How can Ontario avoid a fourth wave of COVID-19? | Dr. Juni explains what we need to do right now

How can Ontario avoid a fourth wave of COVID-19? | Dr. Juni explains what we need to do right now 1


    1. Remember when trolls used to engage in more harmless things like live under bridges, and take tolls from passers? Now they’re on the internet trying to destroy the whole country and sowing hate.

    2. @Adam The Confused Indeed. The fearmongering “journalists”, politicians, and public health “experts” need to be rounded up and charged with crimes.

  1. My spatula broke 3 weeks ago. Guess what is not allowed at Dollarama? A spatula.

    Our government is a clown show.

    1. I agree. I’m AT the store and the item won’t scan. I have it in hand, but NOT buying it will help fight the pandemic. smh.

    2. But direct flights fron India are allowed daily!
      The sad truth, nobody in opposition will put the pressure on, Trudeau and his graphic artist Finance minister/ Deputy PM…. will GET REELECTED !!!!!!!

  2. Reporter : “Dr David Williams wants to see case counts below a 1,000”
    Interviewee : “We need to come below 1,000 or 800”
    See the goal post move in real time.

  3. Dr. Peter JÜNI – his wiki show the u like Ü. (try alt codes) hold alt down and press 666 on keypad and you get Ü, just saying

    1. Right. If you don’t test for covid, the virus will disappear, just like if you don’t test for pregnancy, all pregnancies disappear. 👍

    2. @AlexAxby What virus? None has been isolated and not a single Gene Therapy sold as vax is based on it..

    3. @AlexAxby
      You realize the test is for antibodies that may/may not be in your system if you have the Corona virus aka THE COMMON COLD

  4. The fourth wave will begin 2 weeks after the lock down ends, and then start all over again. Be Afraid be very afraid.

    1. Don’t forget the “journalists” who have done little more than scaremonger about the virus for a year straight.

  5. No problem,I will have to extend my non compliance with the stay at home order another few weeks🤷,Ill be getting out as much as possible and enjoying the weather!

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