliban 'Right On Kabul's Doorstep' In Afghanistan


  1. A good player knows how to read their competition and when to make their play. Never let ’em see your hand… Previous Player or “The Former Golden Shower Prez ”, ” didn’t telegraph his moves, he broadcast them.. Don’t forget this is the war Bush started…now watch the Republicans propaganda spin!!

    1. This isnt a gop or dem thing but our neolib foreign policy which has les us down the wrong road since the end of the cold war. We are not an empire

    2. @MTF The Obama – Biden administration bombed more countries than any other administration since WW2.

  2. America: Are you going to protect your homes from the Taliban?
    Afghanistan: No I don’t think I will *runs away*

  3. It doesn’t matter when we leave these people will run their country. We should’ve left years ago. They have to be responsible for themselves. They need the good old American pull yourself up by your bootstraps line.

    1. You know it. Trump was the only president not to start a new war in a long time. Enjoy those gas prices!

  4. We should send 100,000 more troops back in to secure their cities. Forget about the Covid positive Mexicans flowing in Texas. Afghanistan poppy fields are much more critical.

  5. I’m sure America will express sincere regret at the unavoidable slaughter of thousands of those Afghans who helped us over the last two decades. We formed a bond of trust that can never be broken. Let’s commission a memorial to honor all these fallen heroes. Pity no one could see this coming soon enough to cut through all the red tape to save them. Well, after all, how could we ever function without all our paperwork and procedures? RIP brothers and sisters

  6. To late! Not enough soldiers if they get trapped and captured it will be a sad day for America. They are not going in with heavy guns and probably no air support. This is a cadence moment. C130 rolling down the strip 64 for airborne on a one way trip. You veterans know the rest I will be praying they make it home as hero’s.

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