Extremist Group Members Coordinated Before Capitol Riot, Prosecutors Say | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Extremist Group Members Coordinated Before Capitol Riot, Prosecutors Say | Morning Joe | MSNBC


A new court filing suggests members of extremist groups were in touch with one another before arriving in Washington for the January 6 Capitol riot. Also, riot suspects ramped up donations to Trump after his election defeat. The panel discusses. Aired on 03/25/2021.
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Extremist Group Members Coordinated Before Capitol Riot, Prosecutors Say | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. The complicit GOP Senate is once again dragging their feet on the confirmation of Ms Gupta, because they are deathly afraid of what a power-house team might reveal about them all.

    2. @Guy North and amazingly, the alt-righties are still denying outright that it was trump supporters running this show. STILL.

    3. @Guy North not only that but we mustn’t forget Ms Gupta’s public shaming of then Texas AG, John Cornyn twenty odd yrs ago!
      Cornyn is simply a vindictive partisan, misogynistic POS bigot, in other words a nominal human

  1. *Any veterans involved in this attack on capital hill should be arrested for sedition and stripped of all VA benefits.*

    1. @mateowey I would consider cutting some slack for civilians. They didn’t swear an oath to protect and defend the constitution.

    2. @Bryan Smith Yes Black Lives Matter and antifa a terrorist should serve every bit of their time in prison for a riding mower including over 200 days of summer

  2. They represent a Fascist threat. Lock them up. For as long as it takes . . . Like, forever . . . They’re not Americans.

    1. @Gerald McKencie trump probably calls them stupid suckers too as he lines his pockets with their donations

    2. @Phillip Mazza Sure racist. We will get right to giving a crap about that once important matters are resolved.

    1. Yep sad indeed whats even more funny is Trump actually put a statement out telling financial donors to send donations directly to him instead of the republican campain committees AND NONE OFTHE REPUBLICANS IN OFFICE SAID ANYTHING THEY ARE FINE WITH IT…

  3. Hmm, how did their Fuehrer Trump himself say traitors should be treated?
    Though I’d be fine with locking them up personally.

    1. @David Cohen now that you mention it, i’m pretty sure Biden signed an EO phasing out the DOJ’s use of private prisons, terminating the renewal of any contracts. what else ya got????

    2. I see Soviet Scarsborough still ignoring the border crisis because his socialist Party is in power. What happen his his so called “concern” for kids in cages??

    3. @W.E. Rob lolol Scarborough was a Republican up until 2017, then trump transformed the party away from its values and into the trash we saw on Jan 6 at the Capitol

    4. @W.E. Rob and trump was always a grifter. And y’all will always be distracted by whatever fox tries to trigger you with day after day ¯_(ツ)_/¯ whats your point lol

  4. Definitely conspiracy to commit insurrection against the US. Long prison terms will be forthcoming.

    1. Joey Martin
      yes, sure. 50 independent States. The agencies and departments under the Executive branch does all the real work for the public
      Congress just passes bills, have silly investigations and pretty much stand around doing photo opps and interviews. You would need a BIGGER number
      of people and a Nation Wide attack to have insurrection Drama Queen. The National Guard would have stopped this and ended it as fast as they ended the
      take over of Seattle once given the chance. Besides Congress can be replaced with elections or appointments. If you really want to take over the Federal Government
      you do exactly what the Democrats are trying to do. LOL

    2. Yep. Lock them up. Chanting “hang Mike Pence” in a shopping mall is sedition. Chanting it in front of a gallows erected in front of the building everyone in the world knows he’s in with an angry mob ready and able to actually turn the threat into reality crosses the line to full on treason. They’re lucky they didn’t try this 40 years ago, they’d have been lined up against a wall and shot. Now, they deserve life in prison without the possibility of parole.

    3. @Alex Hamilton You should tell your handlers that they need to increase training in American legal system, comrade. Political assassination is definitely a crime here.
      ETA: Stupidly attacking the government with no real hope of success is not a defense. To claim that it is is completely laughable. Our prisons are bursting at the seams with stupid criminals. These terrorists are simply among the stupidest.

    1. @David Brown This doesn’t exclude them from being terrorist organization. Same goes for the BLM & the Black Panthers

    2. @Seven Taylor that’s a lie the head of the FBI spoke out and said it was a big lie Antifa had nothing to do with it.

    3. @History & Politics Fan yea idk, i’m gonna go with the 400+ charged and/or incarcerated trumpers are probably the bigger threat at this point ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    4. @History & Politics Fan because you are too braindead from watching too much faux news. antifa is NOT an organization.

  5. How are they going to crowd fund trump, powell and rudy now? They’ll have to pay their lawyers right? Or do you think they’ll pull a trump and not pay them?

    1. @Trap Daddy , you wouldn’t last a day if you were treated the way they have been. I dare you! Go take some melanin, capsules get dark ,and see how you get treated. You couldn’t handle it. Pu$$. I triple dare you, but you need to know it takes a few weeks for the melanin to wear off. You’d be a curled up in a ball way before then.

    2. @Trap Daddy I’m sure that would pass for witty among your peers racist, but out here you just look stupid.

    3. @Walter Hadley Nah. If trump could have mobilized a a mob of black people he would have cleared they way for them too.

    4. @Michael Morningstar I love Black people some of my best hos are black What are you talking about you silly paint

    5. @Michael Morningstar okay keep drinking the koolaid. He and those that support him have caused BLM,and created Antifa, which stands for Anti Fascism.

  6. Not much News here really—- We want to know WHO exactly hosted the tours at the capitol the day before the insurrection and what if anything is being done about THEM?

    1. It was that Q-Anon new senator chick who got her committees stripped.. That was reported like a month ago.

    1. Ewma0480
      I am curious. Is this what the Democrats should be charged with trying to end the Filibuster, end the Electoral College, take guns away from law abiding citizens, take away freedom of speech on social media, attack businesses for not agreeing with the Leftest agenda and making them close down? I can think of more LOL I kind of compare the Democrat party of 2008 to present to a virus. It has been growing over the decades very slowly.

    2. @Alex Hamilton lol jealousy looks good on you. Not our fault members of our party didn’t try to overthrow the government

  7. Those people went to D.C. because Trump called them there and instructed it would be wild they went to Washington to await further instructions and they got those instructions to go on down to the capital and Trump would walk with them and they were to remind Pence of his duties. Trump is guilty of making this attack on the capital happen. Trump even planned this. There is no defence that Trump and his lawyers can take all of America witnessed this and Trump needs to be held accountable. America wants justice why should Trump not have to pay for his crimes???

    1. They behave like they do during football season. Except that instead of being rowdy, drunk & destructive, they channel that energy on a perceived winner who is nothing but a draft dodger, unindicted co-conspirator, etc.

  8. You seriously didn’t think that these animals who took planes, trains, cars and trucks to get to DC to just protest peacefully did you? They knew EXACTLY what they were going there for. They just needed trumps go ahead which they got. Guiliani had his go ahead as well. Combat Rudy? Really? They should ALL go to prison and finally END this circus.

  9. That’s what an armed insurrection aimed at a takeover does.
    The members of these groups should be rounded up and prosecuted.

    1. Including leaders in Pentagon and Whitehouse, Capitol police, FBI, AG Barr, Chris Miller, Steven Miller, Steve Bannon, Trump’s lawyers, the my pillow guy, the conspirators in congress especially qanoners, many more leaders. Don’t just sweep up the peons and duped suckers.

    2. Hahahahahaha, If that was an insurrection a LOT more would have went on! Hahahahahahahahahahhhahahahaa. Bullshi*

    3. Well, if the best you got is some loon in a big furry horned hat, I think a lot of people need ‘insurrection’ lessons.

  10. They should be playing the sound of McCarthy’s rant to ” the dump” everytime he opens his mouth to spew lies.

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