House Intel Member: New Parnas Documents ‘Require Another Investigation’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

House Intel Member: New Parnas Documents ‘Require Another Investigation’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


    1. @Kaleb Williams yes I do. 😀 POTUS 2020 will be your only salvation, if not I’m sure you will be celebrating naked in the streets…so hold on to it… your dream may come true.

    1. @Tribegal ooh the deep state conspiracy theory do you idiots ever get tired of chasing conspiracy theories

    2. ​@Tribegal Nah that’s just more made up nonsense to titillate the tiny diseased minds of conspiracy theorists like you, hows that “lock her up” thing working out for you?

    1. @Tribegal I can understand your loyalty to the president. It’s your right. The issue I have with your narrative is your phrase “duly elected president” he essentially got elected by an outdated process. He failed the popular vote. He knows this and does everything possible to downplay it. Trump had assistance from Russia interfering in the election and is still counting on Russia for aid in 2020. I have respect for the office, but it’s a stretch to respect the man in the office.

    2. @Dr Leo the economy isn’t based on stock market. If you have a stock portfolio it may seem great, but that’s only because your numbers look good at this moment. Hes taking credit for work he didn’t do. Golf play days don’t create jobs.

    3. @Tommy D *”Russian anti American president.”*
      Trump is improving liberals live daily. He has done more for US than any prez in 60yrs. Imagine how depressesed this country would be if a Bilderberg Liberal like H. Clinton were prez? It’d be a death sentence, by design, for Americans… NWO wants us to fail so we will rely on them. Buy a clue…

  1. It’s clear that Trump, Rudy, Pompeo, and Mulvaney, intentionally put the life of a US Ambassador in danger. And they did because she was in the way of Trump’s bribery scheme. Not only should Trump be impeached, they should all be imprisoned.

    1. Moscow kkk member stephen wedderburn, you demoKKKrats are projecting your crimes against humanity on everyone, even other demoKKKrats.

    2. Moscow kkk member Ray Davis, the buisness man, your President, President Trump. He is the absolute best head of state civilization has ever had.

    1. @Don’t SSleep
      What is already on the record can be presented during the trial. If Moscow Mitch tries to obstruct even this, he’ll end up in prison when Sanders is president.

    1. Who’s going to arrest him? AG Barr?? haha. There’s no one left. It’s only his own people. Everyone else quit or was fired.

  2. The Republicans better give the head of Trump to the American people….the people is demanding it….Trump is unfit to lead them….if they don’t, they will sees to exist.😥

    1. *cease
      And, I agree. This will have long-term consequences for their party. They are selling the future of their party for their own personal benefits. They’d better start supporting country over party before they burn their party to the ground.

    2. I disagree. I am one of the 63 million that voted for him. We outnumber you and will not concede. We will elect him in greater numbers and take over the house and fundamentally change America.

    3. @BuildingwithTrees Trump didn’t win the popular vote “Trump got 46.1 percent of the votes, while Clinton nabbed 48.2 percent”..

    4. @M John what’s your point? Trump won the most states, that’s how elections work. And not to worry, we will win the poplular vote this time around. You have the lamest bunch of old billionaire white men to choose from. You all should’ve picked a trans black female as your candidate to make you justify voting haha!

  3. America’s Ambassadors serving overseas at our embassies aren’t under threat from Iran, but they could very well be under imminent threat from our own sitting President. Let that sink in for a moment. Ambassador Yovanovitch should sue Trump, Rudy, and everyone who was involved in putting her very life in danger, and for having her removed from her posting in Ukraine.

    1. And the ambassador murder under Obama and Clinton? Where were you then?
      Let me guess. You were either a child and didn’t understand what happened or are uneducated on history.

    1. Moscow kkk member Mark Aguilar, good thing we have electoral college.

      You will vote for President Trump, like it or not.

  4. Chilling, our own ambassador being protected from the WH administration. What do we have to do to remove Trump, Barr, Pompeo, Pence and everyone connected. Unbelievable.

    1. We must have a fair Senate TRIAL & at least 4 REPUBLICAN’S are willing to cross the aisle & VOTE to REMOVE the cancer that is trump.

    2. @April Jones-Foston 4 is the number needed for witnesses. It takes 67 total senators to remove him, and there’s like, 48 guaranteed votes. So it’s likely 19 that’s the magic number.

    3. We the People have a responsibility and say in this: We can raise the Voice of the People by calling the offices of our reps, along with our, “reps,” to convey our stance on impeachment and a fair trial with documents and witnesses, action to remove those who are not upholding their oaths of office. We make our Voice relentless by sheer number when we ask our friends and families to do the same. We can use the individual DC phone numbers, the individual home state office numbers, or the main Congressional numbers US Senate 202-225-3121, US House 202-224-3121.

  5. The trump administration is without doubt a criminal organisation……a joke and embarrassment for the USA.
    When is enough… enough??
    Lock them all up!

  6. We don’t need four senators. We need to send in the law and get the documents. Then throw them all in jail.

    1. @52 80 Nah, I clearly saw it. She was a bad choice. And yet, I still voted for her, because I knew and know the alternative was way worse. And lookey: he’s proved my instincts were correct! He’s every bit the crooked POS I imagined he is…

    2. @Babba Ganoush I realize Trump is a Zionist puppet, but name one who isn’t? Regardless, Trump is doing what needed to be done. H.Clinton would have blatantly given the US to Bilderbergers. A fate worse than death.

    1. @Alegría Sonríe Yes Trump may win. But who will believe he won fairly? Only his base and never any others. There is a lot that can happen in a month, never mind five years. If 20% of consumers dropped consumption by 20% for 6 months, what would happen?

    2. @Alegría Sonríe Oh please? Oh Please? Did you not hear Marie Ivanovich? A brave, clever, honest, hardworking American public servant? Oh Please!

    3. @Alegría Sonríe whenever anyone disagrees with a 45Fake follower the follower accuses them of ‘hate’! “Hate”? Waste such a strong emotion on such a mediocre, unintelligent, dishonest Nobody like 45Fake? Rahahaha. Contempt? Yes. “Hate”? Nope! “God Bless You?” Hypocrite! 45Fake 2020 – 20 years for 20 crimes.

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