Horrific image illustrates crisis at the US-Mexico border

CNN's Anderson Cooper discusses a horrific photo from the US border with Mexico that shows a Salvadoran father and his daughter face-down in the water, having drowned while trying to get to the United States.

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    1. @Sam Sam And you’re still failing at English. As I was saying. If 3rd grade insults and lack of proper sentence structure are all you can manage, I see why you support Trump.

    2. @SrtJunkie CNN didn’t kill anybody. They put up the photo to bring attention to the situation at the border. That’s called journalism.

    3. @Sotally Tober what r they?? Buying what death, buying the truth,buying it’s wrong,let the eat drink,sleep, wash ,give h2o lunch send them back,alive!!!! If were u would u want basic needs, would u want to stay n a cage buying that YET? CME

    1. US government not accept immigration in illegally , sorry better stay home
      Trump did all right , the US has no responsibility for these deaths , Trump need protect American

  1. Heartbreaking,,, may God rest their souls,, away from moster and selfish People on earth,,

    1. @Mind Freshener Because, education content is exempt from the graphic content label.
      You’re grasping at straws, present solid evidence or leave.It’s a dead kid FFS, do you remember that time Alex Jones harassed the parents of the kids who died in the school shooting? Disgraceful and upsetting.

    2. @Terry Jackson I understand and sympathise with your anger but you should know that not all white people are monsters.

  2. Regardless of how proud one might be of this beautiful country, now is the time for love and kindness. Pray for Óscar Alberto Martinez and Angie Valeria Martínez. Two human beings who were more than likely hungry, tired, and scared.

    1. Theyre still alive dummy it was staged why the hell do you think both their heads are covered??

  3. It’s probably been commented.

    Thanks AC for the graphic picture warning… but the thumbnail already showed the horror. Check with your facilitators next time.

    1. Liberal in Oklahoma – Don’t bother with William H. He’s been around for awhile now and thinks anyone who doesn’t share his views of the the world are homosexual. First couple times I came across him (he he) we had a war of words that escalated to the point of bringing my family into the fray. Not worth it, even if you don’t call names or type cerebral, it just goes over his head and he’ll just get nastier an’ nastier.

    2. @Maximilien Charles you are strong minded but I think death is still painful let’s see how you ignore it 😎

    1. @Ed Vega Maybe you should soothe your conscience by taking some illegals into your own home. House them, feed them and pay for their healthcare out of your own pocket. That should brighten your mood, yes? ☺

    2. US government not accept immigration in illegally , sorry better stay home
      Trump did all right , the US has no responsibility for these deaths , Trump need protect American

  4. Thus says the Lord of hosts: Render true judgments, show kindness and mercy to one another; do not oppress the widow, the orphan, the alien, or the poor; and do not devise evil in your hearts against one another.
    Zechariah 7:9-10

    1. NOYDB I don’t care either way, but America is NOT responsible for illegals’ deaths…Illegals are!
      I’m commenting on the tear jerking, hand wringing spin on this. You wet liberals and hypocritical deluded Bible thumpers seem to be cool with all the world piling illegally into the U.S. so long as you don’t have to look at spin filled photos of dead illegals. How stupid is that?? I got news for you too, when the islamists that you so generously welcome become sufficient in number, THEIR man made scriptures instruct them to kill YOU! whilst your man written scriptures tell you to welcome the stranger and turn the other cheek! Your scriptures now interpreted by liberals will be America’s downfall.

    2. Brenda Orr So unlimited illegals can flood the U.S. because they claim a better life? Get your ‘Elder’ to answer that one, he’s certainly got your critical thinking turned off. What did you think he is there for? To give you thoughts and opinions and for you to pay for his thoughts and opinions in tithes.

  5. I saved that thumbnail pic so I don’t forget that. Her entire life is gone!!!! A baby!!! God damnit.

    1. Yeah mother said she watched as current took them under….I would never risk my child life like that. So sad.

    2. Yeah, it’s a shame human traffickers, Democrats and CNN encourage people to break the law and risk their lives. They have blood on their hands, truly.

  6. I thought there was no crisis according to cnn !! Now there a crisis talk about lie after lie after lie !!! Rip father and daughter mtz.

  7. In the process of trying to break into a home you trip, crack your head open, and die. Is the homeowner at fault? This is the same scenario

  8. Fake plastic media tycoons
    Dictating to the unwashed masses from on high
    *Outlaw gated communities, high security high-rises, & private schools and immigration problems will end OVERNIGHT*

    1. @MrPippinsays Not in the way you think as well. Its much more complicated than that. National Socialism was a collectivist ideology and they nationalized a whole bunch of industries.

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