House Majority Whip: Biden ‘Has A Big Reservoir’ Of Diverse Judges For Possible SCOTUS Nominee 1

House Majority Whip: Biden ‘Has A Big Reservoir’ Of Diverse Judges For Possible SCOTUS Nominee


Rep. James Clyburn, who pushed Biden to commit to nominating the first Black woman to the Supreme Court during the campaign, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Biden’s first round of “outstanding” diverse judicial picks to reshape the courts and how Biden is positioned to fulfill that promise if a Supreme Court seat opens up: “One of the best ways to have the backs of the Black community in this country is to have a Supreme Court that is diversified, have a judiciary that is diversified.” Aired on 04/01/2021.
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House Majority Whip: Biden ‘Has A Big Reservoir’ Of Diverse Judges For Possible SCOTUS Nominee


    1. @Freedom Bow-ner no because it’s simply not true, why are you deflecting , meanwhile January 6th really happened. Why don’t you try to answer for that

    1. Tryna get Justice Stephens to retire now, reminding him that many tried to get Ginsberg to retire in Obama’s first term and RBG assured everyone that she understood the importance of keeping the seat.

    2. Kennedy retiring and Dems want to court pack which is not the right answer either. SCOTUS needs more than 9 judges to keep it from being a corrupt political body. We have seen how Congress is NO longer for the people & remember SCOTUS is tenured for life so they are supposed to be less susceptible to coercion & corruption by one party over the other. Congress has failed the public & SCOTUS will too if the people are NOT the ones voting them in. Congress can increase the # of judges at anytime, but one party should NOT be the president choosing them.

    1. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 it’s easy to talk like that if you’ve never been at disadvantage of being black. Nobody is obsessed with race. We’re just obsessed with equality, the same right that white people have. The right to breath, to vote, to earn education. Is the most basic human thing and yet people like you still question it


    3. @povi fransiska stop playing the game they want you to play povi. It makes you look weak. Don’t you remember what happened last summer when blm came here to Chicago? REAL black leaders kicked them out and told them not to come back. You know what you need? Is one of these older black men or women to spit the truth to you. THEY were disadvantaged, not you. Ya need to grow up and stop playin this “poor me” card.

  1. It’s not about qualifications, you have to have the right skin color! Democrats just call everything they don’t agree with racist, it used to have to do with judging someone by their skin color but Democrats just changed it to be anything they don’t agree with!

  2. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this.

  3. Representative James Clyburn you are a treasure to this Nation I have admired you for years and I hope you continue on In The Same Spirit the John Lewis did and a lot of your other colleagues because it matters now more than ever that we get this right thank you sir for your service to our country

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