How At Age 50, Valerie Biden Owens Ventured Out On Her Own | MSNBC 1

How At Age 50, Valerie Biden Owens Ventured Out On Her Own | MSNBC


As part of Forbes and Know Your Value’s newly-released 'Impact List,' which highlights women over 50 who are making a difference in the non-profit, law, policy and education space, Mika Brzezinski talks with political strategist, campaign manager and former educator, Valerie Biden Owens.

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How At Age 50, Valerie Biden Owens Ventured Out On Her Own | MSNBC


    1. A photo from 2015 has been found of Joe Biden with Hunter’s Mexican business partners, the ones Joe said he never met. 10% for the big guy lol.

    2. The media tries so hard to make people like Joe. It’s almost sad how hard they try

    3. @Kiki judge joe said kamala slept her way up the ladder. Is that what success is to you? She can’t even visit the border to see the damage she and biden did. Didn’t she call biden a racist when she was running against him in the primaries? Now she’s suddenly supporting him? Great role model.

    4. @J M M interesting you allege crime yet haven’t cited anything trump did illegal. Get ready for the AZ audit then we’ll see who’s going to jail.

  1. Thank for the inspiration and I appreciate the message. Good job ladies 👏🏽 👏🏽❤️

  2. That’s the good Catholic kid way…you pray for strength, for guidance, and for acceptance…and you start with a “thank you” instead of a “please” as often as you can. That’s what i was taught.

  3. That was a refreshing &inspirational interview. It’s good to see intelligent conversation put forward instead of the insane filler that’s put out on a daily basis. Continue stimulating our brains with worthy content.🤓

  4. Great interview. Also nice to see Mika being able to do her job without getting interrupted. Such a novelty to see her be able to finish a sentence.

    1. I know. She just can’t compete with Joe or any if the other men on “Morning Joe.”

    2. Very true. Also very impressed with the Presidents sister. Her lifetime bond with her brother Joe says a lot about both of them.

  5. Wish she advise Biden hands of Ethiopia 🇪🇹. Not fair to be told you cannot prosper from your God given wealth. The Nile is a gift from above ☝️

  6. “I pray for strength, I don’t pray for outcome.” This is how Catholics are taught to pray. They don’t ask for the Fix or the Results. They ask for strength & guidance.

  7. Mica’s interview with Valerie Biden was lovely. Just how women talk! No need to comment, Joe.

  8. I wish I had been up for this interview. Valerie Biden Owen’s is a great inspiration to young women and even to us senior citizens

  9. How come frump’s sisters or family members besides his kids don’t talk good with about him.

  10. Shes riding biden coat tale an she knows he’s not fit to be president whos running our country

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