The Typical Republican Playbook Won’t Stick With Val Demings

Democratic strategist Juanita Tolliver and contributor to the Grio Jason Johnson on why the typical Florida Republican playbook painting Democrats as socialists won’t work on Rep. Val Demings in her race to unseat Sen. Marco Rubio.

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  1. “Bear some of the responsibility”? Yo! full stop he sent a bloodthirsty mob straight at the capitol building. Say the truth Chika! Say the truth!

  2. What does this guy mean by “Trump bears SOME responsibility”? He bears COMPLETE responsibility for what happened that day….

    1. You would think someone with a law degree would know that even the wheel man in a botched robbery attempt can be charged with the crimes committed by fellow gang members. Good thing “little Marco” got into politics. /s 😁

  3. Val Demings has guts to stand up for Democracy against these corrupt Trumplicans! Ohh, that gives me hope!

    1. @cmt 63 yes we can!👍💙 Florida Rising. Time to rid ourselves of Rubio, Scott, Gates, and Desantis! Trufmp, we’ll, NY’ll take care of him and they want him bad 😎😆

    1. @Doug Lowe isn’t that interesting! I’m Caribbean, and was told that Lowe is a British name. I don’t know of too many people with the last name Lowe. I’m glad you are support

  4. The republican party: Where instead of having policies that will win them votes, their strategy is to just prevent people from voting against them in the first place. 😅😂

    1. @Josef Gubler Whatever you say kid – just don’t stay up too late, you don’t want to miss the bus tomorrow

    2. @Joseph Stanhope joseph found out how to comment on youtube lmao go to sleep grandkids coming over tomorrow

    3. @Devin Paice Lmao imagine telling someone to go to sleep at 5 in the morning – six hours after their last comment! Tf were you even up that late for rando? 😂

  5. Val Demings is the best, because she knows how to turn those white supremacists for Republicans into pretzels!

    1. Next midterms, here in Florida, I’ll be voting for Val. And wishing “little Marco” the best in his future endeavors. On a side note, Mar-a-largo Is hiring! 😉

    2. @John B LOL, hilariously funny that Trump choose Pence to be VP according to your analysis isn’t it?

    3. @Just Say’n you’re welcome to waste your vote any way you want. Even you know she’s got zero chance

    4. @Just Say’n I’m gonna let you in on a secret as long as you don’t tell anyone. You’re obviously not the brightest crayon in the box but…. now pay attention……..Pence isn’t a woman of color. Shhhhh, keep this between us

  6. Take him down! THRILLED with the news-Val Demings has my vote and support! Flush the Fools running Florida!

    1. @elroy the great Not much between your ears, eh? Blind, too? I almost feel sorry for you, but since I live amongst you selfish fools, that empathy has been gone for at least four years.

    2. @dnate697 Yeah, are you Cuban and Latino and can speak for them? FL is culturally disgusting and ignorant.

    3. @Nemo I see how they freakin’ VOTE LOL! I see the videos and how anything close to socialism is called a commie when most of them only know despots and dictators. Don’t need to “speak for them”.

    4. @Nemo Little Marco sucks! He has no business being in his position. In fact, I agree with 100% of what you wrote.

    5. @dnate697 There’s a huge vocabulary deficit on that side of the spectrum, not knowing what commie and antifa, etc actually mean. Having been a teacher here, I see how it happened. While they may be sincere, many teachers haven’t got the knowledge base of their subjects to teach. Most can, however, be robots and “cover” spoon fed material to be regurgitated back on cue.

      Racism runs deep in all humans, trick is to identify it and face it. Sorry to have been harsh in my reply previously.

  7. America is no longer the leader of the “free world.” We are turning into the largest Fascist state. So shameful, and thank you GOP.

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