White House: If Sen. McConnell Wants To Get Work Done, Biden Is Open 1

White House: If Sen. McConnell Wants To Get Work Done, Biden Is Open


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki discusses recent ransomware attacks and if Biden will hold Russia accountable, the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse and if bipartisanship between Sen. McConnell and President Biden is attainable.

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White House: If Sen. McConnell Wants To Get Work Done, Biden Is Open


    1. Understand….I’m sure all the powerful people there pulled EVERY string they could and rigged whatever they could to keep him in power there. I’m not sure the voters are to blame, mostly. Politics is ugly and there’s no uglier politician than Mitch.

    2. @Dog Poo Fairy There is no ANTIFA it is a loose collection of ideas. Also a nice person who brings updates here to keep letting you know just what President Reject and his party tried to pull over on the people of this nation for 4 years.

  1. The Republican party were never be and are a party that actually care about the people, it’s pretty much clear that the gop doesn’t want to compromise and do any thing good for this country

    1. @Anthony Webb how are they keeping blacks and browns down? and if you have gun laws that go against legal American law abiding citizens how are you helping the black community at all? your point makes no sense

    2. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH you make about as much sense as soup sandwiches!! The fact that you ask that question and ‘claim’ to be black tells me all I need to know about you!
      Head up whyte a$$ to keep yourself blinded doesn’t meant that what Anthony wrote is incorrect!
      I would give you your answer but you are ‘one of those kinds’ so no matter the proof you’ll ALWAYS find a reason to excuse it away

    3. When has the Democratic Party done anything than Empty virtue signaling and filing there pockets. Look at Democrat cities and the homeless. They don’t care about anyone but themselves and their fancy mansions.

  2. This just in ……. he doesn’t. McConnell is not interested in serving Americans in any way.

    1. @23 biscuits if you expect to live life with all Sizzle and No Steak how do you expect to survive? Still waiting for my answer to my original question. Some don’t even know how to communicate. Are you one of them?

    2. @23 biscuits you tout proud adjetives describing a fantasy president. No politician is your friend or mine.

    3. @Harold Moore what’s ridiculous? Humor me if you could spare a minute of your great knowledge.

    4. @super cool give me break. he’s only six months in. still waiting on mexico for that border wall money

  3. If it don’t benefit the Rep party they won’t agree on anything even if it hurts the country they will be voted out they can count on that the people are sick of there stupid acts

    1. Notice how they tried to sneak in that part where it would make it easier for them to commit voter fraud? Moscow and Lady Graham tossed that in just hours before the Dem’s were to sign it… and they were caught.

  4. The Turtle was in Kentucky, telling his constituents he voted against “a lot of money”
    for Kentucky.
    Let’s see if they were listening…

    1. @Victor Johnson you know…that to me seems like the very symbol of anti American. Waving the battle flag of an army that fought to break away from America. Not for our country, but against it. I’m no grammar scholar but I’d say that being against something is the same as being anti something. Then they have the nerve to say that they’re a proud American patriot. Uh huh..sure

    2. He is taking credit for the billions that are being sent to KY. That he voted against KY. has 10 of the 25 poorest counties in American the gobbler has been in the Senate for decades. What is wrong with that picture.

    3. @RuRdy2RK I couldn’t agree more everybody on the right Joe Biden’s been in politics for 45 years what has he done…. but Moscow Mitch has been in politics for 40 years what has he done…. but get rich!!!

  5. The subtext here is simple. If McConnell isn’t open to getting work done, that work will get done in spite of him.

  6. As former programmer for the USAF with a TS clearance, I find it hard to believe we do not have the ability to retaliate, or haven’t already done so…we just don’t know about it. We need to hit back hard and publicly.

    1. Well he did warn vlad…. I bet he told him in private “hey there’s a new sheriff in town and I’m not going pushed around like the other guy”
      But there really hasn’t been anything since that “little talk”

  7. Biden’s willing, McConnell told him to go fly a kite. Someone should tell the WH it’s time to move on. Just pay Manchin and Sinema more than their current owners and they’re up for ANYTHING.

    1. Did Mitchs no experience crack head kid get 3.5 million dollars from the mayor of Moscow’s wife for no apparent reason I that’s Hunter J O s bag boy

    2. @Corn Pop From the CNN article: “Neither the Senate [Republican investigation] report nor Trump have provided any evidence that the payment was corrupt or that Hunter Biden committed any wrongdoing.”

      Still, with you people, it’s “But Hunter…” or “But Hillary…” followed by a false claim.
      Let me ask you, do you _like_ Mitch McConnell? Do you like the way he has been doing his job?

      Or is this just your brain, permanently disabled by Trump and Republicans?

    3. @Astrobrant2 Biden’s crack head bag boy was was collecting money in several different countries at the height of his crack binges grabbing jobs he had no experience with no explanation just silence your president is a criminal and you are a traitor.

    4. @Corn Pop Hunter Biden has nothing to do with anything. You’re just desperately reaching for something, _anything_ , to reinforce your tragic mistake of falling for Trump.

    5. Lol yah sure cause 314 at the pump isn’t Joe under control Mr I’m not allowed to answer real questions that actually matter DEMOCRATS aka commie idiots

  8. 100% of our focus is on stopping this new administration.” -Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell promising to ALWAYS choose his party over our country.

    1. Not even party. Trump! Donnie wants Biden to fail because de accomplished nothing but spreading lies.

    2. What is left of it . The last GOP majority vote was in 1988 and the loss of 3 GOP States last year and 40 electoral votes kills them in 2024 . Mitch knows that . So you no longer need to fear him at all it is over for the GOP

  9. Oh, come on – you know better than that. McConnell is not interested in “getting work done” – we have seen ample evidence over the past decade and a half that he cares about one thing and one thing only: maintaining power.
    The United States government is being held hostage by a minority party – a party which does not care about democracy or about actual governance.

  10. “If Sen. McConnell Wants to Get Work Done…”
    What a ridiculous premise! This is like, “If a dead guy wants to express his opinion, I’m willing to listen.” McConnell PRIDES himself on doing NOTHING (other than confirming conservative and often utterly unqualified judges). He loves the title, “Grim Reaper”.

  11. The only thing I trust from McConnell is that he has no intention of doing anything for the benefit of the people who elected him, or anyone else.

  12. Mitch voted against the stimulus package, and more money to help the police, and higher wages, and changes to voting rights… Mitch is holding back America from being a strong country.

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