Hong Kong leader says China extradition bill ‘is dead’

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said Tuesday that a controversial extradition bill which spurred weeks of protest "is dead" — but stopped short of a formal withdrawal. #CNN #News


    1. @ng alice This riot will catapult HK into the iron grips of CCP sooner than ever. Because “hey look…this is your democracy at best! HK can’t even manage it’s people, we’re stepping in.”

    1. China is a sore loser. It does this to tactically defuse the situation. Be sure that they will be back with a Plan B to outmaneuver Hong Kong.

    2. Sad that it took that long after how many arrests and violence/injuries, lost revenue and productivity. Probably hundreds of millions lost and now what? Clean up time.

  1. Needless to say… Carrie Lam’s ‘credit score’ probably crashed. She won’t be able to buy a pack of gum.

  2. Well done, people of Hong Kong!

    More battles will come, but today is your day. Enjoy this victory.

  3. if only people in the US would do the same, lawmakers would be reminded who they actually work for.

    1. Lol what. They earn so much to not care about petty stuff anymore. They already set for life and the next 2 generations.

    2. @WelcomeTo Life Yeah you’re right, Americans are fine, have been for years and years. Every country has it’s problems but I don’t see any major issues. You can complain about Trump but they voted for him in the first place so can’t complain too much.

    3. @WelcomeTo Life more like 20 generations. But the point is, people DO hold power, over government and over corporations. However, because of brain washing they will now fight to protect the rights of the abusers.

    4. We fight amongst ourselves too much to come together as a Collective force,it seems we would rather harm and kill each other over different view points instead of actually taking action against our political powers🤷‍♂️😢

    1. @Tommy Kwong This will force Mainland to implement one country one system. CCP is making progress! Amen!

    2. @Tommy Kwong she’s speaking the truth. Her boss Xi knows she’s faithful and loyal to the CCP that’s why she’s there. Us hongkongers support her!

  4. LOL the comments are full of ccp trolls. She didn’t say the bill is withdraw. Dead doesn’t have any legal meaning.

    1. @brid101286 Spoiled presumptuous wankers. You need a good spanking from papa CCP, and all will be good.

    2. Oldshoes the government is not a fucking poet. Only legit legal terms have meanings, and we will accept nothing else.

  5. Love and Pride in the great people of Hong Kong. Don’t settle for anything less than you heroes deserve!

  6. Those protest organizers have courage and the world owes them congratulations (and support.)

    1. Exactly right! Americans should wake up! Take note of Hong Kong’s citizens’ bravery and determination. Unfortunately, voting does not guaranty that your voice is heard. When citizens witness their government tearing down democracy they must rally and protest!

  7. “is dead” has no legal meaning, only “withdrawal” has it. Carrie Lam is still trying to mislead or deceive the citizens and the foreign media.

  8. I am quite sure some words are hidden by Carrie Lam.
    The bill is dead till the end of 2020, and will consider to submit the bill again when the new legislative council members elected (election will be held in 2020)

    Yet, ”dead” is not a formal wording used in Legco, either ”postpone” or ”withdrawn” should be used to describe a bill paused or termination respectively.

    1. @MARS

      what happen next is the extradition bill, Comtempt of Cop (辱警罪), Anti-mask Law, will be submitted to the Legco, and the legislation will be done smoothly and ”effectively”

    2. Totoro P J. Fung not even “postponed” carries legal meaning, if I remember correctly. And yes, I believe there are some hidden agenda behind her words.

    3. They just wait for the protest to end. Eventually you guys will need to eat and pay the bill.

    4. @Totoro P J. Fung the greatest bay will cover all of that, the system of everyone citizens in hk Macau will have a score (社會信用評分制) in 3 years,even anyone who have came HK before, and that is the truly end day of HK

  9. I am a HongKongers.
    We can’t agree carrie lam talking about extradition bill have been dead.
    In our legislation system, only have postpone and withdraw. Dead and suspend is not existence. In fact,
    Legislative Council not any process or plan to kill the china extradition bill when carrie lam said that the extradition bill is “dead”
    so, the “extradition bill is dead” is public relations

    1. @Quantic Fyre – Well, SUPPOSEDLY he was an ISIS fighter. Even though we illegally invaded Iraq, yet million Iraqi families whos son’s died at the hands of illegal invasion don’t get justice anyway. But my point is extradition and preventive measures.

    2. @Rachel Chiu 可耻国家? 没听过,查了一下。
      我们中国曾经还被成为东亚病夫呢,而现在呢?还有谁这么叫我们? 现在我们已是第二大经济体,不就将超过美国成为世界第一大经济体,你怎么不说这些?

    3. @Rachel Chiu 我不是说了吗,我承认中国的人权不好。有待改善。而且中国的国际影响力日夜加深。

  10. ‘Dead’ does not mean anything for a bill legally, we need full WITHDRAWAL!!!!

  11. HongKonger shout on withdraw the bill , so naive to said (dead),actually dead can be rebirth .

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