House committee receives Trump’s federal tax returns from IRS

The House Ways and Means Committee now has six years of Donald Trump’s federal tax returns, ending a yearslong pursuit by Democrats to dig into one of the former president’s most closely guarded personal details.
“Treasury has complied with last week’s court decision,” a Treasury spokesperson told CNN on Wednesday.
The spokesperson did not provide any additional information. Federal courts had decided the House could request six years of Trump’s returns, after the committee had requested them in 2019 and again in 2021, according to public court records. CNN's Jessica Schneider reports.

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  1. Donnie’s attorneys spent so much time in the same courtroom they named a park bench after him. The bench sued for defamation.

    1. All the various buildings and organizations named after him should file a class action suit against him on those grounds.

    2. I haven’t laughed all day until I heard this guy say trump said he’s being prosecuted because he’s a Christian 😂😂..We’ve not once seen the presidential motorcade being excoriated to a church since he’s been president

    1. @platterjockey yes they will, by anonymous sources of course and no one will bat an eyelash.. And and, if you question it you’ll be a fascist, right wing deplorable lmfao 🤣 ssdd

    2. @Ow3 Wells yes that’s exactly what was said, there’s a YT short re-running right now featuring exactly that.

    1. @Wooster Yup if by thr grace of God if he gets BEATS18 U.S.C S 1924( highly unlike ) it’d be even more ironic if he goes down like Al Capone…..the cheat that he is and i know id be sweating bullet as Weisselberg testifies lol 26 U.S.C S 7206 . lol

    2. @Melanin Magdalene Ok Rudy you guys have been parading that thing around since Rudy rushed back to the White House with it after trying to soil a reputable ambassador to Ukraine…time to put up or shut up…if theyre crimes no ones above the law and no way does a stupid insignificant laptop , more important that a seditious president running off with our nations secrets? Or compare to the amount of fraud being presented in NY? Private citizens crime compared to a former president now private citizen with several investigations going on….i guess youre not reading the court transcripts and i will definitely be looking forward to reading the court transcripts if hunters laptop …. ever goes anywhere unlike the last two republican so called investigations 1 bill clintons blow job in the w.h and the go no where bengazi specticle. lol Your logic does not compute lol We were close to becoming another banana republic autocracy and your worried about a laptop thank you for sharing what goes on in the mind of Maga Trumper. lol Just WoW! lol

    3. @Melanin Magdalene You’s guy’s hear dis comical BS…..🤣🤣its why i love going on far reich media platforms and media outlets….you guys really believe the BS they feed you so you dummies can keep giving them your money for these bogus scams they sucker you with and then get busted on that….wheres the wall??? wheres the money for the fighting voter fraud / stolen election??? i know hes putting what lil money you all gave for his defense lawyers in all his open cases and some he stashed incase you all dont erupt with violence in the streets….hes gonna flee to Russia , watch lol Hes aging very badly and the butt of joke local and global….remember the U.N summit? lol i do lol

    4. @Vintage Pyro Yeah no wonder theres an increase in UFO’S , lets go see the stupid primitive humans at the cosmic zoo. who would want to come here to the toilet of the universe? huh ? lol
      Our extinction is inevitable,Whedn you come to terms with that , then you will just sit back and enjoy the ride.Why get upset , we had our chances and pissed them away as a species. So relax. lol

    1. ● ter·ror·ism ● the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

      Democrats (all of 2019 and 2020 in over 140 Innocent American cities) and Republicans (Jan06/2021) are rioting domestic terrorist organizations.
      They commit and support mass shootings, bombings and rioting which terrorize the innocent 110 million REAL AMERICANS who are not registered in your domestic terrorist groups.
      As an American, I refuse to negotiate or participate with you domestic political terrorists. I will not listen or follow anything any Democrat or Republican says to do. I will not listen to any government organization controlled by these domestic political terrorist groups. I will not fund your terrorist activities and domestic war with taxes.

      Glad I am not a registered democrat or republican mentally ill terrorist traitor and 1 of 110 MILLION REAL AMERICANS in this country.

    2. @Andrew E … and for consistently losing so much money year after year that his losses are the biggest of an individual in IRS history? Does that make him a genius businessman, or just a grifter running a giant ponzi scheme? Living on credit extended by the Russian mafia and Saudi princes.

  2. I think a fundamental question that should be answered is how long it has taken the IRS to complete the audit if TFG. If there’s any crimes committed (how in the HELL does a billionaire pay less in taxes than the average senior citizen on social security?), there’s probably a statute of limitations on how long he can be charged.

    1. There probably no statute of limitations ……since trump has been doing it every year …..even recently.

    2. Trump has now set precedence for every corrupt politician in Washington. This is all by design. Enjoy the show!

  3. Trump could start a new baseball team..”The Tax Dodgers”..named after him? Or the “Red Sucks” match his MAGA cap?

  4. So the excuses are rolling in. Of course there is little, if effectively no time to properly examine the figures – but there must be some glaring anomalies that a student accountant can recognise. Unfortunately, it seems more likely the US system is covering up for the rich and powerful as it always has done.

    1. yes because no account or anyone is the fucking government has anything better to do than to look at a rich guys taxes because they don’t agree with his politics

    1. Which news organization is going to leak info that proves they’ve been lying to the world about Trump for years?

  5. Regardless of how it ends, when the NY AG investigation is done with his previous tax returns, they will be made publicly available. If enough people want them bad enough, it is only a matter of time. Especially if they get used in court.

    1. And when they reveal no crimes guess what will happen. Democrats will ignore the evidence and keep parroting the the tax lie, same thing they did with the Russian collusion hoax.

    2. @Matt 88 No Crime!? Can you honestly look at yourself in the mirror and say with a straight face “Donald J Trump does not cheat on his taxes.” because guess what, Tax Fraud is a crime and if there is one thing you do not do to the US government it is mess with their money because they will do whatever is necessary to get it back.

  6. Gets sticky when anyone from Congress starts looking at someone else’s taxes as most member’s of Congress are crooked when filing taxes. Be careful what you release. 😂😂

    1. Hammer K * Where’s your supporting documentation for what you say? Do you have any names of Congress members for tax evasion.

  7. It’s about time! Given his history with how he’s dealt with everything else you know damn well that he’s cheated on his taxes! It’s who he is…😡

  8. I’d rather see the tax return of a civil servant that became a millionaire while in office then the tax return of a billionaire who became a Civil servant
    It’s time for the tax return of every politician to go public yearly 😏

    1. You need to understand “then” and “than” are two different words lmao. But more importantly I want to have both, people who are corrupt should be punished. Regardless of whether they are Trump or a civil servant.

    2. That’s exactly what Trump has in mind. What better person to set precedence than the man who has been persecuted since he announced his run. There’s now nowhere to hide for anyone.

    3. A million is not that much money. If you made $175,000 over a ten year span I’d consider most of them if they were somewhat smart with money to be the same. It’s called investing, buying real estate. Explain to me how I make $70,000 a year but am worth over half a million. Well that’s the case you just made for every politican. Like I said your comparing apples to oranges here.

  9. Since 1977 the Internal Revenue Manual has required that every tax return filed by a sitting president or vice president be subject to an audit.

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