Houston Mayor Says Gov. Abbott Hasn’t Reached Out Since TX Crisis Started | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Houston Mayor Says Gov. Abbott Hasn’t Reached Out Since TX Crisis Started | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


As the situation in Texas continues to remain dire, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner joins Stephanie Ruhle to share what his city has been dealing with and how the lack of response from state leadership is affecting Texans. Aired on 02/19/2021.
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Houston Mayor Says Gov. Abbott Hasn’t Reached Out Since TX Crisis Started | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Gregg Abbott was quick to go on Fox to blame windmills for the state’s power failure when Texas runs 90% fossil fuel energy. Once he made his public appearance he felt his job was complete… Texas is filled with grotesquely incompetent leaders

    1. @Crystal Hazer: Sooner or later, here in You Tube, I wish it was more of a forum, especially if we could use photos and scans.

    2. @Aylbdr Madison my wife is from Switzerland and she has educated me on these subjects. I appreciate your post because it sheds light on how dysfunctional America is becoming. Our leaders don’t take action when we we’re in need. They go on their public platforms and point fingers as if this is going to help. Again, thanks for sharing your knowledge

    3. @Aaron Paul I know for a fact that Norway, Sweden and Finland have colder weather for month’s at a time and there’s don’t fail but somehow in a state that runs 90% fossil fuel the windmills fail…

    1. The Governor Abbott, the Lieutenant Governor, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, are all cut from the same thread. Only good for rich people, and don’t care about common folks.

    2. Well yeah, they’re Republicans. There are some exceptions. But those are few and far between. Republicans are the scum of the earth.

  2. An infrastructure does not just fail because of some bad weather. It takes several years of neglect before it finally fails. So don’t believe these corrupt politicians!

    1. @Darby O’Shieles If they ignore progress and how to repair their disastrous failings this time, l do not hold out much hope for their power grid.

    2. I was born in 1947 and raised in Wis. Not once did we go without heat or water. Now I live in Colorado, and never went without heat here either. Ice on roads is deiced, sanded or salted. The stores in Texas would have groceries on the shelves if they took care of their roads. Certainly, they have sand there to use on the roads!

  3. The mayor of the fourth largest city in the US and our republican governor ignores him. What if Biden had ignored Abbott? How would the GOP react to that?

  4. Such a classy, caring Mayor avoiding any negative talk about liar Abbott as he pushes forward toward solutions to help suffering families.
    The Mayor of Houston is the real patriot!.

    1. The inept GOP doesn’t believe in effective Government and it shows! They only use it to line their own pockets….
      VOTE them out!

    1. @BOXER zavala what about the millions of us who DIDN”T vote for them? We have to “live with it” too y’know.

    2. @janeen harris 74 million is less than 27% of the 275 million voter aged Americans last November (it’s of course far less now after the 6th). That’s barely more than 1/4 and nowhere near 1/2 of America. At this point they are at best 1/5 of America. Besides that, last year the voter generation demographic changed, and by 2022 it will be a much larger difference. They cannot stop change, change is the only constant there is.

    3. @BOXER zavala : I just bet you love all the *impending karma* the GQP is about to go through. lols
      Also, typing in all caps is the equivalent of crying like a soiled baby (spoiled works too, but I meant to spell it without the p).

    4. @janeen harris : We can take away their voting rights by convicting them of all the felonies they committed.

    1. Wait a minute. I thought members of the Republican Party in Texas were drafting up the necessary paperwork to begin the process of secession from the United States. You know……because trumps coup didn’t work? And now Abbott wants the President to declare Texas a state of emergency. Hmmm. Sounds like “socialism “ to me.

  5. Notice how this mayor didn’t spend barely a breath of time talking about the incompetent Governor but got right back to talking about the effects on the poor and elderly. These are the kind of people we need to elect not the poodle abandoning Ted Cruz.

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