How bad can it get for Elon Musk’s Twitter?

CNN’s Clare Duffy tells “Nightcap’s” Jon Sarlin why the new Twitter CEO faces huge challenges. Plus, AI expert Gary Marcus says artificial intelligence could turn out to be the printing press or the atomic bomb. And The Surveillance Technology Oversight Project’s Albert Fox Cahn discusses the risks involved with giving up your data for a free TV. To get the day’s business headlines sent directly to your inbox, sign up for the Nightcap newsletter. #CNN #news

00:00 – Welcome to "Nightcap"
00:30 – Why a new CEO won't fix Twitter's biggest problem
04:40 – Regulating artificial intelligence
09:30 – The true cost of a free TV? Your data


    1. Bla BLA. This isn’t even news. The story should be on entertainment Tonight or something

  1. At Medieval Times dinner attractions, you eat with your hands because people didn’t use utensils in the middle ages.

  2. Freelancers originally referred to self-employed, sword-wielding mercenaries: literally “free lancers.”

  3. Shorter Musk: I’m still in charge, this is still my company, and every employee is *my* employee.

  4. Gary Marcus wants a Federal Enforcement Agency for AI. While I’m thinking that he wants to create A.I.M.S. from “Kamen Rider Zero-One”

  5. They can keep their tv. That’s completely unacceptable. Its bad enough that we pay for a cell phone that collects our data. A TV that collects data 24/7/365… they couldn’t pay me to use that. It feels like they’re offering me pennies for my soul. Lol Okay maybe that’s a bit too far, but the sheer offer just seems disrespectful.

  6. Good coverage on the AI issue. I’m a pessimist on this. A regulatory agency is necessary but it would have to be worldwide and have more clout than the UN to really keep AI in check. There are many bad actors, rogue nations, hacker and propagandists who will use this tech for their gain and our harm. It does surprise me that we haven’t nuked the world by now but that technology is massively harder to develop than AI.
    I fear AI will battle AI in cyberspace and our computer infastructure will be destroyed in the battles.

    1. That’s cuz you’re the pessimistic type. You know, the type that can only criticize the world, never add anything to it.

  7. I was curious about this subject because people talk about it so much.

    Who cares what Musk thinks? I see crazy people holding signs daily and I don’t let it ruin my day.

    Why do others give musk this much power over them?

  8. The fears of the openai (Microsoft) CEO are that crowdsourced AI will make him unemployed. As it should be. No big company should control AI.

  9. Things can only get much, much worse for Twitter, which makes me happy since I hate both of them. Go Elon,! You rock, and make companies sink like a rock. When are you leaving for Mars? very useful information

  10. Nothing at all here about the FBI whistleblowers. ACTUAL whistleblowers this time around. Color me ANYTHING but surprised. very useful information very useful information

  11. Actually, under Jack Dorsey, there was a lot more negativity then there is no with Elon musk as the

  12. I’ve heard from friends in Turkiye that they were able to see content critical of the incumbent party/leader. Makes me wonder if the claim of Musk censoring Twitter in Turkiye is true or not.

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