1. Pelosi has been in Congress for 34 years and appears to have the skills of a junior member; she is grossly inefficient and naive. We need a warrior in the lead, not a tepid cumbaya soloist.

    2. @Mainely yeah shes been in congress for 34 years, was the first woman speaker in american history and the second, and has passed some of the biggest legislation in american history through the house of representatives while she had the gavel… but yeah shes totally an amature…

  1. Let’s get a commission going, Tiffany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, Ma’am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am with you. The scope of the inquiry should be as broad and deep as necessary. Bipartisanship on the Ongoing Coup is IMPOSSIBLE. There are too many of them in Congress.

    All I see are the same old broken promises, whilst TRAITORS and SEDITIONISTS are controlling the narrative. There will never be accountability, and this will happen again, only they will not fail next time.

    The Democrats need to grow a backbone, and hold them all accountable, and the TRAITORS should not have any input.

  3. Totally agree, Tiffany. It’s crazy to let criminal suspects supervise the investigation of their own potential crimes.

    1. When republicans try to whitewash an insurrection attempt you know there are serious problems within that party.

    1. Don’t forget the rest of the traitors, hawley, cruz, graham, mcconnell, mccarthy,…

  4. Finally, the right question! It was a GQP lead insurrection, they should not have a say period!!!

  5. I want Liz Cheney on that commission that way the Republicans can’t try to cover up nothing is she agrees with the Democrat on the insurrection

  6. Tiffany, a small number of Republican house members have been implicated in the capitol assault; of course they don’t want an investigation.

  7. The day before the Insurrection, 2 members of Congress were reported to have brought personal “tours” through the Capitol, when it was already under a high alert and no unauthorized access of any kind permitted. There are security cameras taking footage of every square inch of the place, including every door. Why have we not heard ANYTHING further on this? There sure is alot of footage distributed of the actual insurrection; but none of who from Congress was involved. Somebody is hiding this from the American public. This must be exposed.

  8. Ms. Clinton coined the phrase “deplorables” and oh boy did she see the future more clearly than most.

  9. Mind (human or animal) adapts to all. Unless the “user” makes use of a backup safety feature and promotes common sense over blaming people or a “relax, that’s the way it is”.

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