How Are Moms Coping During The Pandemic? Our Panel Of Mothers Discusses | MSNBC

Mother’s Day is Sunday. How are moms coping during the pandemic? Tiffany Cross and her panel discuss the unique challenges mothers have been facing during the pandemic, and how to support moms during this challenging time.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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How Are Moms Coping During The Pandemic? Our Panel Of Mothers Discusses | MSNBC


    1. alicia “silver spoon” menedez has a congressman daddy who is a war hawk pushing for a new cold war with china, just passed stupid sabre rattling legislation filled with lies and smears against china

    1. not a single word about the cyber attack on the pipeline from MSNBC. I just don’t get the refusal to cover Antifa. Thanks.

    1. Trolls take shifts writing mainly in blogs on LiveJournal and Vkontakte, about subjects along the propaganda lines assigned. Included among the employees are artists who draw political cartoons. They work for 12 hours every other two days. A blogger’s quota is ten posts per shift, each post at least 750 characters. A commenter’s norm is 126 comments and two posts per account. Each blogger is in charge of three accounts

    2. Russian newspaper Vedomosti links the approved-by-Russian-authorities strategy of public consciousness manipulation through new media to Vyacheslav Volodin, first deputy of the Vladimir Putin Presidential Administration of Russia

  1. sure he’s a man but carl rogers, a truly gifted therapist, has 19 propositions pointing toward humanity’s best practices for goodness. now other than that i gots nothin, except happy “birthing people” day to you all!!

  2. My kids were in school all year and there mom and everyone in the family was working all year so she is fine

    1. @montresor If you don’t like cable news, then stay off of it. The only thing you’re doing is generating views and clicks for them every time you cry on their channel.

    2. @CShield “Shut up” is just an expression. His words are not divisive. Belligerent maybe. But at least it’s open ended. Your views are far more manipulative in comparison. With political implications no less.

    1. evil empire israel and usa are committing genocide on the palestinians, free palestine, white supremacists should leave the middle east

  3. Opening the southern border stops trafficking and abuse of children 🔴 finish the wall reenact remain in mexico 🇺🇸 and hug mom before the hike watch the Rio the first steps a doozy

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