1. You’re nerdgasming like in any right wing comment section. Come back when you’ve done a good job. So far, things look real bad for you normies. Any non normie thought you were not cut out for the job and you, as dull as you are did not surprise. Can you even look more dull also ? This is not the 80’s !

    2. ​@bngr bngr seriously ? a legit reputable company aint touching that crook -with a 10 ft pole . A firm like Mazars -takes on someone like him – . They charge more for a crook like this and hope it doesnt come back on them – until it does .

  1. I recall some person shouting,”the best is yet to come”. I think everyone has been thinking exactly like that for the past year. Let the meltdown begin.


    2. @Joe P you could use a remedial class on spelling and might wanna check your own mental health, esp when that Durham report you’re all so excited about is exposed as a nothingburger.

    3. After one year of Biden and the Democrats rule our Country and the World are on fire. Talk about malfeasance and incompetence. Maybe if you keep the focus on Trump and off of Biden no one will know. 🤣

  2. “We have a great company with fantastic assets that are unique, extremely valuable and, in many cases, far more valuable than what was listed in our Financial Statements,” the liar and loser Trump wrote. Yes, that would seem to be the problem – understating the value for tax purposes and overstating the value for the purpose of securing credit and loans, and gratifying Trump’s bloated ego.

    1. I think Lawrence said it best, “Nobody is better than trump to testify against trump.” Yes, I don’t capitalize the first alphabet of his name, on purpose. He is such a” small” human being in every sense, he doesn’t deserve the capital letter from me.

    1. The corrupt government is going after everyone associated with Trump…fascism is happening before our very eyes, and CNN believers seem to be the only people that don’t realize the fact

    2. As long as he was still President, it’s okay, now he’s a plaintiff – not so rosy anymore. They woke to Reality. They fear they are now subjected to IRS investigation for being in cahoots with Trump to defraud the IRS!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄🙄

    1. @shade38211 the correct question is: Will OAN and NEWSMAX be around in 2024.

      The answer is probably not. I expect OAN to go first.

    2. @cowboyup11 sto why do you pretend to know politics? You know you look even more tarded than you already do right? That’s why everyone laughs at you behind your back.

    3. @Patriotic Dissent why do you pretend to know politics? You have 10 minutes to answer the question. You shitheads had enough fun spreading lies. You have 10 minutes.

  3. How common does that happen, that an account firm declares a client’s portfolio shouldn’t be relied upon for a specific time period by anyone looking at it?

    1. @M60gunner1971 But we’re talking about the man who surrendered to the Taliban, and had 5000 of their captured fighters released.

    1. @M Hall trump is crapping his drawers with several attorneys general closing in on him.
      Maybe that’s why the topic is trump. (Got any toilet paper handy?)

    2. @M Hall “Report” on Biden?? When he commits as many crimes as your dear leader has, we will.
      Til then, stop whining and find a new leader. There are other crazies out there who aren’t yet under investigation by five different agencies and states. At least I think there are—but I’m probably wrong. Which means you’re stuck with this loser.

    3. @SIPIRITUAL SOUL GAZERGAZER “Stop watching the news, everyone” ?
      We who watch MSNBC know what you’re afraid of. Ms. Palin also had
      her day in court and guess what that judge put out for people like you ?

  4. Why is that firm even allowed to continue doing business? If they helped him steal money and inflate his assets, are they also not liable/complicit? They KNEW this was happening and didn’t disclose it!

    1. @egads2 Nope! I’m a real CPA … 🤡! “Not regurging” wtf …. Did you mean “regurgitate” ? 😂 …

    2. They just publicly claimed that tRump lied to them too. If they cooperate with the investigation and he gets nailed to the wall, I’m inclined to cut them a little slack.

    3. @Wolfgang Karp no. If they have operations in the US, then U S authorties have the jurisdiction to investigate Mazaar business activities that occur within the US. It’s the same for all sovereign countries

  5. And this happened on my birth month. And I’m so proud. And hopefully trump gets indicted and charged by the New York State Attorney General’s office for his illegal business practices and tax evasion. Not to mention his child sexual abuse also in New York. And hopefully the government will be on the lookout when trump attemps to flee the country.

    1. @Paul Wright Wow. Dime store, huh. Welcome to the 21st century, old timer.

      Just off the top of my head

      Trump’s border atrocities: separating families at the border; the resulting kidnapping of kids; the border forced sterilizations.

      Trump’s war atrocities: abandoning the Kurds to be slaughtered with only 24 hour notice; excluding the Afghan government from negotiations while releasing 5k Taliban terrorists… setting up the fall of the Afghan govt a year later.

      Trump’s covering for atrocities: Jamal Khashoggi murder; praising Kim; praising Putin.

      Then there are the many corruptions, crimes, lies.

    1. @epic103 oh really! now, you are discounting what I saw with my own eyes? I know what I saw. I don’t care what you or anyone says.

      So whatever we are done.

  6. I’m pretty sure that the people around him know he won’t be able to run, due to one piece of litigation or another, but he’s still hell-bent on ripping the Party apart in advance of his eventual sidelining. This will bring with it a bit of righteous fun for the citizens he’s been battering for the greater part of a decade. 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

    1. @ImABro Not producing yet?You must watch CNN…MESSNBC or one of the liberal networks. Bro. I live in Georgia, it produced oil 🛢 everyday until Biden shut it down.Please stop ✋embarrassing yourself, “Yo momma won’t be proud!”

    2. Boy, George Shelton is a sore loser and an ignoramus! Just remember George, Trump lost the election with plenty of help from people like you.

    3. @George Shelton lol gas was rising before it was shut down and the pipeline wasn’t even built yet and even if it was it would take years to effect oil prices

    1. @Mark oh, i type all caps to the demonrats all the time. I laugh when it makes them cry over petty sht. I love it. When they can’t respond to the FACTS thrown in their face they whine about CAPS

    2. @Paul Nicholson Ooooo look at the governments little rim jobber working overtime and gets paid in poison boosters Oooooo so scary, go jab yourself again.

    3. @Douglas Hagedorn what would you expect from something with a name MKultrainstinct? you are asking questions of a failed abortion

  7. This adds up to a RICO case, and there are things like the witness intimidation experienced by Lt. Col. Vindman, obstruction of justice, etc.. People need to visit the secure DOJ website Contact page and make sure they understand the urgency of effective prosecution here.

    1. @Brenden y you sound like another anti democracy, anti America, ignorant fool we used to see bumbling around the white house…let me guess, you have Trump painted on velvet showing him as a muscular man he has never been posing like a dictator? Either that or you don’t have enough money to get one.

    2. The D.O.J. Can take as long as they want to Prosecute. There’s no timeline like there is with a State Prosecution. I’ve read that Merrick Garland is very methodical. I think Ducks in a Row is the saying.

    3. @Brenden what political gain would be had by someone active in the military ? – Brenden – what type of glue do you like to sniff ?

  8. Translation: “we believe Tish James’ investigative conclusions are correct; uhh we had nothing to do with it—he lied to us too”

    1. @Queens Rule we can’t help ourselves you people spent four years scream in the 2016 election was stolen and then when you worn in 2020 you like elections can’t be stolen but yet in Arizona which CNN did not tell you the whole truth that over 50,000 votes have found to be irregular so even in purple states they fix voting procedures so that would happen and your excuse 2024 is going to be the election was stolen from us let’s not forget before the election you people were already screaming the election is going to be stolen because Trump is still in mailboxes even though that wasn’t happening so technically you can’t help your self because you have a mental disease that’s why you call trump a dictator but yet when Joe Biden says something that I don’t have the power to do this in the constitution and he’ll just do it anyways you cheer him on for that and then when someone like me points that out your like Fox News what the hell are you even talking about

    2. @PJ PBS but licks the Democrats to so whatever they say treated like the New York Times don’t believe it

    3. @Cindy Abraham at this point I don’t care man I mean me pointing out logic to you people all I get is Trump and Russia even though it’s been disproven people have been arrested and then I’m told I watch Fox News even though I don’t watch Fox News I just don’t care anymore you people are pathetic losers you don’t have a life all you do is just go trump trump trump trump trump no matter what you don’t care about truth so whatever man whatever just go get a life

    4. @wayne strickland 2016 election:
      – Did Obama say it was stolen?-No.
      – Did Obama meet and congratulate Drumph at the WH?-Yes
      – Did Obama prepare and handover to Drumph-Yes.
      – Did Obama incite an insurrection to reclaim the Executive Office?-No

      You are the personification of Make America a Joke Again.
      A view from afar
      I’ll not waste my (and your) time anymore.

  9. Imagine being a criminal and then running for office knowing it would put an enormous spotlight on your shady business dealings. That is a huge self-own.

    1. yes, he should have found an excuse, any excuse to bow out of the rethuglican primaries back in 2015 -16 too much of a past. too many skeletons.

    2. @KF55 trump was convinced he would lose but had to create the narrative the election was stolen so he could rile up the base saying they were robbed to he could in turn fleece them repeatedly. Ironically, this is exactly the playbook re ran after losing re-election but this time he needed to cash to defend himself from the blizzard of lawsuits and indictments.

  10. So, after all these years, this farm of experienced accountants can finally see discrepancies with trumps financial reporting 🤔

    1. He probably refuses to pay them. That’s his way . Refuse to pay and take them to court. Truly a despicable piece of ….

  11. Funny, how the party didn’t vet their candidate before letting him run. Just let him bully his way into the position. Anyone see a trend happening ?

  12. If Donnie had just accepted his legitimate loss and went away he’d be on easy street. Nope he’s got to be the wheel that squeaks at decibels that cause permanent damage. You wanted all the attention Donnie and now you have it. 😃

    1. @David Mccain He actually started that in 2015, claiming the only way he could lose was through voter fraud. By the election in 2016, his supporters were already trained.

    2. I’m not convinced his well known Russian friend
      and Communist China are both en-route to help
      USA conspiracy-minded restore a Trump-friendly
      government. There’s NATO and the East China
      Sea to first whip into a party line.

    3. @J Cee2 Putin can have thousands of English-speaking trolls pumping out anti-Biden propaganda on social media without any interruption of his Ukrainian ambitions. Heck, a lot of the “macho guy” trolls are probably women anyway.

  13. Hearing his accounting firm and their statement reminds me of how everyone is okay breaking the law and taking all the benefits from it, but when the bleep hits the fan nobody knows how that happened. It’s just amusing that everyone was okay with it when they knew it was wrong and now they’re shocked 😲 there are consequences. We are in a mess when it comes to holding people accountable and far from over in this matter or the bigger picture of holding elected officials accountable when they knowingly break the law.

    1. yeeaaaa lets go after Trump . Forget about the Russian Collusion and the Open Borders . Transgender Children .War with Russia . WTF .

    2. @Space Man #1 Trump lost the election with plenty of help from people like you, thank you and keep up the excellent work.

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