House Panels Discuss Domestic Terrorism And Extremism In Military | Morning Joe | MSNBC

House panels on Wednesday debated the presence of extremism in the U.S. Military and the rise of domestic terrorism. Reps. Elissa Slotkin, D-Mich., and Adam Smith, D-Wash., join Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 03/25/2021.
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House Panels Discuss Domestic Terrorism And Extremism In Military | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. If Republicans in the House are refusing to investigate, they need to be investigated. Period. Full stop. The people who are defending insurrection must have been involved in the insurrection, or has ties to the people who did.

    1. @Lilly Anderson Thank you for proving how ignorant you are LMFAO. That “hoax” statement wasn’t about the virus you moron haha. It was about what the democrats were planning surrounding the vaccine. Please Lilly, at least try to pay attention will ya? 1.5 million/day being vaccinated injust the 1st few weeks was the max at that time since frontline workers got 1st dibs on them. Silly liberal. Why don’t you mention what biden said about restricting travel and closing the border? We both know that if ANY democrat was in charge last year, the estimates of 2 million deaths would be a reality…they fought against EVERYTHING..including Cuomo and DeBlasio…who killed 14,000 on their own!

    2. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 Biden answers questions with thoughtfulness. He doesn’t scream at the reporters, isn’t calling anyone petty childish names and doesn’t lie. He doesn’t brag and pat himself on the back either. You’re just accustomed to the former president’s limited grade school vocabulary, and childish insults and lies. tRump sweating and becoming short of breath, adderall on board speeches were full of hatred.

    3. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 My feelings are not crushed by some delusional member of tRump’s cult who spews lies.

    4. @Snaggal Frash “Republicans is living”? tRump loves the uneducated gullible easily manipulated people.

  2. I worked on fort Bragg where the 82 airborne was stationed. They openly had white supremacist homes located throughout the neighborhoods.

    1. well you were in north carolina lol, and if it was so bad and people were so afraid, why was nothing ever done? Now try living in NY, Chicago, Detroit, LA, Gary, New Orleans, or Ferguson and walk down the wrong block at night and see what happens lol.

    2. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 so your argument is if it was such a big deal they would do something about it but hey try walking down a poor neighbourhood at night?
      Best straw man argument I heard coming from a Republican in a long time 😂
      You won the internet 🏆

    3. @Shin Yagami republican? haha nah kiddo, i’m an American. Sorry that you are so afraid of white people and felt the need to pick a side of politicians and defend them no matter what, like a brainless sheep that cannot critically think for yourself. Oh well, but hey, just looking at your name, and me knowing what’s happening across the country to Asians, white people are the least of your worries HAHA.

  3. Forget politics, as you’ve come to see it, as a contest between Democrats and Republicans. Today the struggle is democracy versus oligarchy.

    1. @Jonathan Jollimore So you rather have a brain dead Zombie and a two-bit Ho..!!! TDS is deadly.!!

    1. Donald Trump is Joseph Seed, Marjorie Taylor Greene is Faith Seed, Mitch McConnell is John Seed, and the far right militias are Jacob Seed

    2. @Russian Bear Gaming And if the Church of Baby Cheesus keeps present course we’ll get New Dawn by 2024.

  4. Raising your sons and daughters on a steady diet of guns and war, then sending them off to have their minds infected with PTSD and then bringing them home and setting them loose in public creates a society of paranoid and mentally deranged people who know nothing about life other than guns and war.

    1. Believe it Joe Scarborough! We need a National Metamucil Moment, to clear the mass of poop (Republicans) that has blocked our legislative pipeline for decades……Roto-Rooter, maybe?

  5. Anywhere you pump in Fox News you get nationalism, extremism, racism …. I saw my 80 year old mother radicalised by this …..EIGHTY! So why are we surprised when we see Fox News pumped into every military facility across the world with the resulting white nationalism in the military.

    1. My pops and granndma were in their 90s : totally radicalized by 700 Club & FOX too. Drove everyone away, disowned my sister, donated all their money to GOP & extremist religious organizations

  6. The GQPs don’t want to investigate because they are getting their marching orders from Florida. If they do, the panel can’t have ones who tried to overturn the election initially, or will yell over a witness like Gym Jordan, Gatez, and Cancun like to do. They won’t let anyone talk truth or reason. Just yell

  7. Nothing new here. We were warned about Christian Nationalists in the form of the Family Research Council infiltrating the Air Force in Colorado Springs 20 years ago. Kinda amusing people are just now noticing.

  8. Problem is the GOP doesn’t think this is a big deal. They don’t care. They want to get away with it bc they’re white nationalists themselves.

    1. @Richard Batchelder Problem with the GOP is that they love themselves more than loving their country.

  9. The entire Republican Party is unified in disagreeing and disrupting anything and everything Democrat and democratic.

  10. That’s the epitome of sedition and traitors when they were in our country’s military.
    They need to be stripped of everything they received while being a veteran.
    Stripped. Strip the traitors of benefits.

  11. A bipartisan commission as Joe describes is impossible with the Republicans – they are all nut bars with an agenda.

  12. Military leadership need to reign troublemakers in. There should be zero tolerance for this type of behavior

  13. Darkness on a international level is a dangerous toy to play with, because of the eyes of the heart becoming too darken guy’s

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