Hospitals In Alabama Overwhelmed With Covid Patients

NBC News political reporter Vaughn Hillyard brings us the latest from Alabama where he reports there are more than 2,500 people hospitalized from Covid, which is more than double what it was two weeks ago.

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Hospitals In Alabama Overwhelmed With Covid Patients


    1. Tell me lies, tell me tell me lies. … like how the government loves us, … or how we have to give up everything for a virus that has a survival rate of 99.975% for people under 50.

    2. the ”doctor” 1:04 is an obvious actor LOL , and this video is not how truth is told.
      It’s just a bunch of innuendo and random video with zero substance

    1. The church my in-laws attend in Montgomery has seen two congregants die, a quarter in the hospital, and some quarantining at home with mild symptoms. One of those with mild symptoms still doesn’t understand why she can’t visit her husband who’s on a ventilator. That’s just from one place. My partner just got back from visiting his parents, and he was amazed by the numbers of people in the hospital. Gov. Ivey announced a state of emergency, yet she made sure to stipulate, for the selfish who won’t do right by their neighbors, that she won’t mandate masks or vaccines, but asked that people roll up their sleeves and get the jab.

    2. @wwtjoy gbths
      Breakthroughs will happen, and medical personnel fare worse when they’re around it all day every day, because with every unvaccinated person infected, mutations occur, leaving those who’re vaccinated more vulnerable to mild infection.

    3. @David Adams
      Will not do right by your neighbor, who comes up with this non sense 🙄
      Do right by your neighbor and don’t meddle in their business.

    4. @wwtjoy gbths
      Just expressing my views like everyone else commenting. But I do care about my former home and my family and friends who’ve lost much in the past year and a half.

    5. @David Adams
      Yes we are to care but not to meddle in other people’s health care choice. This is a good media for thought expression.
      I believe that the world is coming to the end. The distress of Nations is upon the earth both man made and God appointed. If mankind’s existence
      remain for the complete year of 2021, I will be amazed.


    1. @Keki Stani THANK YOU. I’ve spent a lot of time explaining this to people and you help ease the burden. They have zero experience in hospitals, that’s why they believe all the nonsense. Hospitals don’t just have massive extra capacity waiting unused until some horrible multi-victim event occurs. They’re businesses like hotels and they want to be booked up all the time. That’s their business!

    2. @H&P Customs I think it is more likely that you are lying.. How can so many healthcare workers and doctors all lie and why would they lie? They dont stand to gain anything by this.. Stop spreading lies.

    3. @eiht hype Does it hurt your feelings that they get permission to film? Would you like them better if they just ran up in there and forced their way into the ICU?

    1. How many people do you think it takes to turn over a lump body so they can try to breathe. You people make me sick

  2. The phobic buffer medicinally increase because clave conspicuously delight for a obtainable odometer. icy, loud peanut

  3. Somebody explain how thousands haven’t gotten one dose. Others, one dose. Others two. Now there’s a third dose? This is a government debacle!

  4. Wait …even with worst case scenario Alabama having 35% vaccination rates, your telling me the MSNBC adjective that hospitals are ‘overwhelmed’ means they are not equipped to deal with a % of the remaining 65% who aren’t immunized? .,.Something is not adding up here…

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