‘Warning Signs’: Battleground State Polls Show Trump’s Reelection Bid In Deep Hole | MSNBC

NBC News' Geoff Bennett, Yamiche Alcindor and Charlie Sykes join Andrea Mitchell to discuss new polling that signals trouble for President Trump's reelection campaign, showing the president trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in six key battleground states, on the back of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and response to nationwide protests against racial inequality. Aired on 06/25/2020.
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‘Warning Signs’: Battleground State Polls Show Trump's Reelection Bid In Deep Hole | MSNBC


    1. @Abe Lincoln face it Dumpty trumpty is going down y would you want a Bigot in unless you r one .

    2. Stan Prince not sure what that means. Looks like a Dictatorboy is taking the Republican Party down with him. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    3. Free from Sin I’m Not saying the Covid virus is fake, I am saying that it is being highly exaggerated, 90% of that death toll number is just people who died of other causes, like cancer, AIDs, car accident, etc, and they are all being considered Covid deaths.

    1. @paul herring your wrong i had lots of hearts and flowers ..don’t you REMEMBER??? how did Time mess up your memory so much? anyway aside from your lack of memory as to my hearts and flowers quota ..i would LOVE to talk some sense into people if i had the chance for SURE absolutely agree with you on that one for sure.

    2. what an attitude, of course you must be a trumper. your choice.Get over any ill will ok!!! you my afro-brother, and I LOVE YOU

    1. @truerealityscott Aw I see U found the Trump bend over rule, yea with Put It N Putin, Trump bends over in front of him & spells R U N😄😆😅😅🤣😂

    2. Polls showing Trump failing really get under his thin skin; to his feeble mind polls are great as long as he is up. Five months out take nothing for granted. The only poll that truly counts: 11/3/2020

  1. Dont play it down!! Remember to register to vote Trump out!!!
    Polls are not reliable since last election!

    1. @GeorgK
      tRUMP conned a lot of people into believing Hillary Clinton was a evil person
      Everything he said about her turned out to be about
      He claimed she would be under investigation the whole time she was president and it turned out that it was himself who’s been under investigations since day one

    2. Registered last night online. Haven’t voted since ’80. Even ‘tho I live in Hawaii and won’t really make a difference, I’m doing it to spite the Chicken ala King!

    1. @Robert Andrews no mask,
      But you’ve got your blindfold on.
      Worst handling of pandemic in the developed world.
      Downplayed virus.
      Downplayed wearing masks.
      Downplayed testing.
      Downplayed CDC opening guidelines.
      Conman conned you?

    1. @Annie Warbux I live in Wisconsin and I can tell you firsthand that the Native Scamericans have many rights and privileges that white people don’t. They get to have “sovereignty” on their land and do things I can’t do in my own home. They are allowed to operate certain forms of businesses that white Americans are banned from operating. They treat us like animals, not the other way around – all for things that happened long before they were even born.

    2. @paul herring Before 1968 and the advent of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, that might have well been true. Unfortunately, I wasn’t born until 19 years after that and didn’t get to experience the glory days of America.

    3. @Robert Andrews a lot of them were wearing masks while Trump ignored every warning. Hey I didn’t do anything so I take no responsibility.

  2. Does Trump have any economic policy? Tax cuts are done, the ‘wall’ has not solved the immigration problem, has his China policy paid off? what more does he have to offer?

    1. @grow forit I guess like the 44 million Trump put out of work, most people won’t be expecting a tax break

    2. @Eleanor Dixon I’m really worried for us too. We have a leader that really doesn’t give a crap unfortunately. Hes telling Americans it’s over, it’s not even close.
      Please stay safe. God bless you, your loved ones, and your country. Thanks for replying.

  3. Biden needs to have a conference telling America how he is going to clean up Trump’s mess in January 2021

    1. Evelyn Clark – Lesley Wall, you are right! It’s not the right time. FIRST America NEED to find out ALL the DAMAGE Trump HAS DONE. Biden his VP and a NEW Administration will have a HUGE MESS to clean up AFTER…… TRUMP ⛓⛓🤥🤥🤥🤥👮‍♂️👮‍♂️👮‍♂️👮‍♂️

    1. Kevin Cody And hasn’t he done a great job with the pandemic! Highest number of new cases today. He doesn’t mention it….worried about that statue of Jesus. He wouldn’t know Jesus if he found him in his kitchen.

    2. Carol Sitzberger He really didn’t close the boarders. He tightened them up but 40,000 people still entered the country after he “closed” the boarders. We were getting my nephew out of Chile so I was watching the process more closely than I normally would have. Not sure how many gems snuck in but “a lot” is a good guess.

    3. @Elizabeth Verrill And the Democrats ad media called him zenaphobic and Racist for doing that ! Come on be fair !!

    4. Bobby Dale I think the ad you are referring to is the Lincoln Project ads. They were paid for by Republicans (George Conway’s group). We really don’t see political ads in DE. State is kind of a done deal. The Republican Voters Against Trump used those words in the Lindsey Graham ad. Biden campaign had nothing to do with it but it certainly is a classic!

  4. Not only do I want to see Trump defeated in November, but I would like to see him spend the rest of his life in prison. 🙂

    1. @Jules Gilberto You wasted your time reading the facts about racist biden. If you think i would ever vote for a democrat you better think again. Those who do vote for a democrat will be complicit in the demise of this country.

    2. @OutdoorIndoorVariety Then you are doomed. Trump will be put in prison, if you want to follow him there that’s on you.

    3. @Samantha Tierney
      He is not smart even in business; but is a criminal and makes up for his lack of smarts with instinctive crookedness! They are not the same.

  5. We need to CRUSH the #BunkerBoy by a wide margin in November. Otherwise he will claim he won and refuse to come out of his Bunker.

    1. Yes, not only that, once he’s out of the office, throw the book at him and all his lackeys, Barr, Giuliani, Conway, Pompeo, Moscow Mitch, Jordan, Mccarthy, the list goes on…

    2. He can’t refuse, his administration ends at noon on January 20th 2021. Then we can send the military after him especially if we all vote by absentee ballot, gladimir Putin cannot put a spy in every voting precinct.

    1. slow motion I always wear a mask when I go to public, I always stay six feet away from people and I am in quarantine, Just because I believe this is a hoax doesn’t mean I’m going to Jinx it.

    2. Terry Jones it might be, when I did my IQ test it came out as “115” so yeah that is pretty low, I mean Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking had an IQ of almost 200 or something. 🤔

    3. Jochem honestly he keeps me calm, I like having a person tell me that everything will be okay, Trump always says that they have it under control, and that the virus will disappear, even if it isn’t true, it feel good to hear those words, I Hate having to live in stress always hearing other people say that Covid is getting worse and worse, But at least I have trump to keep me clam.

  6. DO NOT GET COMPLACENT AND LEAVE IT TO SOMEONE ELSE. YOU, YES IM SPEAKING TO YOU, HAVE TO VOTE HIM OUT. Sorry for the caps, but if this guy wins we can kiss whatever is left of this democracy goodbye.

    1. I fully support your posting in caps. This cannot be emphasized enough times, nor emphatically enough!

    2. @Elizabeth Verrill Saw something a few minutes ago at yahoo. 🙂 🙂 A Fox News poll released today (6-25-20) shows Biden up by 1 point in Texas, and you KNOW how much it pains them to report anything unfavorable to the GOP. It was an article in which Beto O’Rourke said that Texas is Biden’s “to lose”, meaning he thinks Biden will carry it. Beto O’Rourke (D) came excruciatingly close to beating the incumbent Republican US Senator (I forget his name now) in 2018. If Texas does go blue this year, the Republicans stand a good chance of being shut out of the White House for a long time. Their US Senator, John Cornyn, said that if Texas does go Democratic this year (he was born in 1952), there’ll never be another Republican president in his lifetime.

    3. Gary Kerns I read the same thing too. 1%. Since I was born in 1947, I probably won’t see many more presidents either – especially if Trump wins because I’m going over a cliff. I think Beto O’Rourke shows promise. He’s not fully cooked yet – has maturing to do but has promise for the future and he’s under 70! I’m not happy about Joes gaffe today, saying millions instead of thousands of deaths. Granted, there are millions of cases – I can understand the mistake but you know the coverage it’s going to get. Today was the highest number of cases reported since this pandemic started. Trump’s worried about a statue of Jesus (like he’d know him if he met him). The longer Trump ignores the virus and those numbers grow in the big states, the unhappier they are going to be. So many Texans denied there WAS a virus – this has to be a kick in the head.

  7. Polls look good, people are fed up with Trump and his circus acts! Biden💙 Amy McGrath💙

    1. Polio Nine
      In 2016, Trump was an “outsider” with no political track record, so people thought they would take a chance on a “business man” since he was running against a candidate who was not well liked and had many turbulent years in government to pick apart. Trump was also taken for granted as being an unserious candidate. Then there was a series of events that helped push trump over the edge, including the documented Russian interference and the Wikileaks dump. Fast forward to 2020, we see Trump with virtually a full term under his belt as POTUS. He’s not a fresh face anymore. His term has been plagued since day one by scandal after scandal and he has too many absolutely abhorrent statements, policies, and actions now to point out as a politician. Plus, he’s running against someone vastly more likable than Hilary, no matter how many stupid “sleep Joe dementia” jokes people make. Biden has a good heart and has endured a lot of personal pain and tragedies which makes him relatable and compassionate. Those are traits people are looking for right now, not a racist who wants to “dominate” American citizens who are stressed out. Maybe not you, but a lot of people want a leader who brings words and actions of unity, not division and chaos. A vote for Trump is a sadomasochistic thing to do. “Burn me once, shame on you; burn me twice, shame on me.” #ByeDon2020

    2. Madeline Menor……your Biden is a puppet to the Minority Groups inside the Democrat Party. His answer will be to the Socialists , the Islamists, the Homosexuals and the Globalists and the US People will suffer deeply.

    3. Okay like all those Trump supporters in the swing States, I admit I made a mistake by not voting for Hillary.

    1. The people over 70 has turned on him too. They don’t like to get lied to and played about the seriousness of the Coronavirus

  8. I’m voting him out specifically because he gave his GOP, rich buddies, and corporations my tax break.

    1. @Adam Lyon what a ” simple” clueless individual…the inability to think for yourself, or ability to know what’s right and what’s wrong,not able able to independently count, 2+2=4 and know it’s not 8! Despite your group of affiliation telling u otherwise! Alot of brain dead and soul- less people that is in need of a savior, JESUS CHRIST 2020!!

    2. @FazzBroGaming 777 ” I support trump…”, what are you his jock strap?! PU No one CARES about your dumb vote.

    3. @FazzBroGaming 777 Satan believes in GOD too…the remnant of GOD understands and know the only true & righteous government ( kingdom) is the Holy kingdom of GOD…Choose this day who you will serve..you cant serve 2 masters..and all the ❤ , allegiance, and die hard stance your taking for that evil man, his evil ways, his lieing tongue and corruption… not to mention your confessed allegiance to a political party…buddy you better read your word and be born again!

  9. No one can tell a sick entitled narcissist how to act , he’ll blame others and remain the same . Lol

  10. Trump, won’t be able to dig himself “out” of this hole, that he dug himself “into” with his mouth and actions…..Bye, bye Trumpy!

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