How Low Will Some In GOP Go To Defend President Donald Trump? | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

How Low Will Some In GOP Go To Defend President Donald Trump? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, presented two new lines in defense of the president on Wednesday, saying the Trump WH was incapable of forming a quid pro quo with Ukraine and suggesting Amb. Sondland colluded with Dems. Joe Scarborough shares his thoughts. Aired on 11/07/19.
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How Low Will Some In GOP Go To Defend President Donald Trump? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Graham forgets who he works for and who pays his check, If he can’t be impartial and follow the rules of his job then he is not qualified and must resign.

  2. Lindsey Graham in 1998: “You don’t need a crime to restore the dignity of the office.”
    Lindsey Graham in 2019: “A felony is not an impeachable offense.”

    1. @Sam Simm Clinton lied under oath and was impeached for perjury. As a result of the perjury Clinton had his law license revoked.

    2. @Golf 18 Unfortunately, Trump believes he is above the law, neither will he testify under oath, nor will he allow anyone else to testify under oath whom he thinks may be damaging to him. At least Clinton knew it wasn’t feasible or constitutional or presidential for him to ignore subpoenas. Clinton should never have lied under oath. You guys can’t even get Trump to testify under oath regardless of whether or not he may lie. You’ll never know because he believes that the rules are different for you than they are for him.

    1. Lindsey used to look like an angry chipmunk. These days, he looks more like a sad, exhausted squirrel…who’s lost his nuts.

    2. @G Gonzalo I’d call him a traitor and make insinuating comments about what we used to do to traitors, but I’m not running for the Republican presidential nomination.

    1. @Pelt Down Posse What far right wing nut job conspiricy web site did you read that on or did you just make it all up yourself?

    2. @james mack One more one more thing…Now you have a new book out…written by and author that is anonymous. Ha! Where does it stop?! How do the democrats and the media sleep at night?

    3. @james mack Nope. I do agree with “Al Bundy’s” (ha ha… get it? Al and Peg??) sentiment… but it’s still a troll. Just a Russkie or paid “helper” stirring up trouble. Why YouTube hasn’t addressed this I don’t know. Lazy butts.

  3. I never thought I’d live in a country that had a cult following as strong as the one that we have now. A cult that is willing to make human sacrifices.

    1. So true! Blatantly breaking laws, without gaf! Trying to oust the whistleblower & get them killed. Not right at all. Idk how this is even being allowed without punishment. This is no longer the country I grew up to know & love.

    2. @HogWelder I was not a diehard Trump supporter until the presidency came down to him and Hillary. At that point I thought maybe he can save us from her. She had been involved in so many shady deals and her friends and associates seemed to keep killing themselves that you had to know there was a lot of bad stuff going on around her. After Trump was elected it became obvious that ha was surrounded by military brass all the time and then Corsi let it slip that the military had coerced Trump into running. Hillary’s e-mail scandal sealed it for me. It is rumored that 20 Chinese CIA assets were uncovered from her server and executed. Then Qanon happened. The only way to put this is that Q knew the future and the future was that half of our congress and half the senate was going to jail. Along with most of the Obama administration. Obama’s Solyndra scam along with returning 1.8 billion in cash to Iran in a 145 billion dollar money return and then I could see why the military got involved. They were going to stage a coup but at the last minute decided to do it legally with Trump. Buy some popcorn and watch the show. Nothing can stop it.

    3. John Nix I voted for him myself I thought that I was voting for the lesser of the two evils. I have worked for people like him for years and know how they can be so I have not been surprised.

    1. @Aaron Weiser Its not the republicans vs the democrats, Its americans comming together to clean the office of the presidency from the rank corruption and extortion. That is the totally wrong and unamerican mindset to have. If this was a democrat in the white house who did what trump did id be the first person calling for his impeachment. COUNTRY BEFORE PARTY ALWAYS.

  4. Republicans should be careful what they wish for – they wanted the hearings to be public, now they will have all this evidence on TV.

  5. Lindsey lost it long ago like when McCain died. He gets more pathetic ever time he opens his mouth. Follow the money to see who own these pathetic creatures.

    1. I bet it did break his “liddle”-bitty heart to lose his navy-boy buddy, just John’s understanding, so he’s gone bonkers thinking trump can fill that void.

  6. I just about died laughing at Lindsey Graham when he said something about changing testimony and it being suspicious, Trump does that daily and Lindsey Graham doesn’t even notice it, um yeah like doesn’t that mean ignorance at it’s best.

    1. How many versions, from perfect phone call passing by we all do quid pro quo through deep state conspiracy, have we heard so far?

  7. “Some” in the GOP? There is nobody in the GOP that has not totally disgraced themselves and there are no depths to which they will not sink.

    1. @Pelt Down Posse and 14 witnesses tell the same story… a cast of 1,000s… hbahbhabha…. sure… a giant hoax. bhbbahbahba….GET OVER IT!… hjbhabhabhbah or better yet.. “FIRING SQUADS AT DAWN FOR FAT NIXON”

  8. Graham can’t even get Sondland’s name right, calling him Sonderland. Just shows how much attention he is paying. What piece of crap.

  9. I never been a lawyer, but when somebody suddenly changes their way of thinking about impeachment (anything is impeachable during Clinton administration and now nothing is impeachable during Trump administration), it makes me incredibly suspicious.

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