How A Court Ruling Undermining Obamacare Became A 2020 Time Bomb | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes takes a look at the latest threat to Obamacare and the risk for Donald Trump in an election year. Aired on 12/19/19.
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How A Court Ruling Undermining Obamacare Became A 2020 Time Bomb | All In | MSNBC


    1. Hey, if you got money being sick isn’t a big deal apart from being sick. To most of us it kinda interferes with being able to work and feed ourselves and leaves very little choice. (From the employers perspective a new hire, to replace a senior hand in the business that is sick and can’t work, gets paid less, yeah he’s not as productive but is more productive then no employee, it is a trade-off, so…win/win for the employer.)

    2. Robin Fleet … terrifying that America can’t provide a basic human right.
      Countries with less resources manage to provide universal healthcare.

    1. Benjamin de Montgomery Their healthcare is really bad now that Putin and the oligarchs are in power. I watched a documentary on how people are dying because there is not enough nurses, doctors or drugs. It was so distressing watching little kids die for want of a drug. Putin has destroyed the healthcare system. They had brilliant healthcare before all the corruption and Putin’s cronies took over the country.

    2. @Brenda Heeligan jea, i can agree with that. but at least they have healthcare. if you are poor in USA you have non. the best hospitals and drugs are no good if you cant afford them.

    3. No, I saw it coming in 2014. I just didn’t realize that the replacement under the ACA would be more than my mortgage payment.

  1. And the GOP and Trump are replacing it with.. Nothing.

    Absolutely “Nothing”

    Their whole “healthcare plan” is basically, “do nothing, watch people die, and then let God sort them out”.

    That’s it.

    1. Not now. The ACA has been through the courts like Chris said. We pass something else and repugnants will drag it through the courts and launch an attack on healthcare worse than they did in 2010.

    2. Yes. Medicare for all is popular across the country. Nobody wanted the ACA except insurance companies. It was a horrible compromise.

  2. This is not about rich folk hating the poor.
    This is about the menace of an illegitimate “president” razing everything that his predecessors have created to protect the people.
    One man. Is doing all this? And more besides?? You bet.

    1. He’s doing it because he hates Obama. Why? Because a black man had more respect than he could ever have. His racism and sexism are so toxic. Any time a person of color or a woman does something better than him or hurts his ego in any way, he goes into a rage! This is who Trump is and I’ve seen it for years. His number one goal is to undo everything Obama ever did as president.

    2. @Blink Once on Sunday!
      We will have to teach Trump and his followers a lesson, take it away, we will put it back into effect ×10

  3. remember Devin Nunez comment about Brett kavanaugh be appointed to the Supreme Court. They placed them on the Supreme Court to go against the Constitution. Brett kavanaugh has been leveraged

    1. Flying under the radar amid all the other bad news, are Trump appointees to the federal bench. Hundreds of judges (some not qualified to judge a beauty contest ) partisan to insurance companies, oil companies, etc. – corporate shills appointed for life. Then you have Kavanaugh and Gorsuch on the SC. Buckle up.

  4. “No president can recover from an impeachment hearing, win or lose. His career is over.” ~ Donald J. Trump, 2014

    I do not believe the senate will remove him but at minimum the obstruction of congress cannot be denied. He admitted it himself when he ordered his people not to follow any of the subpoenas they put out.

    Now what is more likely is a vote to bar him from holding governmental power after his term is up.

    1. There is no such thing as obstruction of Congress. Trump is the executive branch. That is nothing but hyperbole on Nadler’s part trying to sell the voters . The dems counted – see , bet the farm, – that Trumps approval ratings would plummet. It backfired. Now, Nancy and Chuck are trying to salvage it by demanding to know how the Senate will handle it, even though they haven’t the authority to do so. Get ready for the next round of claiming that the republicans aren’t playing fair

    2. @Jim Skarw trumps popularity has gone down. A group of republicans have started an anti Trump campaign an evangelical group he turned against trump and 23 Republican congressmen.are retiring rather than run again. So.let me get this straight. You claim.that there is no such thing as a president obstructing a congressional.investigation. so.your argument only validates that you believe a president is above the law. Do you think.republicans would have the same view if Obama had done the same things as Trump routinely does like ignore the emoluments statutes and obstruct and witness tamper. Republicans have no.legitimate defense of Trump they only attack the process.

  5. Why aren’t the Democrats having a press conference every single day bringing this up and telling America the latest news of how far the Republicans are in striking the ACA down and out of law..

    1. Because the Democrats created the ACA. And it’s one issue Republicans, Democrats and Independents agree on – it sucks. That’s why Bernie is talking about Medicare For All and Warren is talking about some health care bill that changes with the wind.

    2. @Stefano DiMera so what do republicans have to replace it. You think it sucks. Trump care made your whole life a preexisting condition and was twice as bad.

  6. Wow! I love forcing the Supreme Court to show their hand before the election. Good move on the part of protecting our democracy.

  7. Funny, other countries don’t have to deal with this sort of crap, and they’re not only fine with their government run healthcare, but they’re genuinely much happier and healthier than us.

    1. I have alot of Canadian clients. I poll them about their health care. so far its about an even split
      between love it and hate it. My current client is a Canadian doctor moving to the US and has
      expressed disgust with Canada’s system. Havent gotten the details why yet. no, its far from
      universally popular.

  8. Here’s my short, simple, legal appeal using the Republican’s own tortured logic that instead of destroying the A.C.A., destroys the Trump Tax Cuts.

    1. According to the Judge and those Republicans, if any one part is unconstitutional, the legislation must be stuck down IN ITS ENTIRETY.
    2. The Trump Tax Cut changed the A.C.A. to make it an unconstitutional law.
    3. The Trump Tax Cut made an unconstitutional law.
    4. The Trump Tax Cut is unconstitutional because it makes some law that is unconstitutional.
    5. The Trump Tax Cut must be struck down IN ITS ENTIRETY because it unconstitutionally created an unconstitutional law.

    Either the Judge and the Republicans are full of it, invalidating their own legal argument and thus preserving the A.C.A., or I can use the same questionable logic to destroy the Trump Tax Cut instead, thus preserving the A.C.A. AND undoing the changes to it.

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