1. What happened on a 6 made me realize that every single person on the right if either a Karen or a Darren

    1. @Kevin Parsons
      the democrats are the problem
      look at what they have done to the department of education

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis Fantastic roundup, thank you! I’m from Seattle and can confirm what you state about Taylor is accurate.

  2. They accepted CheetoJesus as their lord and personal savior and they will pay a price for it.

    1. @J M don’t forget that Cheeto and his followers are afraid of changing demographics. They are dinosaurs stuck in the 1950s and before

    2. Since I happened to look at ewwtoob profiles, I suppose you’d like to hear about mine: Member since September 1st 2013. First upload – January 16th 2016. Number of unique uploads – 95. Subscribers – 447. Total Number of Visits – 202800. Number of Subscription – ZERO

  3. All the Applause was Trained Seals in the background notice how they never showed the crowd.

  4. Absolutely!! A COMPLETE connection to truth. Stop the selfish lies! The Repugnant party is just that 🤮 🤑

    1. @Mike Hunt I don’t think it would go the way you want, there are more of us than you, and plenty of us who know how to defend ourselves.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis You couldn’t kick yourself out of a wet paper bag. You better stay in mom’s basement with your cartoon characters.

    3. @Mike Hunt I have my own house moron, NO basement. I support myself, I know more about defense than you ever would in your life time.

  5. The social media CEOs need to shut the spread of this terrorist rhetoric down NOW. Social media is their life blood. Snuffing them out online would snuff them out significantly

    1. omg you are so stupid and a microscopic portion of the population, yet your MSM makes you feel like the majority. You are a very rude awakening coming and how you still believe the corrupt partisan MSM is beyond anyone.

    2. @C D – Q left ya all by yourself? Don’t worry, the HBO special on Q will help you because you can actually see your leader on video. The son of a pig farmer. God that’s so funny

    3. @Jack Marsh some people say, that Kevin McCarthys cojones are in a gold box on 45s desk.

    4. @mohamed said ..agree .who else is tired of turning on main stream and hear them bash conservative anything ..same with Fox and conservative bash anything left…it’s so predictable I could write the headlines..in the mean time ..the rest of us ..me included..feed off the BS..and they know it,count on it and want it…we are in a sad time

  6. If they are working for the former president not their constituents they should be removed.

  7. Is it me or does matt look like Damien from the omen.

  8. The point needing to be learned by them is their vote doesn’t out count ours 75 million vs 81 million yup it’s math

  9. Half the electorate are ripe for grifting and I NEED SOMETHING TO SELL THESE PEOPLE 🤷🏽‍♂️

  10. It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

    1. welcome to the democrat party of lies
      democrats are really helping poor people, wink wink

    2. @Floyd Allyn you prove your’e not lyin but you can’t can you Cletus ,cos u r and have nothing to back that crap up with.

    3. @Nic Berni “the democrats are really helping poor people wink wink”
      answer= Psalm 10
      & I can prove every democrat is a liar
      which one would you like?

  11. Yes sir the bomb crater that was Berlin of that day, the wild weasel hunt, the wiggle room, knock knock “Room service.

  12. Start puting them in jail! If they know that, what they do can put them into jail. Then they start thinking about where they are heading!

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