House bill calls for Pence to remove Trump via 25th Amendment 1

House bill calls for Pence to remove Trump via 25th Amendment


Republicans just blocked a bill introduced by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer aimed at pushing President Trump out of office through the 25th Amendment.
Democrats on sought to take up a resolution from Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland urging Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment, but it was blocked by Republicans.
Hoyer tried to pass the resolution through unanimous consent. West Virginia Republican Rep. Alex Mooney objected to the request.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said the Democrats will move to bring the resolution for a full floor vote on Tuesday.
The House is now adjourned until 9:00 a.m. ET tomorrow.

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    1. @Tim Cox This is a lie. Listen to Tapper’s interview with National Guard Chief Daniel Hokanson. The only thing Trump is good at is killing innocent Americans, with a COVID death rate that is 50 times that of South Korea. Over 350,000 needless deaths. Not enough deaths for you?

    2. @Double S The world government, it’s a big cancer, it’s clear.
      They poison us slowly with propaganda and food,
      That ignorance is the raw material for legal business
      And hold you down no matter how hard you pull.
      Pesticides, leave whole hectares arid
      So they give us sleeping pills so they don’t shake us.
      Over gas emissions leading to acid rain
      They have every interest in keeping us legal.
      Both major news agencies are theirs
      And even so, I’m worried about what I see on TV:
      From the Persian Gulf War to the bombings,
      The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and others caused.
      Like the earthquake in Haiti
      Where I saw the invaders driving the rescue cars.
      The hunger for glory leads leaders to euphoria
      And they rush to write history.
      How many pollution assessments,
      When the authors do not know what to do in the sense of depopulation,
      That’s why the Policolor vapors gather in poisonous clouds
      And our airways.
      That’s why not only criminals, but also informants
      They do much better than farmers.
      Babylon lives, it’s nothing metaphorical
      It’s a draconian system and it spoils the value system.

      [CHORUS X2]
      Fears of deaf mermaids and cunning hyenas
      It leaves people with marks in their souls and veins.
      Babylon is eternal uncle, modern hell
      What is not created by the government, it creates governments.

      Genocide in Yugoslavia, slavery in China,

      Slaughter in Tibet, abuses in Palestine,
      The United States has taken Iraq and gasoline is in the air
      Plus Afghanistan and it’s in the air h *****.
      Yes, and so it was still missing from under the nose c ***** a
      And now I blame everyone when they blow the whistle.
      They’re still unhappy with how their car is pulling
      Only the Federal Reserve is pulling our curtains.
      When the fuses are fired and the bullets hiss
      No matter how much your cramps hold you, run as long as your legs hold.
      Death comes through the pipeline with oil
      And they have control over everything the basement has given us.
      And I give you whatever you want as long as you pay
      Even if you have grotesque desires, you can find everything you want,
      But he who loves God also honors his creation;
      That’s about it.
      They tend to educate the population when landmarks are bad
      And trouble is thick when you have bad models
      They make you think super models are chaste
      To give in to the children who give frustrated keys.
      They said it was nationalism and turned it into an occult,
      They said it was communism, and that was populism,
      They said it was capitalism and it was cannibalism,
      Whatever paradise they promised, they omitted the truth.
      Put it in your head!

      [CHORUS X2]
      Fears of deaf mermaids and cunning hyenas
      It leaves people with marks in their souls and veins.
      Babylon is eternal uncle, modern hell
      What is not created by the government, it creates governments.

  1. Trump said Pence “did not have the courage” to break the law……show him you do have the courage to enforce the law!,

    1. @Rush Blue oh that got Kool-Aid they’re drinking the Jim Jones Kool-Aid from Donald Trump y’all got to stop drinking the Kool-Aid

    2. @MEXICAN INVASION another lie from the tooth fairy. Can you see me through the internet? What part of the Las Vegas strip do you do your palm reading?

    3. @David Adams spit another excuse for your boy losing. You have used the left, BLM, and some other crap about Portland. All of these things don’t have anything to do with the terrorist attack on the Capitol building because you’re sore losers. Kmsl

  2. They move fast when it’s their agenda they are taking care of.
    But all the hurting Americans are good to go with 600…

    1. @Randy Bell First we can raise taxes then we can cut defense by $300 billion a year. We’ll be fine as long as we do those 2 things.

  3. “The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution. ”
    -Thomas Jefferson

    1. @Abel Jr So nasty, an extreme over reaction to a comment about a man not being mentally ill, let’s just agree that I’m not a Biden fan and you can stop yelling at me

    2. @Bestial Devastation 666 hold on, let me check your daddy Biden but whole. Yep, there’s 1 thumbs up in there from you, LOL

    1. You’d need a job first. Besides that this is not the only thing going on in the capitol. They don’t just go home after a session.

    2. Diamante, that is easy…..apply for a job as a congressman. They are hiring at the Capitol…..must be qualify.

    3. Plus slush funds, per diem, paid vacations, and insider trading.
      No wonder they stay for 50 years.
      If we don’t implement term limits, we will continue to bank roll these criminals.
      This isn’t right.

    1. The democrats win either way. If the R’s vote against it, they will be looked at in the future as traitors and bad politicians and most likely get voted out hopefully.

    2. Unless of course if one of the SCOTUS justices happen to drop dead in the next few days, then see how fast McConnell would get the senate back to confirm someone.

    1. @John Galt009 Go ahead and Belittle me some more… Please! So easy to get you libtards going. Have a nice day!

    2. @Randy Bell do you say that because you intend on committing acts of violence against democratic politicians/voters?

      Also, why are trump supporters so violent and emotional?

    1. after trump inciting a riot who were calling for his death he just might. He’s done politically either way

    2. Trump put him danger and then didn’t even have the inclination to call and check on his safety! And yet Pence still won’t invoke the 25th!!!! Unbelievable!

    1. @TONY ALLEN FELTON Mercury is in vaccines BECAUSE its a disinfectant. They treat cancer patients with ozone injections why? Ozone is a disinfectant. You dems were the only ones so dumb you thought Lysol was the only disinfectant and that’s what trump was talking about injecting, and so arrogant about your ignorance you ridiculed people for knowing stuff you guys didn’t know. All this from the party of “science” aka don’t look into any science just trust the “experts” who tell you forget about vitamins and minerals just wear an old sock over your face

    2. @Jug Ganautics yada yada yada. Trump SQUASHED the knowledge of the virus because the PIG WHINED THAT HE DIDN’T WANT TO PANIC THE PEOPLEEEEE. WHAT A BEEOTCH!!!

  4. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within.”- Abraham Lincoln

    1. Lincoln did that, while talking like he wasn’t. The original American Gaslighter, murderer of American women and children.

    2. @Jimmy Kouba Aw, you’re welcome. Even though I’m DC girl, I do like Marvel and I love Stan Lee. I thank him for the character Venom. Love the comics.

      Keep on smiling, Jimmy! (Accidentally put John first, haha sorry!) I know it’s really hard lately and trust me, I understand. Laughter is the best medicine and I’m happy to have provided that.

  5. “If we’re wrong, we will be made fools of, but if we’re right a lot of them will go to jail,” Mr. Giuliani said. “Let’s have trial by combat.

    1. @Nancy Davieau NAAA I DON’T THINK SO he is being formally acused for dishonor of profesion he have been excluded from NYLB LIST SHAME ON HIM

  6. And let’s not forget it was a failed insurrection. The founding fathers would have lynched or beheaded such traitors back in the day. And they’re crying about what, a little pepper spray? Please.

    1. @Unequivocally Nik. They don’t want unity unless it benefits them, and they never reciprocate. If you like getting used fine. While you’re sitting here talking unity. They’ll just laugh at you and take everything they can, run that same game on the next generation of black females. Their people will prosper, and yours will be in chaos. Classic case of pimping and ho-ing.

    2. @makkeast Okay so elaborate, give specific details about what issues Black Americans face and what we should do about all of them. I’m sure many would love to know including myself, thanks.

    3. @Unequivocally Nik. If you don’t know by now, you might be part of the problem. If I waste time by going into detail, I doubt if you all take heed, because you’re under the impression that we somehow need them. If you’re black in america, how is it you don’t what are our biggest issues?

    4. @makkeast So you reply all of that and the minute I ask you to elaborate, you completely backtrack and give NOTHING. That’s the problem, some people love to criticize and when asked they give nothing substantial to enlighten others. You’re so adamant about telling African Americans what they should do, so yes go into full detail. I observed your opinion, but if you can’t reply what I’ve asked we’ll agree to disagree and keep it moving. Take care

    5. @Unequivocally Nik. We need to do our part to replace the system of white supremacy with a system of justice. I don’t appreciate your condescending attitude, about me keeping it moving because I don’t take you serious. Asking me questions you already know the answer to.

  7. Time to put children’s locks on! They’ve been saying he’s learned his lesson since his 1st impeachment. No more!

    1. @Randy Bell who Biden? Because they are going to ban Trump from ever being able to hold office again president or even King of turd town!

    1. Oh. But wait, you all don’t want to live in a socialist state! All anti socialists would oppose any sort of hand out!!!

  8. Dana’s analogy of how many more hot stoves before he gets locked out of the kitchen and Abby’s ‘rotting limb’ is spot on.

  9. imagine if pence had morals and cared about what the history books will say about him
    HAHAHAHA he won’t do it smh

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