Holes in Conservative platform make it fiscally risky, warns think tank

uOttawa's Sahir Khan weighs in on the Conservative's costed platform, and says a number of holes in the plan mean it could be fiscally risky.

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  1. Where has this think tank been for the last 6 years! Oh, they’re still waiting for the budget to balance itself…

  2. At 14 seconds the news reader mentions this is the only budget costed (analyzed) by an independent agent. Shouldn’t there be a big news story about the fact that other parties have not been willing to submit their platform financials to this kind of scrutiny?

  3. trudeau campaigned on a $10 bil. deficit at the 2015 election instead 2015 -20 printed $115 bil. We are now at $1.4 tril in debt with no end in sight if the everlasting kid stay’s in the PM ‘s seat

  4. Typical…oh yes we are happy with a journalist../finance minister….what about the pending recession..and the debt…..

    1. I don’t agree at all. And I hate Justin. Liberal party has done fine. Conservatives are crooks always will be. No government is perfect

  5. There are holes all over Justin Trudeaus platform and a willly nillly approach to how is he going to pay for it? When the NDP got this handed to them twice as usual and on cue they only ask the NDP! Seems Singh did much better in the debate and could have done better if the moderator would give him time to speak!.

  6. I am an English Quebecer and am voting for the Bloc Quebecois. I do not appreciate the Conservatives ideas of privatisation. I would have voted for Liberals but hey living in Quebec; the Bloc is more for our interest.

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