How Biden Should Interact With ‘Modern Day Czar’ Putin

Retired U.S. Navy Admiral James Stavridis analyzes how Biden should interact with the Russian President when they meet in Geneva next week, and argues that Putin will try to appease both his domestic and international audiences.

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  1. He knows Hunter has money in the Russians pipeline. It’s OK.

    Hunter has no money in Keystone. It’s DOA B

    1. @Ford Prefect I’d say denying facts shows your thinking is a bit flawed, but DON’T PANIC.

    1. @* Tmiranda* – Dictator Trumputin was the master con man and fascist cult leader of our time, but President?! Never!
      He never earned the respect that title commands, and he never bothered doing the job anyway. He would never have bothered even trying to get that position had the office not been something he could use and abuse as a cash cow. 45 is the worst thing that ever happened to America, and must be brought to justice.

  2. Better worry about the one that has threatened Nuclear War,….China, or even the border,
    Thats where the attack will happen

    1. @Siddharth sinha

      Who told you that? Oh you a endian? I don’t talk to Endians. You all invented the caste system the first system of skin tone racism ….

  3. biden will probably ask him if he’s sent this months check. You know, for selling out America.

  4. They talk about these guys like they’re the only people that matter in the international relationship, while the two could destroy us all with H-bombs.

    1. He’s Irish at least!So there’s a fighter within his heart also.I just hope Putin isn’t harboring any resentment or hate towards Biden and his democratic agenda and policies.I believe Putin misses the chaos and republican dysfunction of Trumps Presidency.A lot of the Republicans are still living in dysfunction and prideful rebellion.I just hope Biden and his liberal base doesn’t make America worse off then we already are.Only God can bless America and change the course of a nation.A lot of America’s leaders are putting science before praying to God for his mercy and grace. I’ve noticed a lot more evil on the news this past year.All the shootings,division,racial concerns,its all the things God hates.If America focuses on all the isms instead of racism maybe we could become even more united in Spirit,truth,unity.

  5. Biden to Putin- I love vanilla ice cream, do you have vanilla ice cream? Putin- No, we have vodka flavored ice cream. Biden- C’mon man.

  6. He already gave Putin billions while at the same time destroying our energy independence.

  7. Read this headline. “How Biden SHOULD deal”. Its THEIR BELIEF. NOT YOURS. Remember that, as you listen to their propaganda!

    1. You’re off your rocker. They talk about issues. That’s what opinion news is. That’s how it works silly.

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