‘How is this acceptable?’: Dems call out GOP after Uvalde shooting | USA TODAY

Democrat leaders called out Republicans as they make the case for stricter gun laws following the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

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The shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde marked the state's deadliest school shooting in modern history and the nation’s deadliest since the attack in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

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  1. This is not as simple as gun control. To suggest that this would have in any way stopped this terrible tragedy is just ignorant. Yes, there should be background checks and you should need a license to prove you can responsibly operate a weapon, but it will not stop this type of event. Politicians from both sides need to focus on the root cause and not the symptom.

    1. @Dab Lazarus Canada has awesome regulations. Would be cool if America had similar regulations.

    2. @john mc gee your mindset, if you are real, and not some algorithm, disgusts me and I hope to run into a person like you in the real world I would love to have a face to face conversation.

    1. Yes, for the midterm election, come and see them perform flawlessly like Hollywood movie stars. They are all professional performance artists. Tears, anger, poem, slogans…we’re all just extras who should be applauding and cheering in time. Welcome to west world!

  2. Guys a break from being perfect

    If you learn Russian they Star to hear voices lol. Free nerd money 🍺
    Nobody hates like Latinos

    Lots of charisma black folk lol

  3. Actually, why am I not touched by their speech? These politicians talk more than they do, their performances always seem so perfect, seem the embodiment of justice, but how are they essentially different from those GOP politicians? Their purpose is just nothing more than for the midterm elections, for the redistribution of power, do they really want to solve this serious social problem? To be honest, they are prefering to pay 40 billion dollars to Ukraine politicians and army rather than American citizens. So boring to watch their perfect performance.

    1. “prepared to allow…” Horrible use of words!!! DEM and GOP politicians are bad comedians. He sounds as if things like this never happened before and when DEMs were in charge. Both DEMs and GOPs didn’t care, and they never will.

  4. The laws and the constitution was designed to prepare you for the Wild Wild West, America. This ain’t a movie. This is a tragic place from war torn refugees, foreign affairs, the exiled criminals, greedy people etc etc…

  5. Pay people what they are worth, eliminate poverty, nurture people. What’s so hard about that?

  6. The politician always call each other out but when they get in the office then they forgot what they promised.
    The only person do that is President Trump he kept his promised but the rest samemo samemo.

  7. Like they’re going to do anything besides introduce more bills that will never stop a single crime or death from happening because criminals aren’t afraid of paper, don’t care about regulation and laugh each time politicians go around posturing like this.
    Take the violent criminals off the streets for good and stop acting like they’re a bunch of naughty puppies that can and want to be rehabilitated because they don’t, they just want to be a violent nuisance to society.

  8. They are outraged at sick people like you sir. Kids aren’t weapons to use in politics and until we stand and support each other as a country we won’t stop anything.

  9. Would have no problem if the age to buy a gun was raised to 25. While they’re at it, raise the voting age to 25 also.

    1. I kind of agree but the average age of a school shooter is 16 which means they got the guns illegally. people who commit crimes don’t follow the law and that’s the difficulty with strict gun control–criminals get guns and law abiding people don’t, like in Mexico and El Salvador where there are total gun bans.

    2. would have no problem if America never made OR sold guns, hunting knives, num-chuks, or any other kind of weapon

  10. When kids can get games, that put kids in the roll as assassins ,killing people, and what Hollywood puts out like, dexter, breaking bad, & hundreds more…?
    These games like, bullet storm, call of duty, going postal, grand theft auto, and there is thousands of these assassin type apps on the internet and You ask WHY this happens ?

  11. I dont know why schools in the U.S, dont have walls nor gates. And even houses dont have yards also.

  12. On 22 May 2017, an Islamist extremist suicide bomber detonated a shrapnel-laden homemade bomb as people were leaving the Manchester Arena following a concert by American singer Ariana Grande. Twenty-three people died, including the attacker, and 1,017 were injured, many of them children. Wikipedia

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