How Concerned Should We Be About The Delta Covid Variant?

Dr. Mario Ramirez joins Geoff Bennett and Hallie Jackson to discuss the spread of the Delta variant, and why unvaccinated Americans should be concerned. 

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  1. In the UK very few of those testing positive have had both jabs. Even less are hospitalised, even less are dying.

    1. Too early to tell…they also have only 60% protection via AZ vaccine vs others with 80 plus. They just stalled their covid relaxation over delta. Also, symptoms are more flu like with onset. NHS England states delta more likely to lead to hospitalization.

    2. Wuni=fungLo, There are always fewer hospitalizations than cases and fewer deaths than hospitalizations. The running averages are showing marked increases in both hospitalizations and deaths.

  2. CRAZY, we’re now killing each other over wearing masks. Where are we taking ourselves. Are we starting over.

    1. Seems like the vaccines are still effective against all variants so far. That’s comforting. I really hope things stay that way.

    2. Virus gonna do….what they do historically. R.Edgar Hope Simpson give a read(chapter 8)
      The Transmission of Epidemic Influenza
      R.Edgar Hope Simpson

      Nothing new here…been there done that…for 100 years

  3. Not “a requirement to get the shot”. It is a requirement to get vaccinated to be employed at that hospital. No one is being forced. Hyperbole.

    1. @J lock -You’ve obviously never worked in healthcare. There’s a litany, of vaccinations that are required to work with patients, this is no different.

    2. I definitely see vaccine mandate. To work,eat,really do anything. Including place of worship.

  4. Absolute nonsense to say a new variant will infect people and old variants will not.
    Human behavior spreads the virus, regardless of variants.

  5. Listen to concerned prominent Scientists watch:
    *Perspectives on the Pandemic Blood Clots and Beyond* wear Earbuds

    1. How prominent though? I mean …..are these like the super prominent or just the average prominent……to make informed decisions I will need to know.

  6. It’s amazing how he is taking pfizer,moderna and Johnson and Johnson side and discrediting novavax pharmaceutical company

  7. Don’t worry folks!
    Another variant has mutated from delta variant which is now called as delta plus 😂😂😂. Get ready for a next wave.

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