Senate Dems Call GOP Policing Bill ‘Irrevocably Flawed’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. @Randialena Anderson When you loot, riot, assault, and commit arson, your not a protester, your a terrorist. ” Looters, rioters, anarchist, and arsonist, should be shot on sight, and survivors, should be shot again”! Socialist freeloader!

    2. The Dems don’t want to do 💩. Other than ride this movement into the White House. Nothing will happen other than more political game playing.

    1. @Kevin McNeil It’s not cool to like your own posts. Did Reg hit a nerve with his PSA (public service announcement, not prostate specific antigen)?

  1. “There is nothing more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”
    Martin Luther King Jr.

    1. @SinBae Whats dumb is professing that BLUE LIVES MATTER while Black lives are in discussion….it would be just as dumb as someone saying save the whales and someone interjecting seals lives matter too….

    2. @SinBae Whats dumb is it takes you longer to get a cosmetology license ( cutting hair and shampooing) than it takes you to go through the academy and become a cop.

  2. If you listen to any of the recent interviews with people representing Police Unions, you quickly see why these police departments are not trusted by communities of color and the degree to which they try to protect the bad apples.

    1. @Sam Boudreau Sam Boudreau, french name, hi. And boudreau doesn’t come from vietnam so it ain’t asian

    2. @SinBae ok so are you trying to prove anything? never said i was. did my comment trigger you?

    1. Really hope he gets voted out of office this year..Mich McConnell does not deserve to have his job, he does not work for the people, he does not work care about the people, he does not care about right and wrong, he does not care about the constitution, all he cares about is helping Trump and the Republican elite`s building the courts up with conservatives that will keep them rich, in power and corrupt. McConnell only cares about helping his donors so they keep getting richer (On the backs of the bottom 99% of the country), staying corrupt so he himself gets payed while screwing over the voters (Who is actually stupid, ignorant, uninformed, misinformed or brainwashed enough to actually vote for that horrible sad excuse of a politician?? Is it just the “MAGA-crown” or are other Republicans stupid enough to vote for him?).
      All over the world this is called bribery, it is criminal, it is illegal, but in the US you have actual legalized bribery! (Not “you” in you specifically, but as in “you have these laws the country”)
      So you call it “campaign contributions” or “Political contribution” … But it is 100% legalized bribery and it is the root of the corrupt, broken political system in the US…
      Get rid of money in politics, get rid of the horrible political hacks that works for their donors against their voters, against the bottom 99% of the entire population of the US, vote those corrupt amoral un-American politicians out of office!
      Just make it the first point when you consider people to vote for, say they have to refuse any political contributions from companies or rich people, so you can have leaders that actually work for the people, unlike most politicians in the US that only care about their donors… There are a few exceptions, but most of them are Democrats :p The so called “Justice Democrats” have all refused to take any contributions, they are a great role-model showing how it should be, showing that it is in fact possible to not be completely corrupt and still be voted in to office… That should be the new basic minimum requirement for anyone running for office, and anyone not holding that minimum requirement already in office should be voted out as soon as possible… The voters, the public actually have that power, if they only cared enough about this corruption to do something about it… Just sad to see this still not happening, guess people just like the corruption and like that the top 1% jsut keep getting richer on the backs of the bottom 99%….

  3. This is just more proof that our system has broken down. Can’t even agree that citizens when being arrested have a right not to be murdered.

  4. Don’t fall in the nonsense promises from the republicans.
    The BILL don’t cover the INPORTEND things that NEEDS to be THERE in the bill.
    That way the DEMOCRAATS VOTED against IT.

  5. talking about marijuana that mayor of seatle looked pretty stoned and stupid when she made her comment on the “summer of love”

    1. It’s no so much “Trickle up economics” as it is more like “Up flow economics.” Pandemic happens, give corporations bail out and legal cover. Republicans take power, corporations and the top 1% get obscene tax breaks. The stock market tanks, Quick! write checks to those “too big to fail” businesses. But when everyone starts losing their jobs, sorry your just going to have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

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