Laurence Tribe: ‘Amazed’ If GOP Senators Vote Against Calling Witnesses | The Last Word | MSNBC

Sen. Schumer said he’s hoping to get some Republican Senators to join him in asking for witnesses and documents in Trump’s impeachment trial. Laurence Tribe tells Lawrence O’Donnell that “the evidence supporting the impeachment articles is extremely strong” but adds that there are no good reasons not to hear from additional firsthand witnesses in the Senate trial and thinks it will be a hard sell from some vulnerable Republican Senators. Aired on 12/19/19.
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Laurence Tribe: ‘Amazed’ If GOP Senators Vote Against Calling Witnesses | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Pence is trying to get his Space Force up and running ASAP so he can get out of here! #Remove! #voteBlue2020!!

    1. This time is. First fake impeachment. First totally partisan impeachment. First impeachment when the impeached wins a landslide victory, in all branches of government, the following election 😀

  2. Of course there should be public presentation of the evidence and witnesses in the senate for the trial to be credible. And it might be, that many fox “news” -viewers have never heard or seen any of the evidence before this.

    1. The only thing the GOP senate wants to hold is a kangaroo court. By not wanting Bolton and Mulvaney to testify they are interfering with justice. And it will come back to haunt them during the election. Because the senators that vote against it will never be able to justify their actions to the public. We have the right to know “what they know”

    2. Patricia roe Why should Trump make his American loving supporters go through the BS and hatred of The American hating democrats because of their dullusional assumptions.Its nothing but a waste of time and the money of people who work hard in America.

    3. @Wayne Hasch lol please explain why a Republican trial should not have Republican witnesses to defend the POTUS from removal. Is the answer that Dems only need FOUR votes in the Senate to remove Trump and he really did commit a crime? naaaaaaaah

  3. Firsthand witnesses and evidence have all been blocked by Trump. Ask yourself why a so-called innocent person would do something like that?

    1. @Dave Schultz why doesnt he want to have witnesses FOR him? why would an innocent person not want witnesses FOR them?

    2. Dave Schultz no when your not guilty you need other people to vouch fo your innocence cause your own mouth is not getting you out of it… since your already being accused of. A Crime, you’d probably lie to get out. So let them testify and say he is innocent.

  4. The same idiots who always say” if you have nothing to hide, why not just give your ID to the police officer” are the same one saying Trump and his gang shouldn’t comply with the law. . You really can’t fix stupid. Read their pathetic excuses below …

    1. @A G Actually, the facts are: Bolton and Mulvaney have first hand knowledge. The American people have the right to know “what they know” Now if you can explain to us why that shouldn’t occur, please do. Maybe the GOP senators running in 2020 can use the same line. Because if the GOP Senate refuses, that unanswered question will haunt them throughout the election.

    2. Patricia roe Why more witnesses? House democrats said “the evidence was overwhelming and the facts were undisputed”. So they impeached! If they wanted more witnesses they should have waited on the courts. The majority made the rules in the House, the majority makes the rules in the Senate. That’s what the Constitution that Pelosi loves, says.

    3. @Rod Allen Nice cop out. The House ran an inquiry. The republicans had no problem with wanting witnesses at Clintons heating. In fact, Ed Bryant (R) voted in favor of it. You don’t hide or suppress anything that you will benefit from, so the GOP senate should have no problem with Bolton and Mulvaney. Congressman McCollum (R) told ABC News’ podcast “The Investigation” that although he doesn’t agree with the case House Democrats are building against Trump, he thinks it’s important for the Senate trial to include witness testimony, to which Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has not yet committed publicly.

      “I certainly believe that witnesses are appropriate,” said McCollum. “Both sides should be able to select a certain number and that those key witnesses should be subpoenaed and come forward and testify.” People like you, Trump, and McConnell don’t want to get at the truth, you want to bury it. Your comment says that.

  5. Most idiotic thing about the Mueller Report and testimony?  Republicans.
    Most idiotic thing about the House Intelligence Ukraine Report?  Republicans.
    Most idiotic thing about Trump impeachment?  Republicans.
    Can you sense a pattern?

  6. The best indicator of future behavior is past and current behavior.  Given Trump’s ongoing corrupt behavior, before and after he was elected, he will continue to engage in unprofessional and corrupt behavior. Our Government will bear the “Stains of Shame” of Trump for decades.  This is not about being a Democratic or Republican.  We need a president with honor and integrity that will protect our Constitution and unite our country.

    1. Tammy Tungett, you’re correct. The President said that he wants to be fully exonerated , the only way this could happen is by having first hand witnesses testifying on his behalf. No witnesses, no complete exoneration. End of story.

  7. This is what Republicans get for claiming that the witnesses would prove Trump’s innocence. How can you then stop them from testifying?

    1. Mark Cross Democrats don’t want to stop them. Republicans do. Why do you think. It is because The truth will not favor Trump.

  8. Nah, the Republicans won’t support it cause deep down they know it won’t be good for Trump and the Republican voters won’t support it either cause deep down they know it will cause them to reconsider their support for Trump. And then they’ll go off complaining how the process in the Republican controlled Senate is unfair and that there needs to be evidence when they’re blocking any attempt for people to get it.

  9. This idea of Pelosi not handing off the articles unless and until McConnell agrees to calling witnesses, production of subpoenaed documents was first advocated by Tribe in an editorial a week or two ago. I wonder if he speaks to it at all in his most recent edition of his book on impeachment.

  10. Well in that case, prepare to be amazed. The GOP is a spineless, corrupt, bunch of racist old men (with a couple of syncophant women thrown in) owned by the Russians.

  11. How can the lying hypocrite Republicans refuse to hear from witnesses? The American deserve to hear from Mulvaney , Bolton and Sleazy Mike Pompeo.

  12. Not allowing witnesses to testify by the Senate would set the stage for a landslide victory by the Democrats in the 2020 elections. It doesn’t take a rocket Scientist to figure that out. That would be too much for voters to stomach.

    Let’s face it, the Senate hands are tied and those who can’t understand this simple premise are suffering from major denial.

    The Senate is playing a losing game or chicken and I sense that the members of the house can sense this.

  13. Any republican that votes against the witnesses or documents may as well kiss their election away. They will never be able to justify it to the voters. The American public has the right to know “What they know”

    1. Patricia roe As biased as Naddler was and it showed how unfair and biased the democrat chairman was at the beginning, I wouldn’t work with them at all either

  14. president impeached is Terrified of a trial where Mulvany and the rest turn on him to save their skin
    And a sham trial means a Big Blue Freaking wave in 2020

  15. The Republican Fascist Party does not want Republican witnesses, because they have only one goal and that is: “To protect their Fuehrer”.

    1. Bert Nijhof Why more witnesses? House democrats said “the evidence was overwhelming and facts were undisputed”. So they impeached. Now it’s in the Senate’s hand. Schiff didn’t allow Republicans to call their witnesses during the hearings. I know you want things to be fair, right?

    2. @Rod Allen Who continues with the lie about hearsay, the Republicans. It is fair to give the Don a chance to proof, he is innocent by asking his closest assistants as witnesses in the senate trial. The House has been blocked to ask them for their side of the story by your Fuehrer.

    1. Milton – Canada What spot? McConnell said it best…what leverage is it to withhold something from the Senate that we don’t want. 🤣

  16. I think Pelosi should just leave it it in limbo UNTIL AND UNLESS the Senate agrees to producing ALL THE RELEVANT WITNESSES AND THE DOCUMENTS THAT THE HOUSE DEMANDS RELATED TO THIS PARTICULAR CASE. He wants to
    brag that he was “100 % cleared”… HE SHOULD NOT HAVE THAT.. Period.

    1. M G He’s not impeached unless the articles are sent to the Senate. Pelosi has ZERO leverage in this. Democrats are the Keystone Cops of Congress. It’s hilarious!

  17. The President stated that he wants to be fully exonerated, why not allow witnesses in the Senate trial to take an Oath and Testify on his behalf of his innocence, this way the Democrats will not have a leg to stand on, but the Republicans know that he violated the Constitution of the United States so this would be an impossibility. The Republicans have dishonor their oath to uphold the Constitution. A dark time in the history of the Divided States.

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