Keilar: GOP ignored their own warnings about Trump 1

Keilar: GOP ignored their own warnings about Trump


CNN's Brianna Keilar calls out Republicans for warning Americans about President Trump, then choosing to ignore his "uniquely troubling nature" and ultimately end up either supporting him or working under his administration.

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  1. I’m no medical expert but these Republican ” leaders” are proof you don’t need a spine to walk upright

    1. @bulldawg900 The world government, it’s a big cancer, it’s clear.
      They poison us slowly with propaganda and food,
      That ignorance is the raw material for legal business
      And hold you down no matter how hard you pull.
      Pesticides, leave whole hectares arid
      So they give us sleeping pills so they don’t shake us.
      Over gas emissions leading to acid rain
      They have every interest in keeping us legal.
      Both major news agencies are theirs
      And even so, I’m worried about what I see on TV:
      From the Persian Gulf War to the bombings,
      The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and others caused.
      Like the earthquake in Haiti
      Where I saw the invaders driving the rescue cars.
      The hunger for glory leads leaders to euphoria
      And they rush to write history.
      How many pollution assessments,
      When the authors do not know what to do in the sense of depopulation,
      That’s why the Policolor vapors gather in poisonous clouds
      And our airways.
      That’s why not only criminals, but also informants
      They do much better than farmers.
      Babylon lives, it’s nothing metaphorical
      It’s a draconian system and it spoils the value system.

      [CHORUS X2]
      Fears of deaf mermaids and cunning hyenas
      It leaves people with marks in their souls and veins.
      Babylon is eternal uncle, modern hell
      What is not created by the government, it creates governments.

      Genocide in Yugoslavia, slavery in China,

      Slaughter in Tibet, abuses in Palestine,
      The United States has taken Iraq and gasoline is in the air
      Plus Afghanistan and it’s in the air h *****.
      Yes, and so it was still missing from under the nose c ***** a
      And now I blame everyone when they blow the whistle.
      They’re still unhappy with how their car is pulling
      Only the Federal Reserve is pulling our curtains.
      When the fuses are fired and the bullets hiss
      No matter how much your cramps hold you, run as long as your legs hold.
      Death comes through the pipeline with oil
      And they have control over everything the basement has given us.
      And I give you whatever you want as long as you pay
      Even if you have grotesque desires, you can find everything you want,
      But he who loves God also honors his creation;
      That’s about it.
      They tend to educate the population when landmarks are bad
      And trouble is thick when you have bad models
      They make you think super models are chaste
      To give in to the children who give frustrated keys.
      They said it was nationalism and turned it into an occult,
      They said it was communism, and that was populism,
      They said it was capitalism and it was cannibalism,
      Whatever paradise they promised, they omitted the truth.
      Put it in your head!

      [CHORUS X2]
      Fears of deaf mermaids and cunning hyenas
      It leaves people with marks in their souls and veins.
      Babylon is eternal uncle, modern hell
      What is not created by the government, it creates governments.

  2. He is them. They accused him of being a racist but then he became their racist and then they closed ranks around him.

    1. @Michael Gabs The more you speak about the end times the faster it will come. Tread lightly even the faithful tend the fields.

    2. @boredom2go
      Mexicans, Chinese, anybody living in shithole countries as he calls them, Muslims, native Americans, Black Americans. The list goes on and on. The thing is that trump hates everybody but himself.

    1. @ademoiselle remember what happened to Jeff sessions in Alabama? He got out in the primaries. Same thing can happen to Romney. A trumplican can win the primary against him. So No, I don’t think he is safe!

  3. “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”
    Desmond Tutu

    1. @Anita Schuloff That’s too much like, “If you’re not with us you’re against us.” Being a metal head I love the expression. But I think that’s what needs changed. Not everyone needs to see things from the exact same stand point, otherwise no one progresses. I also like, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” This i told to an acquaintance who said he was voting for Jo Jorgenson. Said that right after i said, “There’s a wasted vote.”

    1. They didn’t forget, they just decided to adopt Trump’s favorite tactic, gaslighting the American people. The current GOP are the worse sort of deplorables. I don’t like or agree with Romney’s politics or his tendency to mix religion and govt but I respect him. He’s the only GOP I respect, anymore.

  4. “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.” – Teddy Roosevelt

    1. Country is manipulated by Dems and Media. Those who are pretending to be Angels are the true Devils. Trump shows what really he is and people like him for being true to the people. Devils are those Dems trying to control and use their power to manipulate social media to execute their plans and motive to favor things to them.

    2. How many Trump supporters are going to ignorantly attempt to spew some nonsense without realizing the point of the comment? Come back to reality or stay out of the comments.

    3. @Ron Yes, because private companies censoring the content that has led to a literal coup attempt is just so manipulative. If Democrats had a hold on the media, you would definitely not be here typing nonsense.

  5. “He knows nothing; and he thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career.”
    ― George Bernard Shaw

    1. How did Trump became Pres.He dont deserve it . It was very embarrassing all over the world. Isnt before applying to be candidate for Pres esp. They have to examine their brain if they’re fit to that job its ashamed he dont understand the meaning the word LOST.

    1. one of the if not the best; her reporting is always simple and straight to the point based on truths and facts with devastating effects

  6. “I never thought leopards would eat MY face!”
    – sobs congressman who emboldened leopards for the ‘Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party’.

  7. Yeah, Mitt Romney seems to be the only one who remembers what morals and principles mean.
    Too bad he didn’t get the nomination over Dump

    1. @Joe BealYou may tell your Mormon relatives who wish him excommunicated that, fortunately, to the rest of us, that doesn’t matter. There are enough number of other faiths to whom principles, the one the rest of us know and value, still mean something.

      There are instances where it becomes evident that principles may have less to do with religious affiliation than with upbringing and education.

    2. The party of Hillary and Bill, Mayor Daley, the Long Bros, and every single Me-too perpetrator is lecturing us about morals and principles? There is BS on both sides. Hillary created Trump. CNN gave her the echo chamber to do it. Hate filled rhetoric has been coming from both sides equally for a long time.

    3. Mitt thinks native Americans are descended from Jews.A Fundamental belief of the Mormon religion.From the book of Mormon.Native Americans are all descended from a Jew named Lamin.To this day they refer to Native Americans as Laminites.And you want this guy to be President ?Grow the fook up.

    1. Only Republican Senator to vote for Impeachment… twice. (Assuming they impeach Trump again.)
      A true badge of honor.

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