DeSantis expected to enter 2024 presidential race next week

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to enter the 2024 GOP presidential race next week, two Republicans familiar with the matter told CNN, initiating his much-anticipated bid to wrestle the future of the party from former President Donald Trump. #CNN #News


  1. 00:10 – DeSantis’ conservative strategy on social issues compared to Trump.
    01:07 – DeSantis’ proposed ban on abortion and restrictions on transgender care for youth.
    01:36 – DeSantis’ message of being a conservative who can get things done without drama.
    02:49 – DeSantis’ use of the term “normal” and his claim that Florida is successful.
    03:41 – Abortion as a national issue with significant controversy.
    04:30 – Republicans’ concern of moving too far right on social issues and losing middle-ground voters.
    05:06 – Democrats hoping to gain from intra-party disputes over social issue positions.
    05:14 – Comparison of DeSantis’ and Trump’s ideologies.
    05:23 – DeSantis’ lack of experience as a national candidate.
    05:34 – Uncertainty over DeSantis’ performance in public appearances and debates.
    06:08 – Importance of the electoral challenger.
    06:54 – Republicans’ current support for Trump as a viable candidate.
    07:56 – Democrats’ success in midterm elections through avoidance of discussing Trump.
    09:10 – Governor Beshear’s ability to outrun an unpopular President.
    09:56 – Governor Beshear’s public approval rating influenced by handling of natural disasters.

  2. 00:10 – Ron DeSantis’ proposed right-leaning stance on social issues.
    01:07 – Ron DeSantis’ proposal to outlaw abortion after six weeks and limit transgender care for minors.
    01:36 – DeSantis touts his conservatism and ability to get things done without commotion.
    02:49 – DeSantis’ usage of the term “normal” to portray Florida’s functionality.
    03:41 – The issue of abortion will have significant national repercussions.
    04:30 – The Republican Party’s balancing act between conservatism and attracting moderate voters.
    05:06 – Democrats hopeful for political advantage from the Republicans’ infighting on social issues.
    05:14 – A comparison of DeSantis’ and Trump’s political positions.
    05:23 – Uncertainty surrounding DeSantis as a potential presidential nominee.
    05:34 – DeSantis’ untested performance in public appearances and debates.
    06:08 – The importance of a challenging candidate in an election.
    06:54 – The current unity of the Republican Party behind Trump.
    07:56 – Democrats’ midterm success by avoiding talking excessively about Trump.
    09:10 – Governor Beshear’s achievement in distancing himself from an unpopular President.
    09:56 – Governor Beshear’s high approval ratings owing to adequate responses to natural disasters.

  3. He’s getting curb stomped by Disney right now and he really thinks he is going to win the presidency

    1. Especially when that curb stomping was totally self inflicted and completely avoidable

    2. @Reverend Brown how? He’s being sued by Disney and thanks to DeSantis constantly admitting to singling out Disney, he is going to lose and get embarrassed on the campaign trail

  4. Ron meatball, DeSatan, blows and it’ll be great to see the bloodbath between dumpster and meatball

  5. Disney is pulling the plug on a $2billion development in Florida.

    he said that students should go to Berkeley. Maybe parents who want their children to have the freedom to read books he doesn’t like are taking his advice?

    1. Ask Disney how much they have to pay for building permits and inspections and impact fees for schools and infrastructure under the old rules and the new

  6. DeSantis needs to work on the home owners insurance and roofing nightmare in his state and the upcoming lack of workers in his states agriculture industry.

    1. Meanwhile, Joe needs to work on giving 40 million people healthcare that don’t have it. Work pulling 2 million kids out of poverty. Work on the 600,000 homeless.
      Work on giving cities clean water that some have it. Work on workers pay.
      But hey… long as billions keep going to war that’s all good. 🤣

    2. ​@Thomas John How come trump didn’t do a single thing in any of those categories, and you still support him?
      Seems like a common Trumper thinking process.

  7. If what he is currently doing is “Normal” to him, then he is very much like #45… simply More Of The Same under a different name!

    1. “Nothing is fundamentally going to change when I’m president”
      XIDEN. 🤣😅😅😅

  8. Ron DeSantis is running towards Donald Trump with a gun

    Trump’s personal bodyguard sees him and shouts, “Mickey Mouse!”

    This scares Ron DeSantis and he runs off in the other direction.

    Trump turns to his bodyguard and says, “Thank you, but why did you yell Mickey Mouse?”

    The bodyguard replies, “Sorry Sir, I meant to say Donald!…Duck!!!”

    1. True! Biden might not live to 2024 at this rate! We’re sick & tired of hearing anout all their legal & personal poblems! Can’t wait til both of them are out of the news!

  9. Manly, confident, precise and has coercion in his converse. Some man might say otherwise I say yes to a prominent and strong presence, and that is shown in here.

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