House Ethics Committee Launches Investigation Into Matt Gaetz | The ReidOut | MSNBC

House Ethics Committee Launches Investigation Into Matt Gaetz | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1


  1. These allegations have a domino effect as people are jumping ship on this creep. If Bill Cosby went to prison then he should too. Nobody’s above the law

    1. Actually, these aren’t objective reports. One aide:

      “The former Gaetz aide said he knows nothing specific about the investigation and had never heard of Greenberg prior to last week’s reports. But the “baseless claim” that prompted the FBI to approach him “leaves me further convinced” that the allegations against Gaetz “are likewise fabricated,” Nelson said.

      Another aide Luke Ball: retweets defense of female in Gatez company when she’s stereotypically is implied to be a “call girl” in an article by Johan Goldberg

      Tweet by Rachel Bovard “Jonah Goldberg calls Matt Gaetz a sleaze by comparing Gaetz’s female Capitol Hill staff to prostitutes. Without a trace of irony.”

      I wouldn’t think an aide that believes the reports (hence why he quit) would retweet people defending Gatez.

      Personally, if I were y’all, I would wait until the investigation is complete to come to a conclusion or look into these former aides and how they are acting today.

    2. Except Bill Cosby was railroaded! White women chased that dude and brought him drugs and whatever he wanted if he’d do them. Then, with offers of money and fame they turned it all around 40 years later when it’s impossible to prove his innocence. There really should be a statute…

    1. @joe kim No evidence has been brought forth to indicate that these allegations are in any way false. The only evidence anyone seems to be able to bring up to deny these allegations is that since Matt Gaetz supports Trump, Matt Gaetz can do no wrong. That somehow, only the morally right, just, and pure can ever possibly support Donald Trump, and that a morally corrupt man would never support Trump for selfish reasons. Go figure.

    2. @joe kim The back and forth Venmo’s is definitely evidence, especially since those same payments have already been used to indict his buddy, Greenburg.

    1. @1984 THEBEGINING The Mueller report provided plenty of proof. Your overwhelming stupidity keeps you from accepting that fact.

    2. @Love Junkie Hmmm, you’re not sincere about that, Hunter is 50 years old an addict, and he’s fair game because he had a gun, and his hypocrite father is trying to take other people’s guns and cover for his troubled, spoiled son, if this was Don Jr. , Eric, Ivanka ,or any of the Trump children , you’d be singing a completely different tune, so save it about Hunter, is not a politician, it doesn’t fly North , South or anywhere this season.

    3. @Jacob Lee I agree; especially considering how many Trumpists are still in the DOJ, the fact he’s under investigation must mean there is significant evidence.

    4. @Ash Roskell Good one; Bill Barr is a hyper-partisan and utterly corrupt hack; if he couldn’t sweep this under the rug you know it’s bad for Gaetz.

    5. @Walter Simmons Gaetz stands credibly accused; your hysterical and childish denials won’t change that. The evidence will be presented in trial, not that your side has EVER cared about reality, truth, facts or science.
      You can’t help it though, you’re a coward and can’t face reality; pathetic.

  2. I hope Roger Stone gets dragged down into this quagmire (giggity) for something that wasn’t included in his prior pardon.

    1. There’s always something to charge Roger Stone for. That man commits felonies like most people breath.

    2. We’ll see if slime ball Gaetz flips when looking at mandatory 10 yrs in an eight by four luxury cell.

    3. Roger Stone has been behind almost every dirty DC deal since Nixon, and NEEDS to go down in the worst way. Watch “Get Me Roger Stone” on Netflix for some real eye opening information. 😳🤬

      Am I the only one thinking and hoping this whole trafficking mess is going to lead straight to the Orange Menace like the whole Epstein thing did? I mean, he had to find his pipeline to younger girls another way after Epstein got snagged and Baby Gaetz is all too eager to get at the tRump teat for just a smidge of attention….🧐🤔🤷‍♀️

  3. “Hey Joel” ..”I KNow its 2 a.m. (sorry)” …”I’m returning your $900. ” ” They no long make Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Gradunzas ” , ” They’ve Been Cancelled” …” Luvya , Matt” 🥳

  4. QAnon suddenly be like… “Well, you can’t believe everything you see in the internet”.🤣

    1. @7thpilot You are subscribed to OAN. You’re so borderline schizophrenic you probably have nobody left in your life that talks to you. How many family and friends walked away from you? Be honest.

    2. @7thpilot WTH would you know about Truth you imbecile?? Ya believe EVERYTHING you’ve been told and it’s been proven to be BS!!

    3. @Chas Murphy they aren’t hoping anything dude this isn’t a Democrat thing this is something Matt gaetz is involved with smh 🤦‍♂️

    4. Q-anon went after to wrong party they should have focused their conspiracy BS on the Republicans.

    1. Matt will tell on all of those other reps that were on that trip You see what he did to Tucker Carlson making it look like he was with him on a date with that young girl on TV in front of Fox News

  5. 🤔. Adam Kinzinger I’m sure was just snickering gleefully as he wrote that tweet telling Gaetz to resign 😁.

    1. @Diana Hulstine The terrorists who attacked the capitol now blame Trump for tricking them into doing it.

    2. @Jack Boot : Really? The, “I believed my president,” defence may not go too well? The judge might ask, “How old are you?” 🤷‍♂️

    3. @My Tale
      Well Trump did call on them to come to Washington. It’s not called Cult 45 for no good reason.

  6. Finally! I don’t hold out much hope for any justice from the House Ethics Committee, though. When it’s one of their own, the GQP will excuse any crime.

    1. @roger rives So it’s a two tier” justice for some” mentality as always with you, LEFT OVER LEFTIST, Swallwell gets a pass, but Gaetz, in your book is guilty, without evidence or due process, CASE DISMISSED !!! Lets see what excuse is made if liberals pack the courts.

    2. @Walter Simmons
      No other politician living or dead, foreign or domestic, has done more damage to U.S. society than Joe McCarthy. You people don’t even realise anymore that you are extremists. At least that’s what people are called in absolutely every other nation when they call their political opponents “demonrats”. You are rabid.

    3. @roger rives Somebody with a name like “Roger Rives” calling somebody stupid?, Oh well, MAGA ,AMERICA FIRST, KAG, and DRAIN THAT SWAMP. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 , Uh, its here to stay.

  7. *Roy Moore:* I’m the creepiest Republican in America!
    *Matt Gaetz:* Hold my beer…
    *Brett Kavanaugh:* Did someone say beer! I’ll call PJ and Squee and we’ll go “wrestle” some girls.
    *Gym Jordan:* Wrestle? I’ll pretend I didn’t see/hear that.

    1. @Honkytonkified sad but true! “Deplorables and the Puppet” sounds like a movie in the making lol

  8. They now call it Women For America First. Only the name has changed. They used to be called Stepford Wives!

    1. It’s a grassroots organization that, while it has some actual brainwashed members, it’s run, funded and headed by a bunch of old white guys. Any women you see in “leadership” are usually puppets.

  9. I’m so cross that I didn’t launch my new PR firm yesterday. Paedophile Relations Inc. hopes to become the number one agency in representing this significant demographic.

  10. I don’t understand what took them so long to launch an ethics investigation on Gaetz? There has never been anything ethical about Gaetz.

    1. @Brandy Courvoisier I feel like OG Bubba McLifer doesn’t say all that, he just smirks to reveal a half green tooth, nods to the guard saying “thanks boss”…followed by him telling Gaetz to “be a sweetheart and hang that sheet up on the bars for daddy”.

      The subtlety of saying one thing and doing another is more Gaetz style.

    2. And he isn’t the only legislator devoid of ethics. It’s time for all democratic countries to legislate a code of ethics for those holding office and hold them to it.

    3. I would guess trump administration lost it. Put it away to have it overlooked?
      Gates shouldn’t have gone after Liz Cheney. Daddy has connections and my guess is he helped to find this lost report by Barr on Gaetz? Just a guess. 😉

    4. the GoP uses dems holding them accountable to drive their own voter turn out, and it works. so the dems rarely move until they know they have a slam dunk anymore.
      it’s the same approach with the right calling everyone fake woke when they call them out, they try hard to make people scared to call out bad behavior, and unfortunately it seems to be working.

  11. Matt Gaetz (sounding increasingly desperate): She wasn’t a minor, she was a miner and it was fully consensual…

  12. The longer it takes for them to come out with charges the worse it’s goin to be. So take your time DOJ and get it all. It took them six months to come up with 33 charges for the other guy.

    1. I agree. In the meantime let’s all take notes on how the Republicans behaved:
      1. Doubling down on the denials
      2. Denial combined with the pure evil of trying to blame the left somehow
      3. Fund raising by playing the victim even though he’s the perpetrator.
      4. Whataboutism, distraction and deflection.
      This is their standard playbook, they are evil and cannot be trusted.

    2. The other guy isn’t the sitting Incompetent President now. That’s why he wanted to stay in Office.

    3. And the longer you make him sweat, the longer he will lie, leading to more charges over time 🙏

  13. When I hear someone in his office quit over reasons of conscience it makes me wonder what they thought of this guy’s behavior before all of this.

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