'I Hope The Administration Has A Plan Now': Atlantic Writer On Afghanistan 1

‘I Hope The Administration Has A Plan Now’: Atlantic Writer On Afghanistan

Atlantic writer George Packer shares his thoughts about the Afghan withdrawal and the chaotic scenes from Kabul airport. Packer also hopes the WH now has plans to help individuals seeking to flee the region as the Taliban takes control.
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  1. Oh how they laugh as we shovel the ashes
    Rath has soured
    Blood and death we will pay back this debt for this candy store of ours

    1. @Semyon Budyonny remember biden supporters together with mccain types using russia bounty smear to remain in afgan! they temporary halt trumps gradual withdraw by may! this forcing embassy to remain since sea/air support escort is cancelled too

  2. The Taliban controlled Afghanistan when we rolled in, they control it 20 years later now that we’ve rolled out. So, the plan is to let Afghanistan be Afghanistan. Whatever that turns out to be.

  3. With the Afghan government gone, Does the US have a list/database of those who assisted them and their current whereabouts? Is it feasible to go head hunting for all those individuals in the villages within and outside Kabul? Perhaps George Parker can advise how.

    1. This is a good point. When looking for taliban/al qaida supporters our military and special forces did dead of night round ups and sweeps through even the most isolated parts of Afghanistan. We should be able to employ that same energy towards finding women, children, interpreters, activists, etc. and bringing them to safety.

    1. @The Homeless Travel Network Airways He invited them to Camp David. He signed a deal with them to leave Afghanistan this year. Sure, it’s on Biden at this point specifically what’s going on but don’t expect me to believe Trump was going to be anything other than nice to the Taliban.

  4. Well, if crime fighters fight crime and firefighters fight fires, what do politicians fight when they need to book numerous flights?

  5. Who exactly is performing the security checks on passengers at the airport? A suicide bomber could easily make it to the aircraft.

  6. Screw any plan to”help” the afgans. 20 YEARS OF THEIR INACTIVATION no thoughts of leaving till NOW? How much more inactivity by citizens must we be subsidised to attention to

    1. Yes. This journalist needs to just stay quiet. Does he have a better plan? These arm chair warriors are annoying. If he has a better idea lets hear it. We cannot be in a country dumping money into that country for 20 yrs and just keep doing it. US troops were dying for these people and wasting their lives. Afghanistan had all this time to figure it out. Now the US has left and they want to complain. As the saying goes it’s better to show someone how to fish rather than keep giving them the fish especially for 20 yrs. The US gave them weapons, training and everything they needed to defend themselves and they did nothing to keep the Taliban out of their own country. They will never learn. Now whatever happens happens. There was no good time to leave that country. Good for Joe Biden. He did what needed to happen.

    2. EXACTLY… it is time to go. Afghans had billions in training and given equipment to fight their own civil war … BYE!!!!

    3. I really don’t see where he’s getting this “marked for death” claim from. Is it based on reality or is he being over dramatic?

  7. This American was tired of the longest war in the history of our nation. It is easy for the ones not doing the fighting and dying to want war. After all that is what cowards do.

  8. The plan should be to let Afghanistan fight the Taliban if they want to. I don’t care at all what happens. We need to stay out of it.

  9. Oh they do they’re already bringing teenage n adult Taliban men to our cities n military bases n giving them homes n 500 billion in aid

  10. The past few years have been quite eventful. I’m voting for the next presidential candidate, who promises to make life as boring as possible for a while…

  11. Let’s not forget how and when the entire debacle started. I was there. They hated us. It was a never ending scenario that would have cost American lives so long as we stayed

    1. We weren’t staying
      The braindead Corpse in the WH Fkuped the withdraw.
      Trump had already moved out over 3000 Troops last yr.
      Biden cut off the Afghan’s army supplies and promised Airstrikes while Exposing CIA operatives Identities.
      All Over Twitter
      He cut passports and Visa’s
      Trump would of never Left American’s..there would of been Military on the roads to get ppl out.
      Biden and Obama gave weapons to the Taliban.
      They are war criminals

    2. We didn’t need to stay but there was a much better way to go about this but since so many people are stupid and naive we have a completely incompetent potus with half brain function.

  12. I am glad life expectancy in Afghanistan has gone up over the past twenty years. Sadly, over the same time period, life expectancy in the U.S. has gone down.

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