Changing Voting Laws Has Become The ‘Beating Heart’ Of The GOP

Editor-at-large for The Bulwark Charlie Sykes, contributor to The Grio Jason Johnson, and Arizona Republic reporter Ryan Randazzo discuss the growing trend of Republicans using the Big Lie to try to justify restrictive voting laws.

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    1. What’s wrong with an audit? Nobody is talking about overturning an election except dingbats on msdnc. What’s wrong with requiring an id to vote?

  1. The root cause of all these abnormalities is actually explained in the other post where Rep. Omar is under attack for stating the obvious. Facts for the political establishment is an option. They do not matter and the redline is not there to defend the truth. The big lie is actually is much more fundamental than some false claims about the election fraud by the losing party. It’s about the distortion of the truth and the impossibility of seeking justice. Revise the redlines so that no criminal is granted impunity and that happens when they are defined to serve justice and protect truth tellers.

    1. @Jerry M Nope the was the first wave of wars America had no business being part of and sending people to die for based on political lies.

  2. Following the laws that are in place is the trick.. If the election laws were followed we would need change anything.

    1. Opps no problem there. Just a little glitch in the system. Remember there’s nothing an 800,000 ballot dump in the middle of the night can’t fix if you greased enough palms.

  3. Committing mail-in voter fraud and then covering it up has become the beating heart of the Democratic Party.

    1. Haha, I agree with you there! The more secure elections are against cheating, the more Democrats cry.

    2. @Hugh G Rection so when the precious democrats run our country into the ground you will be like WHY OH WHY DIDNT I VOTE FOR SANE NON CHEATING PARTY

    3. @Hugh G Rection Can you tell me why California didn’t investigate a criminal complaint alleging 3000 votes were cast from an empty college campus? Answer that and you will have your answer as to why nobody is being prosecuted for their election crimes. The criminals don’t investigate themselves.

    1. @Hugh G Rection Typical democrat, never give any specifics, just accusations. Explain what Trump destroyed.

  4. As long as you have voter’s ID and proof of residence that you live in this country at least then everything should be okay it should be a picture ID but if it’s not then you should not be allowed to vote

  5. Hey, here’s an idea. How about if we completely do away with IDs for everything? That way everyone can do and obtain anything their heart desires. And think about how much time and money that will save.

    1. WTF are you talking about . . ., Identification IS required to vote in virtually every state in the US.

    2. Here’s another idea… how about politicians and elected officials cease touting lies about “voter fraud” and election integrity. Then perhaps there wont be so much doubt in terms of the process.

  6. Oh, Charlie Sykes…
    It never occurred to you that obvious massive election fraud would result in any sort of reaction?

    This is hilarious!

  7. Pushes for no Voter ID, accuses Russia of interfering in election, objects to election audits (DESPITE DOING ONE THEMSELVES WHEN TRUMP WON) — and still wanted to abolish the Electoral college — clearly a party of logic and understanding here. Nothing irrational or unusual here folks.

  8. Wow!!! You really should read the federalist papers to learn what our founders were debating!!! You really need to educate yourselves.

    1. We have. Has nothing to do with an authoritarian delusional jerk trying to overthrow a free and fair election.

  9. The federal government shouldn’t decide states voting laws unless those laws violate the constitution

    1. No. Federal elected officials sure, but employees are not elected and therefore not subject to any term limits. Unless you want to apply the same rationale to the private sector.

  10. “If at first you don’t succeed,,, Cheat, lie, steal and blackmail and then try again “.
    The republican mantra.

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