House Set To Hold Historic Vote Backing D.C. Statehood | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

The House of Representatives is set to hold a vote in support of statehood for Washington, D.C., the first time the issue is being debated in Congress in 27 years. Andrea Mitchell reports on the significance of the vote, and speaks with D.C. Delegate to the House of Representatives Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) about what statehood would mean in the fight towards representation for the 700,000 residents of the nation's capital. Aired on 06/25/2020.
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House Set To Hold Historic Vote Backing D.C. Statehood | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. No it’s because it would be another “state” that would vote against Trump. That would be 3 or 4 electoral votes that McConnell wouldn’t want Biden to get.

    2. @Black and Quirkless Being a “state” would legitimize them. The executive branch treats them like subjects instead of citizens. The same people who loves to talk about states rights and liberty…are the same bone heads opposing their statehood.

  1. Republicans don’t want DC statehood because they’d lose power.
    Maybe they should try working on policies that didn’t alienate people of color?
    Ha! Who am I kidding. White supremacy is a major plank in their platform! 😉🙂

    1. The democrat party and Biden that I can’t vote for…
      Biden spotty record on bussing
      Biden called Obama clean and articulate..
      The party of racist Robert Byrd
      The party of Robert Kennedy who bugged Martin Luther king
      The party of Lyndon Johnson who pass the welfare bill to get the n vote for next 200 years
      The party of FDR who put Japanese Americans in interm camps in ww2
      The party of jimmy carter who twiddle his thumbs and didn’t do nothing about the hostages
      The party of bill Clinton who made the presidency into Kerry springer show
      The party of Obama obamagate

    2. @Kevin McNeil never worst than Republicans run , forgot bush? Trump is on a hate race , out lease federal lands to oil companies to contaminate more this planet , what has he done good as you all claim economy ,he just deregulated lenders so now they engage in predatory lending like Bush did ,he set up economy for disaster even without covid-19, just looking for high economy before elect than disaster after

  2. No taxation without representation. Isn’t that a foundational principle of your country, or am I wrong?

    1. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 That’s terrible…by the way, did you know that African American women are assaulted by a ratio of 27 : 1 more than caucasian, are you just as upset about that?

  3. she defied donnie and hurt his feelings, good for her. hope her lawyers find the loopholes around Moscow mitch, he does nothing for anyone but his masters Putin/trump.the republicans are the do-nothing party in our government, been that way far too long. vote blue remove the strain on taxpayers.we pay them for nothing, and we get nothing in return, but sour grapes from them.

    1. And will not get any better after 2020, we get the same horrible people as before, one way or the other way.

    2. The voters decide in November, this orange man destroyed America and he cant see the whole world laffs at him. Its poor under his leadership USA lost its standing on world stage

    3. @Polio Nine Why are the poorest states republican that democratic states have to bail them out.

    4. @Roger Maize I don’t know, why do California and New York have the highest number of illiterate adults per capita?

  4. Anyone against statehood for D.C. is against the Constitution and unAmerican. No taxation without representation.

    1. DC can’t even control looting and destruction by its own citizens. You think it can handle statehood? lmao

  5. McConnel will not agree with whatever the Pelosi party decided. He simply is no longer a congressman serving for the country. He simply became one of Trump’s tool at the same time he is one of the most corrupt politicians. Sane as Trump and same as the other rich but corrupt Republicans, what matters to them is money only. Remember that most Reoublicans received lots of bribes from Trump, not directly but through the Super PAC funded by Russian operatives. They can’t turn their back from the money power.

    1. Is that why demokkkrats want 0pen Borders, 9 month abortions, free healthcare for illegal aliens and to Defund the police?

  6. *When we can’t change the minds and actions of the People in Power . . . then we CHANGE the PEOPLE. 🗽 VOTE HIM OUT IN NOVEMBER. 🗽*

    1. Yeah I don’t think so I don’t think we’re going to let the wackos in Washington DC come tear down the Capitol building

    2. @BAD BIRD and had run ok for now ,trump is messing everything, just like his investors got screwed and bankrupted 7 times

  7. It’s only a 10 mile radius so move out of the radius of DC. When businesses start to complain then something might get done.

    1. Few times they voted for Puerto Rico to become the 51st state. Yet,the U.S. government would not allow it.

  8. Yes make DC a state as well as Guam, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. 54 states!!!! 54 stars!!!!!

  9. Trump and republicans senate knows that their going to lose everything this year, so they don’t care anymore!!

  10. This is the Republican Party’s worst nightmare! McConnell would fight it and the second president of the Confederacy definitely would fight it!
    2 more Senate seats wouldn’t hurt democracy at all.

  11. Republicans know that having DC as a state would translate into two more Democratic senators. tRump and Moscow Mitch will never let it happen as long as they are in office. Try again in about 6 months.

    1. Absolutely, And he Can take his Foreign Corrupt Agent With him. Hopefully, Americans Will Remember Moscow Oligarch Grim Reaper In NOV., In Spite Of his Dark Dirty Money Donators Domestic And Foreign. This Evil Lil Piece Of A Wannabe Big Man Has Had To Much Power to Long. He Actually Believes he Is Immune to Kryptonite. Even Superman Had Limits And this Crooks Term Limit Must Be Stamped Expired.

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