House Passes Bill To Create January 6 Commission | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The House on Wednesday voted 252-175 to create an independent commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, but the bill faces a different landscape in the Senate. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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House Passes Bill To Create January 6 Commission | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Kevin🙎‍♂️did you steal that cookie ? Do you want to stand in the corner or steal as many as you want? Go vote.

  2. To paraphrase the Arizona ‘audit’ supporters mantra, “If the events of Jan 6th weren’t the direct result of Trump’s encouragement, then what’s McConnell afraid of?”

    1. @Melanie Cotterell So, the Democrats were responsible? What a fascinating perspective. I’d really like you to explain it to me.

    2. @Roguect Garbeled Before election Twitter was full of threat’s from the left about burning down the Capital, no Biden, no buildings, no statues, no democracy just street mob rule!

    3. To make this bipartisan, a commission should be formed to investigate how rhetoric leads to violence. In addition to Jan 6, it should investigate BLM riots, Antifa terrorists, the congressional baseball game shooting, and other major events that were incited by rhetoric.

    4. @Lee Morton In order for there to be an “insurrection” there must be insurrectionists. But none of the 500 arrested were charged with insurrection. That’s right, the media has bamboozled you once again.

    1. It may expose wealthy sociopaths who funded the insurrection, as well as the powerful people who were complicit in pushing for a dictatorship.

    2. No one is talking civil damages to capital building? Hit these people when it hurts… in the wallet

    3. No surprise that Soviet Scarsborough – of morning joke- would support a commission that shields his fellow communists.
      There needs to be a 2020 commission to investigate the violent left wing riots that occurred during ALL OF 2020 , not just 1 day. The violent communist rioters killed 24 people and burned down gov buildings and businesses – THE VERY DEFINITION OF INSURRECTION

  3. Oooooh snap! Tim brought the hard truth! Thank you Tim! Crazy great job! Very rare in our government. Wow.

    1. where are the over a hundred clips of the so called riot being held onto by the government.

    2. I disagree with Tim Ryan on 1 thing. We DO NOT NEED the GOP. We do not need 2 political parties. We simply do not. That is a concession that simply doesn’t need to be made.

    3. @Gee Lee Yes, actually, you do need at least 2 political parties. Society needs both conservative voices and progressive ones to function. The progressive voices to push for change and the conservative ones to provide caution to change. Ideas need to be debated, not simply accepted and adopted and you can’t do that if everyone wants the same things. The problem is conservatives in the US aren’t about being the steadying voice in the room, they’re only purpose is to keep their foot on the brake and prevent any advancement of American society. They’d be happy to flip things into reverse and back the bus up over society if need be to get back to “the good old days”.

    4. Despite the footage already available to the public, trumpsupporters are still holding out for “over a hundred clips of “the so-called riot” 🤦‍♂️

    1. @B. T. China Trump? You mean the toughest president on China in US history? Meanwhile Joe is exporting all our jobs there and we’re paying more to them!!! Trump nailed them with tariffs and killed them economically!!! You’re clueless

    1. Continuing the destruction began in 1980.. Next: the world according to Reagan /Bush /Trump /Putin.



    2. @Brett Garretson then you should be supporting the commission to investigate. Those that did should be prosecuted

  5. That has to be well cleaned up. Isn’t that what they want…. To expose the “fraud”……
    And another on what happened before and during Jan 6

    1. Yes, I assumed nefarious intent of your words- because of your insidious desire to place the blame on Black people@A T

    2. @A T “too loaded of a term” one of those being charged was found with *12 Molotov cocktails* in his truck. Others had zipties, stun guns, flagpoles fashioned as swords, the confederate flag. Your arguments are built on a flawed premise, and the examples you provided are false equivalents.

    3. @A T “some people took too far”, like those who were actively hunting Pelosi and Pence? You undermine what happened that day, because you don’t think there’s anything wrong with everything they did that day- while at the same time demonizing MILLIONS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS HUMAN BEINGS, just for being the wrong skin color

    4. @A T “politicial justice rally”- violently sabotaging government proceedings to certify the legitimately elected 46th President of the “United” States, on behalf of trump and his goons in the GOP.

    5. You’re in no position of authority to dictate any future litigation or commissions. Nothing you say will influence anything- other than the thinly veiled threats that I initially questioned and you ignored.
      So I’ll repeat myself, who’s “we” and in specific terms, what are you planning with your people? @A T

  6. Those Republicans that oppose the Jan.6th commission were complicit in the insurrection and are terrified of being arrested.

    1. @Mike Hunt67 Oh, well, aren’t we the responsible one? No, you are not. The Republicans are terrified of this inquiry.

    2. @ses S why in the world would republicans be as you call it “terrified” of a commission that will do nothing and get nothing done except for waste taxpayer money? All they’ll have are hearings that won’t amount to anything except for some b rated theater. It’s the DOJ’s job to investigate and if they find any politicians were part of it then they can arrest them. Politicians only get in the way and spread lies and rumors just like during the Russia collusion conspiracy theory where Adam Schiff said he had “proof” of Trumps collusion but his “proof” came from a comedian playing a prank call on him. And if me not wanting my great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren to pay for this generation of governments waste is responsible then yes I am. It’s quite apparent that you don’t care about our future generations and only care about maybe getting the chance to say “I told you so”. You people are slow learners especially after the Trump presidency where every time the democrats tried to take down Trump it failed miserably except for cheating in the 2020 election.

    3. That’s correct, because most of them were helping the sick 🤢 man boy Trump . And they are scared 😨😨 of ending up in prison .

    4. You dems keep screaming “insurrection!” but according to the FBI that’s not what occurred. Which is why none of the 500 arrested were charged with the act of insurrection.

  7. If I was on the floor, I would constantly remind everyone about the feces smeared on the walls that day and really let that sink in. Unless that is some feature of the WH “tour” that I am not aware of.

  8. It’s obvious that the REPs against it likely have a hand in working with insurrectionist.

    1. From what I can see, the Republigoon party is corrupt in almost every way imaginable. What “self-respecting political party” would chose to have a twice-impeached lying psychopath with severe mental stability issues continue *(or even begin)* to be their “chosen leader”?

    2. In order for there to be an “insurrection” there must be insurrectionists. But none of the 500 arrested were charged with insurrection. That’s right, the media has fooled you once again.

  9. That is a leader who demonstrates courage and integrity. Jan 6th is a wake-up call. GOP need to step up and re-examine their fitness to perform their roles of prioritizing the greater good above narrow self-interests or step down if they are allergic to accountability.

  10. This is what happens if u ask the Defendant for agreement to inquire in its own crime.

    1. Another commission to shield the violent left wing rioters of 2020. No surprise the Soviet Scarsnorough would support it.
      A 2020 commission is needed to hold the violent communist traitors accountable for their actions. They killed 24 people and burned down gov buildings as well as businesses. They even setup an autonomous Soviet state in Seattle.
      All of these actions are the very definition of insurrection.

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