How housing reparations can help close the Black homeownership gap | Just the FAQs 1

How housing reparations can help close the Black homeownership gap | Just the FAQs


Black people have the lowest home ownership rates in the country. Here’s how housing reparations can help change that. RELATED:

Homes owned by Black residents have been undervalued for generations, Evanston officials say. Now, the Chicago suburb will try to make amends for that inequity by giving Black residents reparations in the form of housing assistance.

The initiative pushes Evanston to the forefront of a nationwide discussion about whether reparations are owed to Black Americans to compensate for slavery and the decades of discrimination that followed, and if so, what form should they take.

Reparation initiatives are also being discussed in several other cities including Amherst, Massachusetts, Iowa City, Iowa, and Asheville, North Carolina where city council members voted unanimously last year to provide reparations to Asheville's its Black residents and their descendants.

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